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Accident Injury Physicians

Duluth's Best Team of Accident Injury Physicians and Chiropractors

Our Team of Duluth Accident Doctors have been serving Georgia residents for over 40 years. This team of local Duluth Injury Doctors concentrate in dealing with the following Pain conditions:

  • Car Accidents
  • Duluth's Best Injury Doctors and Chiropractors | Top Rated Accident PhysicianSlip and Falls
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Whiplash Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Sports Injuries
  • Hip Pain

Cost of Your Care

You may be qualified to see an Injury Doctor for Free Treatment after the Accident. Arrowhead can refer you to some of Duluth's Best Personal Injury Attorneys, and they won’t charge enormous fees. That means extra money in your pocket. We will work hand in hand with your attorney and provide them with the Professional Documentation that we’re known for. Only with proper  documentation can your attorney get you the money you deserve.

Duluth Chiropractic Care

Our Process

How are Arrowhead Injury Doctors going to help me?

Injury Management and Accident Care at our Duluth Doctor's office is skillfully designed for victims of Personal Injuries; our approaches to care are gentle, safe and fully all natural. The goal is to help your body naturally restore mobility and elasticity while at the same time relieving lingering soreness and stiffness. At Arrowhead, through conservative Chiropractic and Medical Care, we tailor our treatments to address each patient’s specific conditions, pain levels, and needs. In addition, our Accident Doctors will always take the time to provide the necessary documentation of injuries, including, detailed narratives and daily reports the insurance companies and attorneys need for the usual resolution of your claim. If you've been involved in a Car Accident, had a Slip and Fall or any other Accident Injury near Duluth, it is imperative that you go to a high-quality Accident Doctor immediately. 

Same Day Appointments available at our Personal Injury Clinic in Duluth

We offer same day appointments to all of our Accident patients, it is desirable that you get the proper care as soon as possible after the accident. It has been proven that those patients who start care sooner have longer lasting results and are able to reduce acute inflammation rapidly. 

Quality Accident Care by Our Local Duluth Accident Doctors

Duluth's Expert Injury Doctors | Whiplash Accident Physician

Our Health Care staff specializes in complete treatment and rehabilitative therapy for persistent and debilitating Accident Injuries. Our dedicated healthcare professionals have over 40 years of experience and expertise in treating chronic injuries. They always provide personalized health care with the utmost skill and compassion for each patient. Our goal is not to just take care of your symptoms but to fix the underlying cause of the problem.

The Results of a Team Approach to Accident Care

The results our patients see are a drastic reduction in acute pain symptoms and inflammation, increased Neck and Lower Back ranges of motion, elevated mental clarity and better sleep throughout the night. We achieve these results not through the use of harmful narcotics or other dangerous muscle relaxers but with the use of natural therapies such as spinal decompression that uses intermittent spinal traction to take stress off injured vertebral joints while simultaneously hydrating your discs, chiropractic adjustments to facilitate proper motion in the joints, electrical stimulation to reduce muscular and nerve pain in localized areas and much more. We are truly a clinic designed specifically for Accident Injury victims. 

Let Us Take Care of You

Don't trust the care of your body to just anyone. Your Personal Injury case is important and we've been taking care of greater Atlanta community for over 40 years. The Accident Doctors at Arrowhead Clinic's Duluth location will help get you the physical and financial results you deserve. Call 800-961-7246 today or click the link below to get your Free Consultation with one of Duluth's most trusted Accident Care Doctors.

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Darris Gentry
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Darris Gentry has been practicing chiropractic for over 20 years. He graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Life University.

He enjoys treating patients who have back pain, neck pain, sciatica pain, and spinal trauma from all sorts of accidents. His main goal is to help everyone improve from the pains he or she are suffering with and to also help them manage the pains when he or she is away from the office.

Other Services

Whiplash Treatment in DuluthWhiplash Treatment

Car Accident Injury

If you have been in car accident you most likely are experience whiplash symptoms. You pay could go away on its own but without the professional care of a chiropractor you injuries are healing wrong and likely to cause you more pain down the road. Learn more about our Duluth whiplash treatment

Duluth Slip and Fall TreatmentSlip and Fall Treatment

Chiropractic Care

If you have slipped and fell recently and you body just doesn't feel the same have a chiropractor evaluate your pain. Through chiropractic treatment you injury will be treated at the source leaving you pain free. Learn more about our slip and fall recovery solutions. 

Chronic Back Pain | Duluth, Ga

Back Pain Treatment

Poor Posture

Chiropractic care is one of the best solutions for back related issues such as poor posture, stiffness, and pain. If you are having back troubles have our professional chiropractic team evaluate and treat your back pain. Learn more about our back pain treatment

Patient Reviews
Winston Cornette

Staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Gentry is a bald soulful guy with a great sense of humor and wisdom. They really take care of you as a client.

Google Review

Patient Reviews
Ledia King

Very kind and very informative. They treated me with so much respect and let me know everything that was going on. I highly recommend to anyone who been involved with a accident. Super friendly staff they make you feel like family.

Google Review

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