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Brunswick Chiropractor Gives Pet Owners 5 Tips During the Pandemic

Pets become playmates while social distancing.

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Feline Fun and Party Puppies

Dont Fetch Viruses







Feline Fun and Party Puppies

Over the past few weeks, there has been precious little that has been easy or convenient during the onslaught of Covid-19.

In one form or another, everyone has been affected by this pandemic.

However, one of the most universal sufferings is the feeling of loneliness.

Social distancing has cut us off from not only our loved ones but from most of our everyday human interactions.

Thankfully, there are more interactions to be had than just with humanity.

Pet owners have the added blessing of a furry friend around the home to provide additional companionship, and in some cases their only companionship.

Why not take this trying and inconvenient time to pay extra special attention to our beloved four legged companions.

Arrowhead Clinic Brunswick wants you to have every comfort available during this trying time.

Therefore we have provided a brief list of 5 activities for pet owners to make the most of their time.

Don't forget your furry friends while social distancing.

Dont Fetch Viruses

Before we begin, it is perhaps necessary to address the elephant in the room.

Currently, experts state that there is no supporting evidence that your pet can give you the virus.

Based on this current information, assume you can carry on around your cat or dog as you normally would.

However, it is crucial to remain up to date with all information regarding the virus.

Therefore, if new information about the relationship between Covid-19 and your pet should present itself, please adjust your behaviors as recommended.

Each pet has their own distinct self and personality.

1. Appreciation

This is simple, but it does merit saying.

Just like us, all pets have their own special and distinct personalities.

Some may be high spirited and friendly, others may be quiet and aloof.

However, there is no way of knowing what kind of your personality your furry friend may have other than spending time with them and observing.

But, just like us, pets tend to behave differently when they think no one is watching.

If the opportunity presents itself, try spying on your pet when they don’t think you can see them.

Only then will you be able to see if they are really a “good boy.”

Regardless of execution, it is important to understand the personality type of your pet.

This is pivotal in developing the special bond between owner and pet.

You will enjoy them all the more for this understanding.

Exercising is just as important for them as it is for you.

2. Exercise

We always hear how important for us to get up and exercise.

However, that’s not just for humans.

It is equally important for many reasons that our four legged friends get theirs too.

More than likely, we have at least some opportunity to exit the house, if only to get supplies.

Our pets, however, do not.

They are cooped up in the house all day with no way to get adequate exercise or a change in scenery.

That is why it falls to us to provide for their needs.

A walk around your property or neighborhood will not only do your four legged friend a world of good, but will also help keep you fit and healthy.

Your pet will love you for it and your body will too.

A clean pet is a happy and healthy pet.

3. Grooming

It is well and good to provide for your pets physical needs through proper exercise.

However, what good is it to them if you do not provide for all of their physical needs?

Besides exercise and nutrition, it is important to keep your pets well groomed.

Allowing their fur to go unattended can lead to it becoming matted or getting in  knots which can potentially become very unpleasant for your pet.

In some severe cases, it can even lead to disease.

Household animals are very prone to picking up fleas and ticks that spread diseases.

If proper care and grooming is given, then the chances of this occurring should diminish.

On another note, grooming is also a form of expression.

There are any number of different cuts that you can apply to your pet.

Why not play around with it till you find one you like?

Worst case scenario and you end up hating the way it looks, whose going to see it while social distancing?

Take this time to train your pet into the best it can be.

4. Training

Every pet owner, at some point in their lives, has wished their pet was better trained.

Some people actually go through with it, others do not.

However, due to social distancing, this may prove to be the perfect opportunity to finally getting around to it. 

There are a vast number of resources online to help you learn how to best train your pet.

Be sure to be specific when you do your research.

Training methods can vary based on species and breed.

This, and every other suggestion given up to this point will also help develop a stronger bond between you and your pet.

The more time you spend and the more activities you do together will not only benefit your pet, but grow you two closer together.

Take the time to learn how to be the best pet owner you can be.

5. Education

Finally, this period of social distancing is a great time for you to learn how to better yourself as a pet owner.

Perhaps you had not taken the time to learn the duties and necessities required of taking necessary care of your pet.

This would be an ideal time to learn everything there is to know about having a pet and caring for it in the best possible way.

This can be anything from discerning the best type of food to be feeding it all the way to learning about what potential medical problems manifest in your type of pet.

You have the great gift of time in this period of social distancing, use it in the best way possible.


However, your pet is not the only being in your house that you should be learning about how to best take care of.

Your needs are just as important as your little furry friends.

Why not take this opportunity to learn more about yourself and what it takes to keep you happy and healthy.

Arrowhead Clinic Brunswick is more than willing to aid you on this journey of self discovery.

Why not pay us a visit and receive your free consultation?

Together we can work to keep you in the best condition possible for playing with your four legged best friend.




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