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8 Tips to Improve Your Posture For Low Back Pain

 Improving Your Posture

Having correct posture is a crucial and natural way to help maintain your bodies health as well as your mind. Practicing good posture will help your body stay aligned and help alleviate common problems such as neck pain orLow Back Pain. Many of our patients we see at our clinics in Georgia and South Carolina are taught that to correct poor posture; you need to determine where the improvement needs to be made. You will also need to focus on changing daily habits to improve your back support over time and help alleviate pain. 

Tips To Help Improve Your Posture

  1. Standing: When you are standing to make a conscious effort not to slouch over, keep your shoulder back with the majority of your weight on the back of your heels.
  2. Sitting: Many people have to sit all day at work, be sure to sit back straight with tall posture. You should align your back with the back of your chair which will help you avoid leaning forward. Keep both feet on the ground and keep your arms flexed instead of straight out. 
  3. Walking: Walking posture goes hand in hand with standing, keep your shoulders back, eyes straight ahead and avoid pushing your head forward. 
  4. Sleeping: It 's hard to know how your posture looks once you fall asleep, but there are a few things you can do. Use a firm mattress that will help you maintain low back support. If possible, try to sleep on your back, this will help to keep your shoulders straight. Use a pillow to provide support to your neck and head. 
  5. Driving: When driving it is important not only for your posture but for your safety to sit up straight with your back against the chair. Your seat should be set to a proper distance from your feet to the pedals, and your head should be resting on the head rest. 
  6. Exercise: It is important to exercise to build the foundation of muscle that you need for correct posture. 
  7. Stretching: Just like exercise, stretching is a great way to open up and improve your range of motion. Especially for those who have to sit all day at work. 
  8. Lifting: It is important to have proper posture while lifting the weight, so you do not add extra strain to your low back. When lifting something off the ground, hinge at the hips while bending at the knees, not just your waist. Avoid using your low back, instead, use your core and leg muscles to help lift. 

The majority of people who tend to have bad posture usually has to do with muscle tension. Having constant tense muscles will pull the body out of correct spinal alignment. If you have poor posture and are suffering from back pain because of it, you may want to consider seeing a Chiropractor

Arrowhead Clinic has a team of Chiropractors and Medical Doctors who will evaluate your spine as a whole to see what regions of the spine may be affected by bad posture. Before deciding what approach to take for your pain, the doctors will conduct a thorough examination to diagnose the particular cause of your low back pain. They will determine any areas of restricted movement and look at how you walk as well as your overall posture and spinal alignment. This will help them better understand your body's mechanics and kinesiology. 

If you would like a Free Consultation to see how our team of expert Chiropractors in Georgia or Tennessee can help you, click on the link below. 


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