Merry Christmas From Arrowhead Clinic of Chiropractic
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Christmas With Arrowhead Clinic

A Little Christmas Cheer Arrowhead Style

  • Remember If Grandma Did Get Run Over By a Reindeer, you should contact an Accident Chiropractor Near You Immediately to get her checked out.
  • Don't be a Grinch during the Christmas Season, stress is a major cause of so many diseases
  • If you do get a hippopotamus for Christmas, understand that trying to control him or lift him up can cause serious Back Pain
  • Even though Santa might like the Milk and Cookies you leave out for him, understand that too many high sugar items can increase inflammation in the body and cause early onset type II diabetes.christmas_cookies_milk.png
  • Remember to tell Rudolph and the rest of the Reindeer to lift with their legs, not their Back.
  • If you are acting like an Elf this Christmas Season and are building toys or wrapping gifts, don't forget to set a timer to get up and move around to prevent your body from getting too stiff.
  • Decorating your house can be fun, but remember, if the air is chilly and your ladder is slick, a Slip and Fall injury is not a good way to celebrate the season.
  • If you put an Elf on Your Shelf,  make sure he is seated in a good upright position to protect his posture.
  • If the weather outside is frightful the roads will not be so delightful, be careful driving during this time of the year, don't put yourself at risk of getting into an unnecessary Car Accident.

We understand that the greatest gift we can give at Arrowhead Clinic is the gift of health.

We appreciate all of our patients and wish you many blessings during this holiday season.

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