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Chiropractic Care Can Keep You Healthy As You Age
Posted by: Dr. Ana Knolla |

How Chiropractic Care Can Keep You Healthy As You Age

As you get older, your body isn't going to work like it did when you were younger.

Even if you do a great job of taking care of yourself, at some point you are going to start slowing down.

You'll get injured easier and more often, it will take you longer to heal from that injury, and unless you continuously work at it, you will lose bone mass and muscle mass.

You'll also have much less energy than you did when you were in your twenties.

Now that all the young people reading this are starting to worry about their golden years don't worry too much.

The good news is that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can prolong the onslaught of these issues.

And when you pair your healthy lifestyle with chiropractic care, you will be even better off.

And you can do it all without risky surgery or addictive prescription drugs.

Recently there have been many studies published that have investigated the benefits of chiropractic care, and the results have been encouraging.

In the article below, we will discuss several ways chiropractic care can help us stay healthy and active as we get older.

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CHiropractic care will keep your spine healthy

Chiropractic Care Keeps Your Spine Healthy

Chiropractic care is infamous for treating back pain.

Your nervous system impacts every other system in your body.

It controls your breathing, cardiovascular health, immunity, digestion, and hormonal balance.

The health of your spine will directly impact how your nervous system can function, making it even more important to keep a healthy back and spine.

The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation examined 40 men with degenerative disc disease.

Half of those men were given chiropractic adjustments, and the other half were given placebo treatment.

The men who had the adjustments reported less pain, increased spinal mobility, better hip flexion, and a measurable increase in height.

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Chiropractic Care Can Help Seniors Stay Active

There was a study done in 2014 that looked at the Medicare database to examine the role of chiropractic care in keeping senior patients active.

The study found that seniors who routinely saw a chiropractor had better functioning and self-assessed health than those who didn't see a chiropractor.

Chiropractic care was deemed to have a protective effect on its senior patients, safeguarding them against physical deterioration.

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Chiropractic Care Reduces The Need For Surgery and Medications

Chiropractic care is based on the philosophy of removing restrictions from the body so it can function at a high level.

This allows the body to heal itself, reducing the need for invasive surgeries and harmful medications.

Numerous studies have found that people who see a chiropractor are much less likely to use drugs for the symptoms, and they are also less likely to resort to surgery for back or neck pain.

Chiropractors view drugs and surgeries as a last resort rather than the first option.

And to back up that claim, in 2013, Spine conducted a study that reported that only 1.5% of chiropractic patients ended up having surgery, while 42.7% of patients who saw an orthopedic specialist had surgery.

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Chiropractic Care Is Safer Than Medical Care

A 2014 study published in Spine magazine found that patients seeking help for musculoskeletal pain had a 76% lower chance of reinjury if they visited a chiropractor opposed to those who saw their primary care physician.

Chiropractic care is based on non-invasive adjustments that look to promote your body's own ability to heal.

It should come as no surprise that chiropractic care is the safest treatment.

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Chiropractic Care Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very common and very serious health problem in the US.

There are estimates that 30% of adults suffer from high blood pressure, and that number is on the rise.

A 2007 study from the Journal of Human Hypertension looked at a group of people suffering from high blood pressure.

Half of the patients received a neck adjustment, and the other half received a placebo treatment.

There was a dramatic decrease in blood pressure among the patients who received the actual neck adjustments.

The researchers concluded that the decrease was similar to one seen by giving two different antihypertensive agents at the same time.

85% of the patients that were adjusted had noticeable improvements after the first adjustment.

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Chiropractic Care Helps With Chronic Neck Pain

Neck pain can be debilitating to anyone.

It can restrict our daily activities and make it harder to stay active.

A group of 214 people were studied who were all 65 or older. They all suffered from chronic neck pain.

After 12 weeks of chiropractic treatment, over 60% of the patients had at least a 75% improvement in pain compared to an exercise group.

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A misalignment in your neck can cause dizziness and vertigo

Chiropractic Care Treats Dizziness and Vertigo

Your spine plays a critical role in maintaining your balance, and any dysfunction in the joints of your neck can lead to dizziness or vertigo.

This is especially hazardous for seniors because a fall can result in serious injuries and subsequent health issues.

A study from 2015 found that chiropractic care was more successful than traditional treatments at helping patients recover faster from dizziness.

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Have You Seen A Chiropractor?

Just because we're doomed to grow old doesn't mean we have to feel old.

Even though we might not ever be as nimble as we were in our twenties, we can still age gracefully and enjoy our golden years.

Regular chiropractic treatment offers everyone, especially senior citizens, several amazing benefits that will keep you happy, healthy, and active as you age.

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