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Why Should You Seek Medical Treatment After being in a Car Accident in Tennessee?  

Seeking medical treatment after being in an accident in Tennessee should be your biggest priority. 

Arrowhead Clinic is a chiropractic care clinic that helps victims who suffer from injuries related to car accidents the treatment that they need. 

Our team of Professional Chiropractic Doctors specialize in Car Accident Injuries with over 40 years of experience diagnosing and treating car accident injuries.

So Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is an all-natural and gentle solution to your car accident pain.

It doesn’t use intrusive surgeries or addictive painkillers to heal you, rather it works to help your body restore its mobility and flexibility naturally, while at the same time relieving soreness and stiffness. Chiropractor Near Me in Tennessee

Patients of chiropractic care will see natural results such as reductions in acute pain and inflammation, increased neck and lower back range of motion, elevated mental clarity, and better sleep throughout the night. 

These results are due to different types of spinal decompression therapies such as:

  • Flexion-Distraction Technique: Is a gentle, hands-on spinal manipulation that involves a pumping action on the intervertebral disc instead of direct force. 
  • Instrument-Assisted Manipulation: Uses a handheld instrument to allow your chiropractor to apply force without thrusting into the spine. 
  • Specific Spinal Manipulation: Helps restore joint movement using a gentle thrusting technique.

If you recently found yourself involved in a car accident that left you injured in Tennessee, don’t wait another day to be treated by a Professional Chiropractor. 

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Still not convinced you need to see a Chiropractor?  Here are some commonly asked questions about Chiropractic Care.

Why Do I Need to See a Chiropractor if I Don’t Feel Injured?

We know that the pressure to go see a doctor after being in an accident might seem unnecessary.  It can honestly feel like a sad attempt by doctors to get more money out of your than is necessary because you feel completely fine. Car Accident Doctor Tennessee

But here’s the thing, you might think that you walked away from the accident completely uninjured, but often it takes about 48 hours for symptoms of serious injuries to appear. 

Immediately after the accident your body is running off adrenaline and you can’t feel the pain, but when your body and mind calm down the symptoms of whiplash or back pain may begin to show. 

This is why going to the doctor shortly after the accident is so important.  It is also important for all of your injuries to be properly documented by a medical professional if you wish to pursue compensation for your injuries. 

The longer that you wait to get treated, the less likely that the insurance company will be willing to work with you to get the injuries covered and you might have to pay out of pocket. 

What Can I Expect My First Visit to Look Like?

When you decide to come to our Tennessee Arrowhead Clinic for treatment you can expect professional care. 

You will be asked to fill out a form that provides basic background information for your doctors such as your medical history, current health conditions, and any symptoms from your accident that you are experiencing.  

Don't let this overwhelm you! It is simply so that our Doctors can best understand your situation and provide you with the best treatment possible. 

Next, you will be given a chiropractic exam where your doctor will test your blood pressure, respiration, pulse, reflexes, range of motion, posture, muscle strength, muscle tone, and neurological integrity. 

Then, based on the results of the exam your chiropractor will create a personalized recovery plan that is customized to your injuries to ensure optimal recovery.

What Are Some of the Medical Treatments that Arrowhead Chiropractors Use?  

There are 5 main different techniques that our TennesseeChiropractors use to help treat your car accident injuries. They are:

1.)Chiropractic Mobilization the manual manipulation of the spine that is used to increase the strength and flexibility of the tendons and muscles. 

Neck Pain After a Car Accident in Tennessee

2.) Ergonomic Training - the implementation of different techniques and adjustments to your daily routine such as posture adjustments that work to correct bad posture and reduce pain

3.) Electrical Muscle Stimulation- don’t let this one scare

you, it is simply the use of electrical impulses that work to fore the muscles to contract the same way that nerve impulses do.  This is not painful but rather a soothing technique that loosens muscle tension in the body.

4.) Pelvic Stabilization Drills- exercises used to strengthen the pelvis and lumbar area to reduce pain and improve strength. 

5.) Spinal Decompression, Manipulation, and Subluxation – when a Chiropractor applies pressure to targeted areas and manually manipulates the muscles to restore proper range of motion, improve functionality, and reduce pain. 

How Much Does Chiropractic Treatment Cost in Tennessee?

We know how stressful dealing with car accidents can be.  If you were recently a victim of a car accident and are currently suffering pain because of it, you should not be the one responsible for your medical bill. 

At our Tennessee Arrowhead Clinic, we do our best to ensure that you don’t have to pay a penny out of pocket for your medical treatment from a car accident that was not your fault. 

We do this by partnering with personal injury attorneys that work with insurance companies to make sure that your medical costs are covered by the party responsible for the accident. 

Don’t wait another day to contact our Professional Chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic in Tennessee!

If you were recently injured in a Car Accident in Tennessee, don’t wait another minute to start feeling better. 

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