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Fix your posture and ease back pain
Dr. Traci AuteraMay 22, 2020 1:40:18 PM3 min read

Riverdale Chiropractors Reveals How To Fix Posture and Ease Back Pain

Poor posture is one of the leading causes of back pain and discomfort. 


These days, for most of us, we spend most of our time spent sitting.


Whether we are in our car, on the bus, at our desk, or in front of the television, we are all guilty of it.


The same thing happens when we stand. 


We slouch, carry heavy bags too heavy for our backs, and walk with our head down, all creating lousy posture.


Although it can feel like you are putting less stress on your body, being in a constant state of poor posture is very detrimental.


Changing your skeleton and muscle groups' position is what begins to wreak havoc on your body and cause pain.


Fortunately, there are ways to improve your posture to its natural state and alleviate your back pain.



In the article below, we will look at three simple ways to improve your posture and alleviate your back pain.



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Egoscue Method

The Egoscue method consists of exercises and stretches that help to return your body to its natural posture.


With the egoscue method, it's believed that all of the aches and pains in the body are caused by having poor posture.


So when you return your body to its natural state, you can reduce pain and increase functionality.


Poor posture that is all too common in today's society causes misalignment in the body. 


Slouching when we sit, walking hunched over, lugging around a heavy backpack, all contribute to poor posture.  


The Egoscue method excels at ridding your body of aches and pains by realigning your muscle groups and skeletons.


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Foundation Training

Foundation training is strength training that focuses specifically on your core.


Your core is more than just your abs.


When referring to your core, we are talking about your hamstrings, glutes, and adductor muscles.


These are all of the muscles that connect to your pelvis.


Foundation training gets these muscles engaged in movements simultaneously so that your body moves the way it as meant to.


The exercises used in foundation training activate as many muscles as possible, taking the stress away from your joints and places it on the muscles.


Incorporating foundation training into your exercise routine will help lengthen and strengthen your body's front and backside.


Another essential element of foundation training is breathing because breathing correctly has proven to be crucial to improving your posture.


The breathing techniques used in foundation training help your abdominal and back muscles strengthen and increase flexibility.


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Original Strength

The Original Strength System helps to return our bodies to their "performance" state.


When we are born, we have innate patterns of movement that are lost as we grow older and move around less.


The Original Strength program is considered a therapeutic program that looks to restore those innate patterns we were born with.


Reverting to our adolescent movements helps to get your muscle groups working together again.


Once they are working together and becoming stronger, your pain can begin to decline. 


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Incorporating any or all of these methods into your daily routine can significantly improve your posture and reduce your pain.


Sometimes, though, pain can be so bad, or we've been practicing poor posture for so long that we need a little extra help.


If this sounds like you, it might be time to see a professional. 


Chiropractors are experts at fixing back pain, and they can give you tips on how to improve your posture.


For a free consultation with our Riverdale, Georgia Chiropractor, click the button below to begin the road to recovery.


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Dr. Traci Autera

Dr. Traci Autera is Arrowhead Clinic’s Newnan Chiropractor. She is board certified in Georgia to practice chiropractic and physiological therapeutics. She provides outstanding care, often working with patients with back and neck pain, auto-related injuries, headaches, and more. Dr. Autera has been treating patients for over 25 years since graduating with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 1993. She received her undergraduate training at the University of Florida, where she received a Bachelor of Science. Dr. Autera offers a range of treatments, including the Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique, activator methods, and diversified adjusting with physical therapy and rehabilitation. In her free time, Dr. Autera loves spending time with her dogs. One of Dr. Autera’s patients recently stated, “Dr. Autera is a fantastic chiropractor. She is terrific with her hands and has helped make my life so much better!!! Highly recommend!!!” Dr. Autera provides free, same-day consultations. She is available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.