Car Accident Doctor Newnan, GA

Car Accident Doctor Newnan, GA

At Arrowhead Clinic, our medical team has been examining, diagnosing, and treating auto accident victims with advanced medical protocols for over 40 years. Learn more about how we can help you today.

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Proven Medical Care for Auto Accident Injuries in Newnan, GA

A car accident is a serious matter that could require medical attention. It is tough to plan for these unexpected life circumstances. However, if one occurs, you can still make things right by taking safe steps afterward.

One of the most important things you can do is reach out to a trusted car accident doctor in Newnan, GA, such as the ones on our team at Arrowhead Clinic.

Our goal is to provide you with effective, personalized care so you can regain your optimal health. We take the time to truly understand your situation, diagnose your needs accurately, and deliver a quality plan to make sure you are operating at your best capacity.

Actions for You Immediately After a Car Accident

A car accident is a shock for many, making it tough to know what to do right away.

The most crucial things to remember are do not panic, take deep breaths, and proceed with caution. Below is a helpful list of steps to ensure your top safety.

  1. Do not depart from the accident scene – you need to stick around to provide all accurate information.
  2. Remain relaxed and contact the police – leave the delicate situation in the hands of care providers, starting with the police.
  3. Swap insurance information with the rest of the involved parties – exchanging information is critical, so the necessary follow-ups for insurance claim items can be done.
  4. Do not divulge too much information about the accident – refrain from admitting your fault or discussing the incident in detail.
  5. Snap photos of the accident scene – do not leave any critical details out from your photographs.
  6. Inform your insurance company about the accident – apart from the police and your family, this is perhaps the most critical call you can make.
  7. Reach out for medical attention– contact your local auto accident doctor, such as the ones at Arrowhead Clinic.


Why You Should Seek Medical Attention Immediately Following an Accident

Whether you feel the injuries from a car accident right away, you must immediately see a car accident doctor in Newnan, GA.

Not only do you want to promptly uncover any injuries, but you do not want to take any chances with the insurance company.

If you delay seeking medical attention, you can prevent your chances of getting more compensation for suffering or pains. In the eyes of the insurance company, your gap in medical care could create doubt for the insurance adjuster while examining your case. Your injuries may not seem dangerous at first, but you want to make sure you look out for your health and financial interests.


How long do you have to see a doctor after an auto accident in Newnan?

After getting into an auto accident, it is recommended that you see a doctor within 72 hours to be assessed for accident-related injuries. Even if you don't believe you've been seriously injured and do not need urgent care, it's still important to be examined by a medical professional. 



Advantages of Contacting a Doctor After a Car Accident

When you take your potential car accident injuries seriously, you invest in your long-term health.Newnan Auto Accident Doctor

You might want to go home immediately after the crash, but it is never the wrong decision to seek the advice of a trusted medical professional. These doctors can identify the non-obvious injuries that you would not see at the surface level, which protects you from pain and stress down the road.

You can also increase your chances of landing a successful claim with the insurance company. The Arrowhead Clinic team takes careful documentation of any injuries. We provide all the necessary information to the lawyers and insurance companies. The details are important to us, especially regarding your money and health.

The doctors at Arrowhead Clinic want to find the root cause of your pain and provide a non-invasive plan using natural methods to solve your needs. We focus on corrective exercises to restore your range of motion and limit long-term pain.

Another key result we aim to achieve is the reduction of internal inflammation. We uncover your unique situation and consider your health history, age, weight, and other indicators to provide you with an effective plan. Through consistent hard work and stretches, you can help eliminate the harmful inflammation that would arise from car crash injuries.

Arrowhead Clinic’s overarching goal is to prevent you from experiencing painful side effects down the road. You could leave yourself open to chronic pain without proper consultation and corrective exercises. You deserve to have a full range of motion for most of your life, and our team wants to help you achieve that.


Do you have to call the police after a minor car accident in Georgia?

If there are any injuries at the accident site, you must call the police and stay there to assist with the police report.


Arrowhead Clinic’s Customer-Friendly Approach to Auto Accident Treatment

Arrowhead’s excellent auto accident clinic is here to provide you with all the resources and solutions necessary after a scary car accident. We understand that you do not want to worry about the medical expenses, so we go the extra mile in providing free consultations for our valued patients. Not only do we provide no-cost appointments, but we make sure to schedule them on the same day if needed.

When it is time for your consultation, our trusted doctors will take the time to ask the necessary questions about your unique situation. Everyone’s body and condition are different, so we want to examine the problem from different angles to provide a successful plan for getting your health back on track.


Is Georgia a no-fault insurance state?

Georgia is not a no-fault state when it comes to auto insurance claims. Before an auto insurance company pays for your damaged car, medical expenses, or other pain and suffering, you must prove who was to blame for the accident.

insurance adjuster at scene of accident


Why You Should Choose Arrowhead Clinic

Due to our customer-focused approach, Arrowhead Clinic is a trusted car accident doctor in Newnan, GA. We treat your unique needs with care and detail, and we make sure to get to the root of the problem.

Our car accident doctors have over 40 years of experience treating people who have suffered from car accidents. Our goal is to help make the community of Newnan, GA, a safer place.

Our team also understands the importance of detailed medical documentation for your lawyers and insurance companies. We want to ensure that we communicate the necessary information to get the solutions you need.

We welcome you to schedule your free injury consultation with us. Call (770) 637-5678 now to schedule your free appointment.

Partner with our Newnan Auto Accident Doctors so that we can get you back on track to a happier, healthier life!

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