whiplash injury chiropractor Newnan, GA

Whiplash Injury Chiropractor Newnan, GA

Arrowhead Clinic has been examining, diagnosing, and treating whiplash injuries from auto accident with scientifically backed chiropractic care techniques for over 40 years. Learn more about how we can help you today.

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Key Information On Getting Treatment for Whiplash Injuries in Newnan, GA

Looking for a Whiplash Injury Chiropractor Near Me?

A whiplash injury may only feel like a sudden bump, but this specific neck injury requires diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible by a licensed chiropractor in Newnan, GA.

Whiplash occurs because of a rapid and harsh movement of the neck, which damages the soft tissue and may cause a sprain or strain. 

Facts About Whiplash

If you live in or around Newnan, GA, traffic is a daily concern. The city has over 35,000 residents, and the greater Coweta County area has nearly 150,000 people. Traffic problems occur around the city on an almost daily basis, and whiplash injuries are common. 

Newnan Whiplash Treatment with Dr. Traci Autera

A whiplash injury usually occurs after a driver or passenger(s) gets rear-ended from another vehicle. Whiplash can also occur from sporting events, fights, physical abuse, or other traumas, though most cases happen in traffic. 

Surprisingly, whiplash injuries can affect anyone, even if you: 

  • Are hit at a speed of less than 12 mph
  • See that your car isn’t significantly damaged
  • Don’t feel any neck pain

The long-lasting effects of whiplash are not known until an in-person diagnosis is given, but could be anything from light pain to chronic neck pain with more severe complications. Most whiplash sufferers can address pain with medication and physical exercise. 

The problem is that drivers will often not know immediately if they had a minor whiplash incident, a neck sprain, or more severe damage.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states whiplash symptoms might delay by several days. However, bad whiplash cases may also damage discs, muscles and ligaments, nerve roots, and intervertebral joints. 

Some drivers have even experienced memory loss or brain changes like concentration impairment. Car accidents, even apparently minor ones, have caused mental duress in the past. In these events, you must know for sure.


How Do I Know If I Have Whiplash Symptoms?


Symptoms could be delayed or immediately experienced. The Mayo Clinic lists the most common whiplash symptoms as:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Limited range of movement
  • Headaches
  • Tenderness
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Dizziness

More dramatic changes could include: 

  • Blurred vision
  • Insomnia
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Changes in personality 
  • Memory problems

Whiplash Treatment After a Car Accident

Not only are symptoms invisible early on, but in some cases, standard X-rays may not reveal the damage to soft tissue areas. Your chiropractor may recommend CT scans or an MRI, to make sure you didn't suffer damage to muscles, discs, or ligaments.

Depending on the severity, exercise, or other physical therapy is sometimes enough to alleviate the pain.

In other cases, though, sharp pain can be reduced by over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen, as well as other therapies, such as traction, massage, heat/ice, and ultrasound. 

While some people figure that keeping very still or even wearing a cervical collar is an easy way to avoid a doctor visit, the newest medical evidence quoted at WebMD suggests moving the neck around safely is critical to faster recovery. Dr. Autera, will discuss these options in further detail with you during your free consultation.

Doctors may also prescribe prescription treatment for some cases, including muscle relaxants, more potent anti-inflammatory drugs, or even antidepressants. 

What Should You Do First After a Car Accident? 

Don’t trust your instincts to brush off the incident, just because damage seems minimal. The best course of action is to: 

  1. Make sure you and your passengers are physically safe and mentally sound.
  2. Move to safety or a safe location from oncoming traffic. 
  3. Contact emergency authorities.
  4. Exchange insurance information.
  5. Get the names of the arriving officers and a copy of the accident report.  
  6. Document any damage with photos. 
  7. Find out if a third party saw the accident for witness testimony.
  8. Notify your insurance company of what happened.
  9. Return home if your vehicle can make it or wait for a tow. 
  10. Get your injuries looked at as soon as possible.

We recommend making an appointment within 72 hours of the accident, not only for your health but also for legal advantage in recovering damages. 

Whiplash injuries lead to swelling, which peaks within 72 hours.

Ignoring possible whiplash injuries could lead to permanent tissue scarring, which is harder to treat if you wait, and is more susceptible to re-injury. 

For insurance and legal purposes, it’s also wise to report whiplash injuries within the same day (or within three days), since it’s harder to prove when an injury happened the longer you wait. 

Is It Illegal to Leave a Minor Collision After Whiplash?

The legality of leaving a scene depends on the severity of the accident. States have differing laws on whether an accident should be reported, depending on the extent of injury or property damage. 

For example, in the state of Georgia, you have to report an accident if someone died or was injured, or if property damage exceeds $500.

In some cases, you may have to fill out an accident report at the very least. In any event, it’s always wise to stop, get out, and make sure everyone involved in the accident is in good health and understands the damage sustained. 

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Your whiplash injury may call for a chiropractor in Newnan, Georgia. Contacting a clinic for whiplash care is the safest option, and in our office, you can see Dr. Autera for a same day appointment. 

Arrowhead Clinic will work around your schedule without disrupting your daily routines or job. We a convenient office in Newnan located just off of Route 34 and can see patients from nearby areas as well. Our chiropractors have years of medical experience in treating whiplash injuries and know the signs to look for when treating a patient. 

Furthermore, we bring the experience you can count on, especially with the process of documenting injuries so that the paperwork directly corresponds with an attorney consultation. Our Newnan, GA chiropractors communicate directly with insurance companies and attorneys to help you through the process as painlessly as possible. 

If you were in an accident and believe you may have suffered whiplash injuries, contact our chiropractors for a medical evaluation before making any decisions. We can help you through this process. Give us a call at (770) 637-5678

Whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip. Whiplash is most commonly associated with rear-end car accidents.  

The pain can be felt in the neck and upper back.

Yes! It is recommended to see a chiropractor within 14 days of your whiplash, the sooner you can begin medical care, the faster you can eliminate pain symptoms.

Our Whiplash Chiropractors utilize chiropractic techniques, adjustments, and exercises to help our patients get back to living a pain-free life. 

You should see a doctor immediately if you believe you have suffered whiplash after an automobile accident or bad slip and fall.

Even if the accident was minor, you should still get your neck and the rest of your spine evaluated for subluxations and inflammation.

After making sure that your cervical spine is stable, there are 4 main treatments that our Newnan chiropractors use to help treat whiplash.

These include:

  • Manual Manipulations or Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Muscle relaxation/Massage and Electrical stimulation
  • Various exercises to ensure proper mobility Ergonomic
  • Lifestyle changes, like exercises, to perform at home, to make sure the issue is corrected for the long term.

Our treatments are aimed to provide you pain relief and help you get back to a pain-free life.

Depending on the severity of your injury, whiplash symptoms and pain may last only a few days or may continue for up to a month. 

It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible so that your injury does not turn into a long-term issue.

Recovery time depends on how serious your whiplash is. Some cases can resolve in a few treatments. But other neck strains may take weeks or longer to heal. Remember that everyone heals at a different rate.

Once the acute symptoms of neck strain are gone, your chiropractor will want you to start your rehabilitation.

Whiplash injury is not only limited to a neck injury but also brainstem injury that does not involve direct damage to the neck or head.

The symptoms of whiplash injury are polymorphous, with the most common complaints being cervical pain, headache, and scapulodynia. Vertigo and dizziness are also reported in 25–50% of the cases.

The most common cause of whiplash is being involved in a rear-end car collision.

The violent force of your head rapidly moving forward and then shifting backward causes neck strain.

Whiplash is best treated by chiropractors who are specifically training in dealing with motor vehicle accident injuries.

They have the experience through their chiropractic techniques to help provide pain relief and help you get your natural range of motion back. 

Back pain, especially in the lower back, may also indicate a whiplash-related injury.

It also could signal another condition like a sprain, herniated disc, or other soft-tissue injuries (such as muscle damage). If accompanied by tingling or numbness, it could also point to pinched nerves.

No, whiplash injuries are not permanent.

If you come to our office and get proper diagnostics and treatment done, whiplash injuries can be resolved quickly.

Yes, while more difficult than a rear-end collision, the impact caused by a front-end collision can result in whiplash injuries.

Yes of course, rear-end car collisions are the most common cause of whiplash injuries.

Common symptoms of whiplash include, Pain, decreased range of motion, and tightness in the neck. The muscles may feel hard or knotted. Pain when rocking your head from side to side or backward and forward. Pain or stiffness when moving your head to look over each shoulder. Tenderness. Headaches at the base of the skull that radiate towards the forehead.

While seeing an attorney is a good step after a whiplash injury, they will not be able to help you without proper medical documentation of your injuries. That is why you should come to our Newnan whiplash treatment facility first.

Soft tissue injuries like whiplash do not show up on x-rays analysis or leave any mark that can be photographed. Even in MRI results, whiplash can be difficult to determine. So, the primary means of proving that you have suffered a whiplash injury is your chiropractor’s diagnosis and testimony. This makes it very important to visit a skilled chiropractor promptly after your car accident. Sometimes whiplash injuries take a few days or weeks to be felt, so if you develop new pain after the accident you need to go back to the doctor to get it documented.

No! Even at slow speeds, you can still get whiplash from a car accident. Whiplash is a neck injury that is caused by a forceful, rapid movement of your neck being forced back and forth, which can still happen at slow speeds.

Once again it is hard to determine how much you will receive for a whiplash settlement, it is critical to get evaluated by a chiropractor experienced with whiplash injuries.

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