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Car Accident Recovery Clinic

Atlanta's Car Accident Injury Recovery Clinic Gets You The Money You Deserve

Having an adjuster and the injured party (you) come to a fair agreement on the proper monetary compensation for your pain and suffering is the most challenging aspects of settlement negotiations after you were involved in a Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia.

At Arrowhead Clinic Atlanta locations, our job is to provide you the necessary Medical and Chiropractic Treatment to help get your body out of pain and put you in contact with Georgia's premier team of Personal Injury Attorneys who can help fight and win your case and get you money for your pain and suffering.

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Money You Deserve

How to Get the Money You Deserve from Your Auto Accident Injuries 

Be PreparedArrowhead Clinic will provide your attorney with the necessary documentation of your injuries and medical care you will be receiving at our clinic after your Car Accident, but it is imperative that you also have all your documents in order.

Know what they are, and how to get access to them quickly if your attorney requests them.Chiropractic Treatment

Be Thorough: Explain in detail what happened in the automobile accident from your perspective when we put you in contact with a Personal Injury Attorney. 

For example, speak of how your head slammed into the steering wheel, and then violently snapped back into the headrest, and your neck hasn't felt the same sense or tell them how your body shifted to one side and hit the center console which caused bruising, abdominal pain and low back pain. The more detail you give, the more vivid imagery it provides to the adjuster hearing how severe your injuries are.

Get the Necessary Paperwork: Obtain the Car Accident Report and statements from any eyewitnesses as well as the investigating officer. These details provide the necessary hard evidence for your case, and your lawyer will greatly appreciate your help. 

The accident report will show who was at fault according to the police officer who came to the scene. It will also say if anyone was issued a citation as a result of the officer’s conclusions. Keep in mind that the officer’s findings of who was at fault are in no way the final word, but they can help later on. 

Understanding Compensation: Property Damages and Medical Expenses are easy to calculate if handled by the right Car Accident Clinic but determining the proper financial amount for your physical and emotional pain and suffering is always tricky. 

There is a skill in determining how much you should receive for your pain and suffering because those intangibles are hard to quantify.

We have seen many times that the insurance company for the at-fault party will try to prove that your pain and suffering isn’t as bad as you claim.

They will contact you as soon as possible to ask you to settle for less before you are really feeling the physical effects of your Car Accident Injuries which can show up days and even weeks later. Don't settle; this is why you have a quality Personal Injury Attorney.

Your Personal Injury Attorney will settle your case before going to court or argue your case in court and help you Get Money for your Car Accident in Atlanta.

If the at-fault party that was extremely careless in the Car Accident, you may even be able to claim punitive damages and recover a more substantial financial award.

Who pays medical bills after an accident?

If the accident was not your fault, then the other person who is found at-fault will pay. 

You will have to pay them upfront or work with the medical office so you can pay them with your settlement.

After your treatment is complete, you will include your medical bills in your settlement costs. You can use your insurance in the meantime until you get a settlement because most doctors have to be paid right away. 

Arrowhead Clinic has several options and is patient with working with our accident injury victims. Whiplash Treatment

What is the average payout for whiplash?

According to AllLaw, the average payout for whiplash is between $2,000-$10,000. Depending on your injuries and treatment process you could receive a lot more.

This is more likely with medical documentation and an attorney.

Below is more detailed information about how much money can you recover from a car accident:

Learn How to Calculate Pain and Suffering From An Automobile Accident in Georgia

The following calculation comes from

A common method for estimating damages is to multiply your expenses for medical bills and income lost by an arbitrary multiple between 2 and 4. 

For example, if you had a neck injury related to a car accident, your medical bills were $5,000, and you missed 2 weeks of work, which cost you $3,000, your expenses are $8,500.

Depending on the other factors in the case, the accident settlement value of your claim is somewhere between $17,700 (2 times cost) and $34,000 (4 times cost). Some factors that increase the multiplier are:

  • The time it takes to recover from your injuries
  • The severity and complexity of your injuries
  • Whether the injury is permanent or just temporary
  • Whether there are any aggravating conditions in the accident, such as drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs
How long does it take to get money after a car accident?

It may take anywhere from a few months to a few years before you get money for your car accident injuries. The reason this varies is that there is a legal issue in your case, you are still in treatment for your injuries, or your case involves a large sum of money. Getting legal representation and professional care is advised for this process. If you need to settle fast for some reason, you are likely to get less money. 

Getting Your Money After a Car Accident in Atlanta

The amount you recover in your Car Accident case especially a drunk driving situation will be a unique multiplier to determine the dollar figure depending on the facts of your case, the quality of your medical documentation and personal documentation and how good your attorney is at getting compensation.x-rays | Car Accident Treatment

Please don't risk your health and money using another clinic; our Doctors and Chiropractors will help you recover physically and document the full extent of your medical injuries.

The relationships we have developed for nearly 40 years with quality Personal Injury Attorney's in Georgia will help give you the best chance to Get Money From Your Car Accident in Atlanta, Ga. 

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Dr. Turner is from North Carolina but has traveled all over the country pursuing her career of treating people who have been Injured in Accidents and people who suffer from chronic pain.

Dr. Turner is well versed in Chiropractic care with an emphasis on sports-related therapies. She had the opportunity to train under the Chiropractor for the Carolina Panthers in order to complete her Masters in Sports rehabilitation.

From there she learned under two other Chiropractors, which allowed her to sharpen her skills and adjusting techniques.  Dr. Turner is certified in several soft tissue techniques including Active Release Technique (ART) and Fascial Distortion Model (FDM), as well as a movement diagnosis technique called Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).


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Detrina Rogers

My 1st time externing at an Chiropractor Clinic with such an amazing staff that you can call family and can give such great advise..Dr.Turner is amazing in all expertise in giving advice as well as her hands..Working with Kianna,Neomi & Carrie are very knowledgeable as well as caring staff...Thank u guys for everything ..

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Devin Baldwin

Arrowhead is a great clinic for anyone that’s has been in an accident and want to be healed properly. Dr. Turner is the best and her staff never disappoints. I recommend them.

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