The Six Simple Steps to Protect You After A Car Accident

Bam! The guy behind you didn't stop soon enough and just ran into the back of your car, what do you do now?


Below are 6 common sense approaches to dealing with the stress After a Car Accident

1. Stay at the scene of the Car Accident. Your heart will be pumping like crazy, it will be difficult to think, especially if you are in pain but always stay at the scene until a police officer clears you to leave. 

2. Take a visual of what is going on and ask questions. Scan the area to see how many Cars were involved in the Accident, was it just you and the other car, were there any other persons who saw the accident and most importantly check to see if anyone involved needs medical attention.

3. Call the Police. This seems like such a simple task to perform, but it is vital to get an official police report filed so the accident is properly documented and all parties involved are known and contact information has been exchanged.

4. Be smart and use your smartphone to take pictures of the Car Accident. One of the most valuable tools for evidence is visual proof of what happened. Make sure to use your camera on your phone to snap photos of the car accident, this will help in court as well as assisting your insurance company in assessing damages.

5. If necessary hire an attorney. Are you or anyone else in any Pain? If so, you should immediately consult an experienced attorney to help maximize your recovery if you were injured or if you were at fault, you will need legal counsel to guide you through the next steps.
6. Do you have Back Pain or Neck Pain after the Car Accident? If so you will need to get these injuries taken care of as soon as possible. Talk to your attorney and gather all the documents necessary to begin care at a reputable health care facility. Make sure to go to a clinic who has a track record our dealing with Car Accident Injuries. If you are in need of a quality facility click this link