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At Arrowhead Clinic, our medical team which includes Medical Doctors and Chiropractors has been examining, diagnosing, and treating auto accident victims with advanced medical procedures for over 40 years. Learn more about how we can help you today.

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Scientifically Based Medical Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries in Atlanta, GA

Car accidents are unfortunate and unexpected life events that are entirely out of your control. But you can limit the damage and make the outcome of this situation healthier by seeking appropriate care.

There is no better place to look for car accident help in Atlanta, GA, than Arrowhead Clinic. Our dedicated team of medical professionals have treated car accident victims for over 40 years.

Our goal is to not only educate you on valuable health information but also to deliver personalized attention and care so that you can continue living a happy and healthy life.

Car Accident Help in Atlanta, GA

How does chiropractic care help you after a car accident?

There are many reasons why it is useful to get immediate help after an auto accident. Our Atlanta Chiropractors specialize in soft tissue injuries, which is usually the case in a car accident.  Your bodily framework tends to become unbalanced and crooked following a crash, and a Chiropractor works with you on a plan to restore your proper posture so you can move effectively.

Chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic take the healing process seriously. They have a series of checks to monitor your body for various misalignments.

Your Arrowhead Clinic car accident treatment in Atlanta, GA includes an in-depth physical examination where the doctor not only feels your spine for irregularities, but also focuses closer with x-rays.

The team at Arrowhead Clinic understands that each patient is different. Your treatment plan is personalized for your age, weight, health history, and current mobility. Your treatment plan's overarching goals include the restoration of movement, pain relief, and an improvement for your long-term healing process.

If our alignment treatment methods are active, you will most likely hear a cracking, snapping, or popping sound in your back. Typically, patients are administered medication to help them cope with the pain. However, our team at Arrowhead Clinic focuses on addressing your symptoms without harmful drugs. You might feel a little sore, but our techniques are focused on improving your condition and returning your movement.


When is the right time to seek Chiropractic treatment or help?

The timeline for medical care after a car accident depends on your role in the situation, but you should seek medical treatment immediately. For people who do not have severe injuries, such as broken bones or internal bleeding, you should then reach out for car accident help in Atlanta, GA. Medical help after an auto accident in Atlanta

You may not experience any pain immediately after the accident. However, you may but feel it later, you should call a Chiropractic care professional as quickly as possible. Sometimes injuries or illnesses can arise up to two weeks after the actual accident. It is never too late to contact the team at Arrowhead Clinic.

We welcome you to contact our office if you are noticing any of the following symptoms:

  • Herniated disc
  • Back or neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Soreness in any parts of the body
  • Stiffness in any parts of the body
  • Knee pain


What are the long-term benefits of receiving Chiropractic help after a car accident?

When you seek out a quality car accident Chiropractor in Atlanta, GA, you are making a long-term investment in your body for the future. 

It may be a painful sacrifice to go through your personalized plan, but your body will be grateful for you when you are older.

There are many benefits of seeing a chiropractor after a car accident, including the following:

  1. Identification of non-obvious injuries – your body could be experiencing internal damage even though you do not feel it.  A skilled Chiropractor could investigate this for you.
  2. Limits pain throughout the rest of the body – our dedicated Chiropractors give you exercises that will not only fix your specific illness, but will lay a foundation for an overall pain-free body.
  3. Improving your chances of fulfilling a successful claim – our organized Chiropractors document your injuries in detail so we can convey the necessary information to your lawyer.
  4. Non-invasive treatment methods – you do not need to fear invasive surgeries. We will customize an exercise plan that helps you gain back your mobility.
  5. Return your range of motion – car accidents can potentially limit you when performing everyday tasks.  Let our dedicated team provide you with the necessary actions to get you back to 100%.
  6. Reduces inflammation – our solutions help limit internal inflammation. This can prevent you from experiencing complicated issues from your accident, such as stress and diet problems.
  7. Pain-relief without drug methods – Arrowhead Clinic's Chiropractic treatment plans will improve your health the natural way.
  8. Prevent long-term pain – our #1 goal is to help you live a pain-free life, so we give you a foundation of exercises that will enable you to perform daily functions for a very long time.


What makes Arrowhead Clinic’s help after a car accident more effective than the competition?

Arrowhead Clinic will welcome you with open arms immediately following a car accident.

Our same-day appointment options are designed to fit into your important, busy schedule. We want to get you back to full health without interfering with your other life responsibilities.

Our team is responsive to your emergencies and questions.  We also treat you as an essential individual. We take the time to learn about you and your situation before prescribing anything. We recognize that every accident, condition, and body is different. We personalize your treatment plan while utilizing our tried and true system of exercises to return you to full health.

The hard-working team at Arrowhead Clinic includes highly trained experts that have experience in treating severe injuries like whiplash. When it comes to documenting your treatment and injuries, we have excellent systems to make sure we organize and present this to you.

We also partner with your attorney to ensure that they receive all necessary information. Get the help you deserve after an auto accident in Atlanta, Ga.

Our chiropractic clinic in Atlanta is even open on Saturdays to better serve you! Call (770) 961-7246 now to book your free consultation today.

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