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Experiencing knee pain is quite common. Among Americans, about 25% of adults have knee pain that impairs their quality of life. If you have knee pain that limits your mobility or function, you’re not alone in your battle. Most commonly, osteoarthritis is the culprit. However, there are certainly other causes. 

Although it’s common for athletes and people who are into individual sports to get joint pain in the knee, it is not exclusive to them.Newnan Chiropractor for knee pain relief

In the United States, knee pain is one of the most frequent causes of disability in relation to the joints. The good news is that chiropractors are professionals who are qualified to assist and treat most causes of knee pain. 

If you’re on the hunt for sensible and natural knee pain relief our chiropractor Dr. Autera in Newnan, GA can help.

Here are the most common culprits of knee pain and how a chiropractor can help you beat the pain. Here are some of the most common causes of knee pain and how chiropractic treatment can help. 

Knee Pain as a Result of a Car Accident

Unfortunately, pain is a common occurrence after an auto accident. The blunt force impact that occurs during a traffic collision can play all sorts of havoc on the human body. There is no portion of the body that cannot be effected by such a traumatic accident. Your knees are just as susceptible to injury as any other part of you. Your knees are crucial when it comes to walking. If your knees are not working properly, you won't be walking properly. If you are in pain from an auto accident, it is crucial that you see a health care professional as soon as possible. 

Provided you are not in an immediate life threatening condition, a chiropractic care professional is a great resource for overcoming your pain. An experienced chiropractor, like those at Arrowhead Clinic Newnan, have a plethora of tools for diagnosing your specific condition. These range from hands on examinations to x-rays. An accurate diagnosis will help your chiropractor develop your optimum recovery treatment plan. 

If you are experiencing pain as a result of a car accident, contact us. The chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic Newnan specialize in these types of accidents. Call and schedule a free consultation with our skilled chiropractors today!


When it comes to arthritis, it’s essential to know what you’re dealing with. There are many types of arthritis, but two of the most common types are Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA). 

OA is the most common type of arthritis, and it’s a condition that is progressive. This means that the cartilage in the knee joint is affected in a way that causes it to decrease gradually over time. OA commonly affects people in mid-life and later years.

When it comes to chiropractic help for knee pain, it’s important to delineate whether you have RA or OA. This is so important because RA is an autoimmune disease and inflammatory condition. You can get arthritis after an injury to the knee, such as a fracture, ligament injury, or from a torn meniscus. 

Your knee pain from arthritis may come on slowly, with the pain increasing over time. You might notice that an increase in activity results in more pain. Perhaps you are having pain when doing things you usually do like walking, climbing stairs, or other day to day activities. 

You may also notice tenderness and swelling, your knees making popping noises, or locking up and buckling. These are all signs that you may have arthritis in the knee causing your joint pain. 


What Can Be Done

Fortunately, a knee pain chiropractor can help tremendously with the pain you’re experiencing as a result of the arthritis in your knee. Chiropractic treatment for knee pain involves thoroughly assessing the knee joint and surrounding structures. A thorough exam will help identify the source of the pain so that all areas can have proper treatment.  

It’s not uncommon for chiropractors to assess pain that's referred to the knee from another area, such as the pelvis, hip, or lower back. Allowing treatment of all regions can help you get back to living life with more function and mobility. 

There are options to help get you out of pain and back to everyday life if you need knee pain treatment. A knee pain chiropractor in Newnan, Ga, is just the place to start!


Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Unfortunately, for athletes and those who stay more physically active, a cruciate ligament injury can put a wrench in your lifestyle. This common injury can also happen to people who aren’t as busy, and the damage can cause devastating pain and loss of function or mobility. 


What Can Be Done

Knee pain chiropractic treatment can assist with this type of injury which causes pain due to the ligaments becoming torn or stretched. Chiropractic knee pain treatments can help the nervous system function optimally, which controls how well your body heals. 

For example, a chiropractic knee adjustment may help you restore function and motion in the knee joint that is causing you pain. Depending on the severity of your injury, the adaptation to the joint may help your injury recover and heal faster. 



Tendonitis in the knee occurs from the overuse or misuse of the tendons that connect your muscle to your bones. As a result, the area becomes inflamed, with pain and swelling as likely symptoms. You may have heard of the runner’s knee or jumper’s knee, which are common names for experiencing tendonitis in the knee. 

Tendonitis often requires rest and sometimes physical therapy. However, a holistic approach is often sought out, including chiropractic knee treatment. This is because chiropractic treatment tends to allow the body to completely heal, minimizing the risk of re-injuring the same area. 


What Can Be Done

It’s common for tendonitis to recur in people, even with care and treatment of the injury. The damage needs to have the proper time or instruction to heal. Putting it back into use fully can stress the tendons once again, adding to the pain and overall healing time. 

A knee pain treatment plan for tendonitis will include a natural and effective plan tailored to your unique needs after confirmation and diagnosis. 



In your knee, you have small, fluid-filled sacs that keep your muscles, tendons, and bones cushioned near your joints. When those bursae become inflamed, you get bursitis. Bursitis often comes on the heels of repetitive or frequent motion. Although proper treatment can help ease bursitis, it’s usually a condition with recurrent flare-ups. 


What Can Be Done

A chiropractic knee treatment includes treating misalignment and issues with tightness to ensure proper healing and rest of the joint. The therapy can help you manage pain and reduce swelling while you get your knee back to the right place again. 


Treating Knee Pain Chiropractic Care in Newnan, Georgia

Living with and dealing with knee pain can be excruciating. If you don’t get the proper treatment and relief, it’s easy to risk further injury. With proper adjustment and healing time, most causes of knee pain can be reduced and managed to help you lead a healthy life with increased mobility and function.

There’s no reason to live in pain anymore.

Get started with your chiropractic knee pain relief journey with Arrowhead Clinic today.

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