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Car Accident Injury Doctor Albany, GA

 If you were involved in a Car Accident in Albany, Georgia you will need to contact an experienced accident doctor for treatment and relief. 

Albany Car Accident Chiropractor | Dr. Chantelle Williams DC

Without proper care after a car accident, injuries can last much longer. Acting quickly is your best chance at a quick and optimal recovery. 

Arrowhead Clinic's Doctor's have been helping the injured with their treatment and recovery for over 40 years. 

Our experienced doctors are highly trained and committed to finding the underlying source of your pain and injury condition, and providing you with the best care for your recovery. 

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Car Accident Injuries Caused By Sudden Force 

Many people are involved in a car accident suffer from a Whiplash Injury. 

Whiplash injuries are typically the result of a sudden force that occurs during a car crash. When the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck become forcibly contracted, a whiplash injury is likely to occur. 

Unfortunately, whiplash injuries often occur even during minor car accident. 

Whiplash injuries often do not present pain symptoms for hours or days after the accident, which makes them easily missed by accident victims. 

Many people will misjudge their injuries, and think they are fine or only a little sore, only to find out they are in excruciating pain days later. 

This is just one reason why it's always important to seek the help of an experienced Doctor as soon after the accident as possible. 

Beware of Signing a Release of Liability After a Car Accident 

A release of liability is basically a statement that the other insurance company will want you to sign which states you are giving up your right to any compensation aside from the amount they agree to give you. 

While the amount may seem far up-front, it may not even cover all of your medical expenses let alone pain and suffering. 

It's always best to seek legal counsel if you believe you're entitled to compensation after a car accident. 

Our chiropractic clinics will always provide you with an attorney referral if that is the route you choose to go.

We work with many attorneys in the greater Albany area on a medical lien basis.

This means the attorney agrees to sign a lien with our office stating that your medical bills will be paid once you receive a settlement from the insurance company. 

Steps to Take Immediately after a Car Accident in Albany, Georgia

  1. Stay calm and check for Injuries.
  2. Don’t leave the scene of the Accident.
  3. Call the Police.
  4. Exchange Information.
  5. Take Pictures.
  6. Don’t sign any documents, other than police documents.
  7. Write down information about the Auto Accident.
  8. Do not talk about the accident.
  9. Do not apologize, whether the accident was your fault or not.
  10. Don’t give anyone your social security number.
  11. Inform Your Insurance Company.
  12. Keep Track of Your Medical Treatment.
  13. Use Caution in Discussing the Incident.
  14. Be Careful of Early Settlement Offers.
  15. Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney.

What to Expect When During your First Chiropractic Visit

Car Accident Chiropractor exam in Albany, Georgia

During your first chiropractic visit, our doctors will complete a thorough exam that will include: 

  • X-Rays
  • Neurological Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Palpation and Joint Range of Motion Tests

Once you have been properly diagnosed, the doctor will come up with a specialized treatment plan that is tailored to your injuries and recovery needs. 

Your doctor will manipulate the spine to alignment with pressure, depending on the nature and location of your Personal Injury. You may also be a candidate for electrical stimulation therapy to ease muscle soreness.

Healing is a process that takes several weeks or months. With consistent chiropractic treatments, the soft tissue structures around the spine have a possibility of returning to normal, healthy function.

Contact Our Experienced Car Accident Injury Doctors in Albany, Georgia 

If you are suffering from a Car Accident Injury, you should contact an experienced doctor to help with your recovery. 

Our experienced Albany Accident Injury Doctors are dedicated to helping car accident victims make a full and complete recovery.

We will provide you with a free consultation so we can speak with you and find out how we can best assists with the treatment that you need. 

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