Understanding Whiplash Symptoms and Pain Relief Treatment

Are you currently suffering from Whiplash Injury and looking for relief?

Our experienced chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic are licensed and certified doctors who specialize in alleviating pain throughout the body with gentle, noninvasive chiropractic techniques.

We have several clinic locations throughout the states of Georgia and South Carolina. 

Our doctors will evaluate your spine as a whole because other regions may be affected as well.

Our doctors may advise you on nutritional changes, stress management, posture and sleeping positions, and lifestyle goals in addition to treating your pain in office.

Before deciding which approach to try for your neck pain, we will conduct a thorough examination to diagnose the specific cause of your pain.

We will determine what areas are restricting movement, and will look at how you walk as well as your overall posture and spinal alignment.

Doing these things can help us understand your body’s mechanics and range of motion.

In addition to the physical exam, we’ll also go through your past medical history, and we may order imaging tests, like an x-ray or MRI, to help us diagnose the exact cause of your pain.

All these steps will help us create a treatment plan customized for you.

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Why Do Chiropractors Use X-rays?

A chiropractor will utilize x-rays to get a better look at a patient's injuries and condition. 

X-rays determine the frequency and intensity of care needed for the patient to make a full recovery. 

At closer examination of the x-ray scans, your doctor will be able to pinpoint the exact location of spinal subluxation as well as any bone spurs, fractures, or cancerous spots that could become worse during an adjustment.


Common Whiplash Symptoms


Common symptoms of whiplash injury can vary widely based on the person involved in the crash, but the most common effects we see at our Chiropractic Clinic may include:

  • Tightness and Spasm in the Neck and Upper Back
  • Localized Neck Pain
  • Pain in Upper Back
  • Burning and Tingling Sensations in the Neck and going down the arms into the fingers
  • Dizziness, Headaches, and Migraines.
  • Shoulder Pain
  • TMJ and Jaw Pain

Treatments for Whiplash Injuries

man injured in an auto accident dealing with whiplash

  • Teaching Proper Posture: the most powerful concept is an appropriate alignment of your spine. By keeping your head, neck, upper body and lower back aligned during movement and at rest, relieves stress on the neck.
  • Chiropractic Adjustments: this is necessary to realign bones of the spine and restore structural integrity to the ligaments, muscle, and joints.
  • Muscle Relaxation and Electrical Stimulation: which entails gentle finger pressure on specific sensory trigger points and electrical based stimulation to help with pain and improve muscle function.
  •  Therapeutic Neck Stretches and Exercises: to improve muscle strength and range of motion our chiropractor will show you exercises and stretches to practice at home to improve your chances of a quick recovery.

Here you can learn why you should never let your whiplash symptoms untreated.

Questions About Chiropractic Care For Whiplash Injuries

How Safe is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic adjustments may include a bit of worrying in potential patients because of the loud cracking noises made during the adjustment.

However, there is no need to worry.

As long as you are getting treatments from a licensed and trained chiropractor, like all of the doctors at Arrowhead Clinic, your body is in good hands.

Does Chiropractic Care Work?


Chiropractic care is recognized as one of the longest lasting treatments for neck pain caused by whiplash injury.

A majority of patients can see and feel results after their first appointment. However, pain will linger until the end of the treatment plan.

When should you seek Chiropractic Care?

Immediately following a car accident or other personal injury accident. If you have not been involved in an accident, then seek medical attention as soon as you start experiencing even the slightest pain.Whiplash Injury Chiropractor

Your recent incident could still be the cause of your neck pain − even if symptoms of whiplash did not immediately surface following the accident.

If you need a chiropractor and you are located in Georgia and South Carolina, Arrowhead Clinic is the medical office for you.

Our chiropractic doctors have years of experience treating patients whiplash injuries caused by car accidents, contact sports or other activities. 

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