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Back Pain Chiropractor Gainesville, GA

Are you suffering from Back Pain in Gainesville, Georgia?

If you are hurt and need treatment to relieve your back pain, our Chiropractic Doctors may be able to help with your recovery.

Arrowhead Clinic in Gainesville has a team of Chiropractors who provide Spinal Care and Wellness Solutions for the following Back Pain conditions:

Back Pain Doctor in Gainesville, Georgia

  1. Arthritis
  2. Scoliosis 
  3. Bulging Disc
  4. Sciatica
  5. Pinched Nerves 
  6. Hip Pain
  7. Degenerative Disc Disease 
  8. Muscle Spasms

Our Back Pain Injury Clinic in Gainesville has a staff of Chiropractors who will find and remove spinal misalignments and ease the muscle tension around your injury; this will allow proper communication to transfer between the brain and body, restoring function to the nervous system. 

Many of our patients from Gainesville experience reduced pain and have avoided surgery after the mechanical interference in the spine has been resolved. 

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Chiropractic Care

Typical Causes of Back Pain

1. Car Accidents

Auto accidents can cause a significant amount of harm to a persons body. The blunt force impact can cause a significant amount of trauma to almost any part of you. However, a traffic collision can be especially devastating to a persons back. Your back is literally the backbone of your body it offers essential support to your entire frame. It also protects your spinal cord. There is a wide variety of ailments that can effect it. The impact can throw your back out of alignment, which can alter everything about your body. You can slip a disk which can potentially compress upon your spinal cord. The list goes on and on. That is why it is so critical to see an experienced health care provider following a traffic incident. 

Provided you are not in any immediate life threatening danger, a chiropractic care professional is a great resource for overcoming your pain. An experienced chiropractor, like those at Arrowhead Clinic, have a plethora of tools for diagnosing your specific condition. These range from hands on examinations to x-rays. An accurate diagnosis will help your chiropractor develop your optimum recovery treatment plan. 

If you are experiencing pain as a result of a car accident, contact us. The chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic specialize in these types of accidents. Call and schedule a free consultation with our skilled chiropractors today!

2. Slip and Fall Injuries 

If you are suffering from an injury that was caused by trauma, you could also have a misalignment in your spine. When an accident occurs, it causes the spine to become misaligned, which will distort the natural structure and irritate the nerves, ligaments, bones, and discs causing severe Low Back Pain or Muscle Tension.

Gainesville Back Pain Chiropractors

No matter how minor the accident, nerve damage can still cause a misalignment either instantaneously or over a period.

Our Gainesville Back Pain Chiropractors will perform a complete spinal examination to ensure the spine is free from misalignments. They will also provide natural therapy methods to help alleviate your back pain.

2. Work Injury or Sports Injury 

A repetitive stress or overuse injury can occur on-the-job or while playing sports. When either occurs, the spinal nerves can become impeded.  When this happens, it negatively affects your range of motion, reflexes, strength, endurance, and, performance.

With the help of an experienced Chiropractor, your body can be restored to its normal function and get you back to your best at work and play. 

Chiropractic Treatments To Alleviate Back Pain

  • Chiropractic Adjustments: Manual manipulation helps to relieve back pain by taking the unwanted pressure off the sensitive neurological tissue. It will also help restore blood flow, increase a range of motion, reduce muscle tension, and create a series of chemical reactions in the body that will act as a natural painkiller. When this treatment is coupled with adequate hydration, the body will quickly begin the healing process. 
  • Pelvic Stabilization Drills:  If a patient has a leg length deficiency, flat feet or subtalar instability, our Gainesville Chiropractors in may prescribe a small heel lift for the shoe to help the short leg stabilize the pelvis and correct the walking gait. By changing the pattern of the walking motion to be more anatomically friendly, your body will react by eliminating its tension holding patterns and your Back Pain may be reduced dramatically.
  • Traction and Decompression: A traction massage is when the 
    The patient is lying face up on a system of rollers move around the back, rubbing and stretching the muscles that are causing the Back Pain. Our Chiropractors may use other traction devices to stretch the spine and decompress the discs. These therapies work well for patients suffering from Degenerative Dis Disease, Sciatica, Bulging Discs, or Herniated Discs.
Back Pain Injury Clinic in Gainesville
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy: Many patients benefit from this therapy when they are experiencing cramping or muscle spasms. Electrodes are set on the skin, and they send light electrical pulses to different locations of the body with the intention of reducing inflammation in the muscle or joint. This therapy helps settle muscle spasms and relieve symptoms of Back Pain.
  • Ergonomics Training:  During your Back Pain treatment, your chiropractor may recommend some modifications at your place of work or a change in the way you are sleeping. 

How Our Gainesville Chiropractors Help With Back Pain 

There are excessive amounts of demands placed on the spine each day. The spine holds your head, shoulders, and upper body providing support to stand straight, twist and bend while protecting the spinal cord. 

Every vertebra in the spine articulates or joins with other joints around it, to form a movable joint. Cartilage lines the joints and forms the disc, which is made of cartilage that acts as a shock absorber for the spine.

Cartilage has no primary blood supply, so its nutrients have to be absorbed and toxins discharged through a process called “imbibition.” If the joint is misaligned and not moving correctly, the cartilage and your spinal discs go through a slow process of decay.

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If you are suffering from Back Pain in Gainesville, you will need to contact our expert Chiropractors to help with your recovery. 

If you have been injured and are suffering from Back Pain, do not hesitate to contact our Gainesville office today! 

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