Get the Help You Need After a Car Accident

Car accidents are scary. Even the tiniest fender bender can leave you jumpy and out of sorts all day, which is entirely understandable because car accidents come out of nowhere.

Even if you are lucky enough to walk away and continue with your day like normal, your car will have to go to the shop, and your body will most likely be sore.

Auto accidents are complete disruptions that slow down your day.  They are entirely inconvenient, but Arrowhead Clinic makes it easier to get the treatment you need for your car accident injuries. 

Arrowhead Clinic has several locations, see which one is closest to you.

We even accept walk-ins so you can get treatment on the same day of your car wreck. 

Keep reading to make sure you know what to do to keep yourself protected in the event of a car accident. Follow the steps and tips below, so you and your vehicle are covered for repairs with no cost to you. 

Help after a Car Wreck

What to Do After a Car Accident:

  • Stay calm and check for Injuries. If you are okay, check on everyone else involved in the accident. 
  • Call the Police to file a report. Be sure to get the officer's name and badge number for any future questions. 
  • Exchange Information like full name, contact information, insurance name and policy number, license plate and driver's license number, car information, and location of the accident along with weather conditions at the time of the collision. 
  • Gather information from witnesses such as name and phone number. You can also get written statements from them about what they saw while it is fresh in their head. 
  • Take Pictures of the accident. You want to show the collision, the damages, the weather, improper signs if applicable, injuries, anything that can be helpful to an insurance company or your attorney. 
  • Inform your Insurance Company that you were involved in an accident. 
  • Use Caution in Discussing the Accident. People involved in the accident especially insurance companies are going to want to twist your words to lower your settlement and make your injuries seem insignificant. 
  • Keep Track of Your Medical Treatment. Write down which doctor you saw when and what they advised for your treatment. 
  • Be Careful of Early Settlement Offers. You need to wait until all treatment is finished before you accept any type of settlement.
  • Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney.

Car Accident Medical Treatment

Important Tips Following a Car Accident:

  • Don’t sign any documents, other than police documents.
  • Write down information about the accident
  • If someone other than the owner of the vehicle is driving the other car, write down the relationship
  • Don’t leave the scene of the crash
  • Limit the discussion about the accident
  • Don’t state that it was your fault, even if it was
  • Don’t give anyone your social security numberGetting help after auto accident

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Have an experienced  Car Accident Attorney review your claim, free of charge.  An experienced Car Accident Attorney can help you file your claim and recover losses from a Car Accident.  Your personal injury lawyer can reduce the amount of paperwork and hassle after the accident. 

Having an attorney can make a difference between justly settling a case and having to owe money due to extensive damages. 

You should hire a Personal Injury Attorney for Help After A Car Accident that involves physical injury, wrongful death, fatality, or significant damage.

A Car Accident attorney can help you receive compensation to cover losses from the accident. 

Compensation may include medical expenses, medical care, lost wages, and car repairs. 

When choosing an attorney, check for their experience, skill level, location, fee structure, and commitment. 

Also, the lawyer may consider accepting the case on a contingency or “no win no fee” basis.  Hire an attorney right away to avoid mistakes and complications. 

If you are unsure of where to begin come to Arrowhead Clinic for treatment, we have a list of trusted attorneys we can refer you to if needed.

We strive to help you in all ways, so your worse day is handled with care in every aspect in efforts to make your recovery a pleasant experience.

We offer a free consultation so that you can begin the healing process as soon as possible.  Getting in to see your medical professional will also help when you file your personal injury claim.  Insurance companies look for gaps in medical treatments to help devalue your settlement.  Our Car Accident Doctors can start your treatment and refer you to a personal injury lawyer that can help with your personal injury case.

Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

Seek medical attention and ice the painful areas to ease the pain between treatment. 

Seek chiropractic care and get an evaluation from a Chiropractor as soon as possible.

A Chiropractor can treat many car accident injuries such as whiplash, back injuries, neck injuries, soft tissue injuries, and they can loosen stiff muscles from the accident.

The Chiropractor will determine the damage and recommend treatment.  It is essential to follow the treatment plan that is created for you. Click the link below to get Help After A Car Accident.Car Accident Treatment

Tips for Accident Preparation

Remember that old saying "It's better safe than sorry," well if that is your thinking then you will want to be prepared for a car accident.

Being prepared for unpredictable circumstance can save you in the long. To do this you will need a number of things in your vehicle at all times:

  • Keep essential documents in your car at all times. Documents include your ID, vehicle registration, health information, insurance card, and contact information. 
  • Make sure your phone is charged you never know when it will be needed for an emergency and not just to chat with your friends. 
  • Don't leave loose items on the seats so they do not fly around in the car during an accident. 
  • Pack a safety kit with a fire extinguisher, jumper cables, flashlight, blankets, medication, first aid kit, flat tire kit, and pen and paper.

You can add more to this kit for longer road trips or if you have more room in your car, but this is a good start to being prepared for unpredictable circumstances. Car Accident Safety Tips

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