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Back Pain Doctor Baconton, GA


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Back Pain Doctor Baconton, GA

Do you have Back Pain? Are you looking for back pain treatment and relief? The experienced doctors at Arrowhead Clinic can help you. 

Our Back Pain Doctors have years of experience diagnosing and treating back pain conditions and injuries. We are committed to finding the cause of each patients pain condition so that we can provide them with the treatment they need to return to their normal lifestyles. 

Back pain is not something that should be ignored. Prolonging treatment can lead to worse pain symptoms that take more extensive treatment in order to fully heal. 

As soon as your pain begins, contact an experienced doctor for help. 

At Arrowhead Clinic, our Back Pain Doctors provide a free consultation, click here to schedule your appointment today. 

Free Back Pain Consultation

Back Pain Conditions that Require Chiropractic Care 

If you are suffering from any of the following back pain conditions, our experienced doctors can help with your treatment and pain relief: 

  1. Hip Pain
  2. Muscle Spasms
  3. Bulging Disc
  4. Scoliosis 
  5. Arthritis 
  6. Sciatica
  7. Degenerative Disc Disease 
  8. Pinched Nerves
  9. Low Back Pain 

Our doctors specialize in treating spinal misalignments and soft tissue injuries. It is our doctor's goal to help restore normal function to the nervous system by performing spinal manipulations that are designed to realign the spine. 

If you're in pain, do not put off treatment, let our experienced doctors help you. 

Back Pain Relief in Baconton, GA

Back Pain as a Result of an Auto Accident

The back is often an unsung hero of the human anatomy. It offers support, it gives a frame for a number of different body systems, and it provides pivotal protection for the spinal cord. That is why it is so debilitating when the back is injured due to a blunt force trauma following an auto accident. If the back is pushed out of alignment it can play havoc on the rest of the body. That is why it is so important to see a health care provider following an auto accident. 

Provided you are not in any immediate life threatening danger, a chiropractic care professional is a great resource for overcoming your pain. An experienced doctor, like those at Arrowhead Clinic Baconton, have a plethora of tools for diagnosing your specific condition. These range from hands on examinations to x-rays. An accurate diagnosis will help your doctor develop your optimum recovery treatment plan. 

If you are experiencing pain as a result of a car accident, contact us. The doctor at Arrowhead Clinic Baconton specialize in these types of accidents. Call and schedule a free consultation with our skilled doctor today.

Other Causes of Back Pain

Back Pain can occur for many different reasons. Knowing the cause of your back pain can help when it comes to diagnosing and treating your pain. 

On the other hand, sometimes patients come in with pain that has developed over time.  Our doctors will still try to gain as much information to be able to find the cause of their pain. 

For example, back pain is common among people with bad posture; however, many people who have bad posture are not aware that they do. Another example would be bad sleeping habits. Many people do not realize the impact the way they sleep can have on their body. 

Seeing a doctor to help determine the cause of your pain is essential if you want to eliminate your pain for good. 

How Our Back Pain Doctors Can Help You 

Chiropractic doctors are experts when it comes to treating problems with the back. Once you have received an examination and x-rays, the doctor will be able to determine which treatment options will best suit your particular back pain condition. 

Every patient is given a unique treatment plan based on their needs. Not everyone's back pain is identical and often different treatment is necessary. Determining each patient's treatment needs is crucial for the success of their recovery. 

At Arrowhead Clinic,  our doctors may suggest any or a combination of the following treatments: 

Chiropractic Adjustments. Chiropractic Adjustments are the primary treatment method that our doctors use to realign the spine and take the pressure off of neurological tissue. These manual manipulations are meant to help reduce tension in the muscles, restore blood flow, and help to create beneficial chemical responses in the body.

Pelvic Stabilization Drills.  If a patient has a leg length deficiency, flat feet, or subtalar instability, it may negatively impact the pelvis and spine. Prescribing a heel lift may help to stabilize the pelvis and correct an improper walking gait which in turn can release any pressure or tension in the back. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy. This therapy is mainly used for those suffering from severe muscle spasms and cramping. 

Traction and Decompression. The type of therapy incorporates a system of massage rollers that are used on the spinal erectors to help stretch and massage the muscles that are causing your pain.

Ergonomics Training. It may be necessary for the doctors to recommend modifications to your sleeping habits or workstation if they believe this will help with your overall pain reduction and continued wellness. 

Contact Our Back Pain Doctors in Albany, Georgia 

If you are suffering from Back Pain in Baconton, GA, the doctors at Arrowhead Clinic can help you. 

When you come to our office, our doctor will: 

  • Provide you with a free consultation. 
  • Schedule same-day appointments. 
  • Work around your busy schedule. 
  • Answer all of your questions. 
  • Offer nutrition advice.

If you're in pain, do not wait any longer to seek the help of an experienced doctor. The sooner you seek treatment, the faster you can return to your normal daily life. 

Click here to schedule a free consultation with our Back Pain Doctors in Baconton, GA today. 

Free Back Pain Consultation

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