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Neck Pain Chiropractor Dawson, GA


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Neck Pain Chiropractor Dawson, GA

If you have Neck Pain, do not put off treatment, contact our experienced Chiropractors in Dawson, Ga for pain relief treatment and care. 

Our Chiropractors have over 30 years of experience helping those with neck pain return to their normal function and daily lives. 

Living with neck pain can be unbearable. Experiencing pain every time you move your head or try to look in another direction is no way to live your life. 

Let our chiropractors help you. We will provide you with a free consultation to find out how we can best assist with your treatment needs. Click here now to schedule your appointment with our Neck Pain Chiropractor Near Dawson, GA today. 

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Neck Pain as a Result of an Auto Accident

There are various types of neck pain, and they can all occur for different reasons. Probably one of the most common reasons someone suffers from neck pain is due to a whiplash injury.

Whiplash injuries can occur in any type of accident. Even someone who slips and falls can have their neck whipped back and forth causing them to suffer from a whiplash injury.

When a sudden trauma causes the ligaments and muscles in the neck and upper back to stretch beyond their normal range, a whiplash injury is likely to occur.  Chiropractic care is optimal treatment for whiplash that caused neck and back pain in patients.

Provided you are not in any immediate life threatening danger, a chiropractic care professional is a great resource for overcoming your pain. An experienced chiropractor, like those at Arrowhead Clinic Stone Mountain, have a plethora of tools for diagnosing your specific condition. These range from hands on examinations to x-rays. An accurate diagnosis will help your chiropractor develop your optimum recovery treatment plan. 

If you are experiencing pain as a result of a car accident, contact us. The chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic Stone Mountain specialize in these types of accidents. Call and schedule a free consultation with our skilled chiropractors today.

Other Causes of Neck Pain

Some other common causes of neck pain that our experienced chiropractors treat include:

  1. Poor Posture
  2. Improper Exercising
  3. Twisting or Bending Wrong 
  4. Working at a Computer All Day 
  5. Sleeping Incorrectly 

Some people who suffer from neck pain may not realize that their job or their poor posture is causing them to suffer from neck pain. It is the chiropractor's goal to help find the cause of your pain, so they can help you make the necessary adjustments to alleviate your pain for life. 

When to See a Neck Pain Chiropractor

  1. You cannot move your head from left to right. 
  2. Your pain is getting worse. 
  3. Your pain is worse in the morning. 
  4. You were involved in an accident. 
  5. Your neck pain is causing you to suffer from headaches. 
  6. Your pain is severe. 
  7. You are experiencing dizziness or nausea. 
  8. There is numbness and tingling in your arms and hands. 
  9. You need to take pain medications to alleviate your pain symptoms. 

Treatment for Neck Pain in Dawson, GA

How Can a Neck Pain Chiropractor Help Me? 

  1. Cervical Mobilization: The chiropractor uses a smooth, non-thrusting stretch to reduce fixations and adhesions of the muscle tissue or in other areas of restricted motion. The chiropractor will often use an oscillatory movement with their hands when they are performing cervical spine mobilization therapy. 
  2. Cervical Manual Traction: The chiropractor gently pulls on the neck to stretch the cervical spine. During this treatment, they will vary the angle between flexion and extension to help provide a decompressing effect on the spinal column. The goal is to take pressure off of pinched nerve roots. 
  3. Cervical "Drop" Techniques: The chiropractor will place their hands on the spinal segment that requires adjustment. Next, they will administer a medium to high-velocity thrust to reduce restricted motion in the injured area. 

Chiropractic Appointment 

Every potential patient who comes to Arrowhead Clinic will be given a free consultation with one of our experienced chirorpactor.  

Next, a physical exam will be administered to help the chiropractor diagnose the exact cause of your neck pain. During the exam the chiropractor will perform: 

  • Full Body Evaluation
  • Pain and Palpitation Testing
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Joint Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Neurological Testing
  • X-Rays 

Once the cause of your pain has been determined, the chiropractor will provide you with a specialized treatment plan that is tailored to your recovery needs. You will receive your first round of therapy and treatment before you leave the office. 

Schedule a Free Consultation with our Neck Pain Chiropractor Today

If you are suffering from Neck Pain, our Chiropractors Near Dawson, GA can help you. 

We have many years of experience diagnosing and treating patients with various neck pain problems. We are confident that we can give you the treatment that you need to recovery from you pain and injury symptoms. 

Do not put off chiropractic care when you begin to feel pain. Neck pain can become drastically worse when treatment is prolonged. 

Click here to schedule a free appointment with our expert Neck Pain Chiropractors Near Dawson, GA. 

Free Neck Pain Consultation

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