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Slip and Fall Doctor Brunswick, GA


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Slip and Fall Doctor Brunswick, GA

Slip and Fall Accidents are among the most common causes of injury in Brunswick, Georgia, and usually require the care of a Chiropractic Doctor. 

Pain from slip and fall injuries is not always apparent and immediate. It may take 24 hours or even days for your injuries to cause you any significant pain. If you are suffering from an injury due to a Slip and Fall Accident in Brunswick, you may need the help of an experienced Chiropractic Doctor to relieve your pain. 

Our doctors specialize in injuries caused by Slip and Fall Accidents and can refer you to an experienced slip and fall attorney if you believe your accident was caused by somebody else's negligence.

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Natural and Safe Treatment for Slip and Fall Injuries

The chiropractic doctors at our Brunswick office, have years of experience treating the victims of accident injuries. Our patients have suffered multiple kinds of injuries due to a slip and fall, and our experienced doctors have seen it all.  

Our Doctor from Brunswick focuses their care on problems with the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. Both of which are affected when your body undergoes an injury during a slip and fall. Our Chiropractic treatment is designed to help alleviate pain caused by common slip and fall injuries, including joints, strains, sprains, neck, and back pain.

We offer a Free Consultation to all new patients, this gives our doctors one-on-one time to conduct an in-depth evaluation. They listen to the circumstances surrounding your accident and determine how the trauma manifests as pain. Once we can fully understand the underlying cause of your pain and injury we can safely deliver natural and targeted treatment for your problems. 

Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Slip and Fall Accidents are one of the common reasons for an injury that our Brunswick office sees. They are a prevalent way to injure the neck, hips, and back in particular for the elderly. However, the elderly are not the only ones who suffer from Slip and Fall Accident Injuries.

Anyone can experience a Slip and Fall Accident in Brunswick 

The majority of slip and fall accidents occur on someone else's property or in a public area. These accidents are almost always caused by the negligence or recklessness of the property owner. 

If you are suffering from an injury because of a slip and fall accident, it should be your priority to obtain treatment to alleviate and prevent any further pain or injury. 

Some of the most common injuries caused by Slip and Fall Accidents include:

Back and Neck Injuries

If you are enduring pain in your neck or back due to a slip and fall injury, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention. You could be suffering from a broken bone or slipped disc.

Back and neck injuries can cause serious pain and become difficult to heal if left untreated. If you fail to obtain the necessary medical treatment, surgery may be needed. 

Head Injuries

When a slip and fall victim hits their head, it often results in traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries can be extremely severe and life-threatening. Regardless, if left untreated, victims may experience lifelong consequences.

Broken Hips

Most Slip and Fall Accidents that result in broken hip bones cause the need for hip replacement surgery and rehabilitation. The elderly population is the most vulnerable to breaking their hips during a slip and fall.  

If you are the victim of a Slip and Fall Accident in Brunswick and are suffering from a trauma that you obtained during the accident, you should seek treatment from a doctor immediately. Untreated injuries can become a daily source of pain and may impact your quality of life.

How to Prevent Slips and Falls

Unexpected trips and falls result from unintended or unexpected changes between the feet and the ground. Protecting your home, quality of walking services, choosing proper footwear, and the appropriate pace of walking is important for preventing slip and fall accidents. 

Practicing good housekeeping is the first way to keep yourself, your family, and guests safe from any accidental tumbles. Here are some critical tips to help protect yourself from injury:

  • Clean any spills immediately
  • Sweep and remove any fallen debris off the floors
  • Make sure all rugs, mats, or carpets are secured down
  • Don't leave file cabinets or doors open
  • Keep all walkways lit, replace used light bulbs and switches
  • Keep walkways free of clutter

Accident Injuries at Work

Many slips, trips, and falls also result from unsafe work conditions resulting in injuries, always keep your work environment safe to prevent any unwanted accidents.
While at your workplace take your time and make sure you pay attention to the type of surface you walk on, adjust your pace accordingly to the walking surface and the tasks you are performing, and try to make wide turns when coming around corners.   

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At Arrowhead Clinics our Chiropractic Doctors in Brunswick are trained to adjust and correct misalignments in the spine. 

This removes the unwanted tension that is causing you pain. When the interference is corrected, the body will be able to start its natural healing process. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from an injury after being involved in a slip and fall accident, contact our expert Chiropractic Doctors in Brunswick, Georgia for a free consultation.

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