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    When Should You See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident in Brunswick?

    An EMT will check up on you right away if you're involved in a car accident and sustain a serious or life-threatening injury. 


    Other car accident injuries might not need medical attention right away, and sometimes you might not feel injured.


    But that does not mean you should dismiss the car accident entirely.


    You should always seek medical care as soon as possible after a Car Accident, even if you do not believe you were injured.


    Despite a lack of visibly obvious symptoms, you should still see a doctor after the accident.



    In the article below, we will talk about common car accident injuries, how long you should wait to see a chiropractor after a car accident in Brunswick, GA.



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    Don't Wait Long

    See a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident, even if you aren't experiencing any pain.


    The main reason injuries don't manifest right away is because of the immediate adrenaline rush after an accident.


    Therefore, the rush of events can help increase our energy levels because of the incident.


    Waiting for your condition to get worse before seeing a doctor is not recommended. 


    Early treatment can prevent the worsening of your injury.


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    Car Accident Chiropractor in Brunswick, GA


    How Car Accidents Affect Medical Billing

    Most insurance policies require that the person insured should seek medical help within 14 days from the date of the accident.


    Your policy coverage may not cover your medical care if you wait too long to see a doctor. 


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    Whiplash is a common injury after being in a car accident.


    Whiplash symptoms include stiffness of the neck and upper back, itching or burning sensation on the neck, shoulders, and arms, and headaches.


    You should seek medical treatment to make sure that you are in the process of complete healing.


    Chiropractic treatment is an excellent treatment for whiplash and neck and back stiffness.


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    Concussions are very common in car accidents.


    Concussions can create temporary struggles with memory and general cognitive functioning.


    It can be difficult to concentrate and it can cause abnormal sleeping patterns.


    Concussions can lead to long-lasting problems involving movement, learning, and speaking. 


    If you think you've suffered a concussion, you need to contact a medical professional when this happens.


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    Flexibility and Range of Motion

    Soft tissue injuries can cause the tissues between the bones to stretch and tear, leading to nerve damage.


    You should see your chiropractor so they can set up a treatment plan to help restore your mobility.


    Your chiropractor will help alleviate pain and restore your range of motion.


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    Numbness and Weakness

    Feeling numb or weak after a car accident is typical, and it can be caused by herniated or bulging disc.


    Also known as a pinched nerve, this is usually followed by severe back pains. 


    Noninvasive treatments from your chiropractor, such as spinal manipulation, can help treat herniated discs.


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    Chiropractor treating a patient in Brunswick, Georgia


    Contact The Arrowhead Clinic of Brunswick

    Chiropractic care is one of the most effective ways to treat car accident injuries.


    Chiropractic adjustments work to correct misalignments of the spine to promote natural healing and wellness.


    Many car accident injuries will not be apparent right away.


    That's why you need to see your chiropractor as soon as possible to avoid any long-term pain and discomfort. 


    No matter how you feel after a car accident, you need to take care of your well-being and see a chiropractor.


    So how long should you wait to seek Chiropractic Care?


    Only as long as you have to.


    Seeing a chiropractor immediately after your car accident can prevent years of unnecessary pain and suffering, and it can help you win your injury claim.


    If you've recently been involved in a car accident, contact the Brunswick, GA Car Accident Chiropractor.


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