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Hip Pain Treatment Lithia Springs, GA

Are you one of the many residents in Lithia Springs experiencing hip pain and are in need of relief?Hip pain relief in Lithia Springs

"Hip pain is more common than you think and if left untreated may cause significant restraints on your life." 

Hip pain is one of the leading causes of people being unable to carry on with daily activities such as getting dressed tying shoes, bending over, and walking upstairs.

Our bodies rely a great deal on our muscles, joints, and ligaments to provide structure and mobility, if any of these become out of balance it can throw off the functionality of our hip and other major components of the body. 

What are the advantages of chiropractic adjustments for hip pain?

Our licensed chiropractors promote lasting health by improving spinal and joint function.

Regularly specified as "adjustments," these scientific manipulations are utilized for the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions

The most basic chiropractic technique involves manual therapy of the spine, joints, and soft tissues.

We may also educate you on nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle goals in addition to treating your hip pain. These components are important to incorporate into your treatment plan in order to ensure optimal recovery.  

Common Symptoms

Hip Pain as a Result of an Auto Accident

An auto accident can regrettably cause a tremendous amount of damage to your physical person. However, perhaps one of the most potentially debilitating injuries one can sustain from such an accident is to the hip. The hip is pivotal for a human being's ability to walk. If there is an injury to it, such as the hip begin pushed out of alignment, a person's ability to move can be greatly hindered. If the bursae in the hip are inflamed as a result of an accident, a person can develop bursitis. These are only a couple of the potentially painful injuries a person may receive. That is why it is so critical to visit a qualified health care professional. 

If you are not in any immediate life-threatening danger, a visit to your local chiropractor may help to relieve your pain. A qualified chiropractor, such as the ones at Arrowhead Clinic Lithia Springs, has a plethora of resources available to diagnose your condition. These range from hands-on examinations to x-rays. An accurate diagnosis can help your chiropractor form an effective treatment for dealing with your pain. If you have hip pain as a result of an auto accident, contact us. Call the chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic Lithia Springs for a free consultation today!

Common symptoms of Acute and Chronic Hip Pain:

We all sustain injuries from a variety of sources, some being traumatic such as a hip fracture due to thinning bones or loss of balance. While others are more nontraumatic such as inflammation due to arthritis either causing fluid to leak into the joint or irritation on the hip joints. When we sustain these injuries to the hip, typically other symptoms quickly follow:  

  • Lower back pain
  • Sore pain down legs
  • Herniated discs or bulging discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Irritated hip flexor
  • Severe pain after prolonged sitting
  • Repetitive movements causing strain in the hips

How chronic hip pain and inflammation is painful?

Hip pain may arise from structures that are within the hip joint or from structures surrounding the hip joint. There is a minimal amount of fluid inside the hip joint that allows the femoral head to glide in the socket of the acetabulum. An illness or injury to the hip joint will cause inflammation to this space causing it to fill with blood or fluid, stretching the hip capsule lining and resulting in pain. 

Sources of Pain

  • Cartilage lining the joint and sockets may wear away and tear. 
  • Irritation to tissues that surround the hip joint. (helps maintain stability, especially with movement)
  • Muscles surrounding the hip and their tendons that attach across the hip joint allow movement and joint mobility. There are large bursas (fluid-filled sacs) that encircle areas of the hip and allow the muscles and tendons to glide easily along bony protrusions. Any of these areas can become inflamed.
  • Pain can originate from other structures outside the hip joint causing irritation in the hip.
We are a Chiropractic Clinic in Lithia Springs that specializes in natural solutions to hip pain 

We have a team of chiropractors and doctors who are qualified to diagnose and treat numerous hip pain conditions. We are deeply committed to helping our patients recover as quickly as possible.

Our individualized approach and treatment plans help hip injury victims from experiencing recurrent injuries. We have a unique approach to wellness that helps our patients with their recovery. 

Typically treatment plans consist of:

  • Nutrition plan
  • Manual manipulations of the spine and other parts of the body
  • Hot and cold applications 
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Exercise therapy 
  • Hip stretches 
  • Rehabilitation

Hip Pain Relief

How Can Our Lithia Springs Clinic Naturally Provide Relief for Hip Pain?

Chiropractic is a health care profession and type of alternative medicine that balances the body's musculoskeletal and nervous systems. When you become a patient, you will be given a physical examination and asked questions pertaining to your past medical history.

We often require imaging tests, such as X-Ray or MRI, to help us identify the exact cause of your pain. If your Chiropractor determines you are an appropriate candidate for chiropractic therapy, he or she will create a specialized treatment plan. 

Why our Chiropractors in Lithia Springs offer the best Hip Pain Relief?

  1. Quick recovery and pain relief
  2. Proven treatment options, not experimental surgery
  3. Increased full body range of motion
  4. Lasting overall health improvement
  5. Cost-effective approach to treatment
Caution Hip Surgery

Many people that experience hip pain are quickly pushed towards risky surgeries and dangerous pain medications. Patients are often left with increased levels of pain, excessive medical bills, and a reliance on prescription medications.

Chiropractic techniques allow patients an outlet from having to take such extreme measures and expensive procedures. It is a risk-free option that is equally effective, costs less, and quickly delivers results.

Specialized hip pain treatment plans give patients a natural remedy to pain while avoiding the costs and risks associated with surgery and drugs.

Chiropractic Treatment

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Our trained chiropractors will improve your functionality and mobility to a healthy level.

Many patients come to our  Lithia Spring Clinic experiencing significant pain that deeply impacts their lives.

Our Chiropractors will carefully design a distinct treatment plan targeted to your pain levels and needs. Don't keep living in continuous pain.

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