Need A Chiropractor in Mableton, GA

Need a Chiropractor in Mableton, GA


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Need a Chiropractor in Mableton, GA

If you are suffering from an injury or pain condition in Mableton, GA, you may want to contact a local chiropractor for treatment and pain relief therapies. 

The experienced Chiropractic Doctors at Arrowhead Clinic have the training and ability to help the injured with their recovery. 

Our chiropractors have been treating Back and Neck Pain patients for over 30 years. It is our goal to find the source of each patients pain, so we can treat the cause and not just the symptoms. 

Our chiropractors are also highly experienced when it comes to treating accident victims. We make sure each patient is given a specialized treatment plan that is tailored to their unique recovery needs. 

If you were injured in an accident, or if you are suffering from a chronic pain condition, click below to schedule a free consultation with our expert Chiropractic Doctors today. 

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Pain as a Result of an Auto Accident

Unfortunately, pain is a common occurrence after an auto accident. The blunt force impact that occurs during a traffic collision can play all sorts of havoc on the human body. There is no portion of the body that cannot be effected by such a traumatic accident. You can develop whiplash in your neck. You can throw your hips out of alignment, which will hinder your ability to walk. You can even slip a disk and develop sciatica. The list goes on and on. That is why it is so crucial to see a health care professional after a car accident. 

Provided you are not in any immediate life threatening danger, a chiropractic care professional is a great resource for overcoming your pain. An experienced chiropractor, like those at Arrowhead Clinic Stone Mountain, have a plethora of tools for diagnosing your specific condition. These range from hands on examinations to x-rays. An accurate diagnosis will help your chiropractor develop your optimum recovery treatment plan. 

If you are experiencing pain as a result of a car accident, contact us. The chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic Stone Mountain specialize in these types of accidents. Call and schedule a free consultation with our skilled chiropractors today.


Our Mableton Chiropractors Treat a Multitude of Injuries and Pain Conditions

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Car Accident Injuries 
Pinched Nerves
Work Injuries 
Foot and Ankle Pain  
Numbness in Hands and Arms
Sports Injuries 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Painful Hip & Leg Joints
Disc Problems 


How We Can Help With Your Pain Relief Treatment 

When you have a chronic pain condition, finding an experienced chiropractor to help with your recovery is crucial. 

A chiropractors main goal is to help restore the body to its natural function, relieve pain symptoms, and improve mobility. 

At Arrowhead Clinic our Chiropractors are able to achieve these results by performing chiropractic adjustments and manipulations, pelvic stabilization drills, traction and decompression, and electrical muscle stimulation treatments. 

Not every patient will need every therapy that we have to offer. Each patient is different and comes to use presenting unique symptoms and needs. We take our time to thoroughly assess each patients background and current physical limits in order to best determine which therapies will help them the most. 


What to Expect During your First Visit to our Mableton Office

When you come to one of Arrowhead's Clinics, our chiropractors provide a free initial consultation to find out the details of your pain or injury condition. 

We will ask questions to determine the full extent of your current and past medical history so we know how to approach your recovery. 

Once the consultation is finished, if you decide to move forward, you will be given an in-depth physical examination. 

The exam will include comprehensive testing which includes, blood pressure, reflexes, pulse, respiration, and specific orthopedic x-ray and neurological testing. These tests will help the chiropractor assess your: 

  1. Muscle Strength
  2. Range of Motion
  3. Postural Stability 
  4. Neurological Integrity
  5. Muscle Tone

Need Chiropractic Care in Mableton, GA

Contact Arrowhead Clinic if you Need a Chiropractor in Mableton, Georgia 

If you are suffering from an injury or chronic pain condition in Mableton, GA, you should consider seeking the expert help of a Chiropractor. 

Our chiropractors provide every patient with an individualized treatment plan. We believe in tailoring treatment to each patient's specific pain condition and needs. 

If you are suffering from an injury or pain condition in Mableton, GA, click below to schedule your free consultation with our highly trained Chiropractors today. 

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