Car Accident Money Brunswick, GA

Car Accident Money Brunswick, GA


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Brunswick Ga's Car Accident Injury Recovery Clinic Gets You The Money You Deserve

Having an adjuster and the injured party (you) come to a fair agreement on the proper monetary compensation for your pain and suffering is the most challenging aspect of settlement negotiations after you were involved in a Brunswick, Georgia Car Accident.

At Arrowhead Clinic's Brunswick location, our job is to provide you the necessary Medical and Chiropractic Treatment to help get your body out of pain and put you in contact with Georgia's premier Personal Injury Attorney's who can help fight and win your case and get you financial recovery for your pain and suffering.  

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How to Get Money from Your Car Accident Injuries 

How Much Is My Brunswick Car Accident Worth?

Be Prepared: Arrowhead Clinic will provide your lawyer with the necessary documentation of your injuries and medical care you will be receiving at our clinic after your Car Accident but it is critical that you also have all your documents organized. Know what they are and how to get access to them quickly if they are requested.

Get the Necessary Paperwork: Obtain the Car Accident Report and statements from any eyewitnesses and the investigating officer. These details provide the necessary hard evidence for your case and your lawyer will greatly appreciate your additional legwork. The accident report will show who was at fault according to the police officer.  It will also tell you if anyone was issued a citation as a result of the officer’s conclusions. Keep in mind that the officer’s conclusions about who was at fault are in no way the final word but they can help later on. 

Understanding Compensation: Property Damages and Medical Expenses are easy to calculate if handled by the right Car Accident Clinic but determining the proper financial amount for your physical and emotional pain and suffering is always difficult. 

There is a challenge in determining how much you should receive for your pain and suffering because those intangibles are hard to quantify. The insurance company for the at-fault party will try to prove that your pain and suffering isn’t as bad as you claim and will contact you as soon as possible to ask you to settle for less before you are really feeling the physical effects of your Car Accident Injuries which can show up days and even weeks later.

Your Personal Injury Attorney will settle your case before court or argue your case in court and help you Get Money for your Car Accident in Brunswick. If the at-fault party was extremely careless in the Car Accident, you may even be able to claim punitive damages and recover a larger financial award.

Be Thorough: Explain in detail everything that happened from your perspective when we put you in contact with a Personal Injury Attorney. 

For example, speak of how your head slammed into the steering wheel, and then violently snapped back into your headrest and your neck hasn't felt the same since, or tell them how your body shifted to one side and hit the center console which caused bruising and low back pain. The more detail you give the more vivid imagery it gives to the adjuster hearing how severe your injuries were.

Below is more detailed information about how much money can you recover from a car accident:

Learn How to Calculate Pain and Suffering From An Automobile Accident in Georgia

The following calculation comes from

A common method for estimating damages is to multiply your expenses for medical bills and income lost by an arbitrary multiple between 2 and 4. 

For example, if you had a neck injury related to a car accident, your medical bills were $5,000, and you missed 2 weeks of work, which cost you $3,000, your expenses are $8,500.

Depending on the other factors in the case, the accident settlement value of your claim is somewhere between $17,700 (2 times cost) and $34,000 (4 times cost). Some factors that increase the multiplier are:

  • Whether there are any aggravating conditions in the accident, such as drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs
  • The severity and complexity of your injuries
  • The time of recovery
  • Whether the injury is permanent or just temporary

Getting Your Money After A Car Accident in Brunswick

The amount you recover in your Car Accident case will be a unique multiplier to determine the dollar figure depending on the facts of your case, the quality of your medical documentation and personal documentation, and how good your attorney is at getting compensation.

Car Accident Money Brunswick

Don't risk your health and money using another clinic, our Doctors and Chiropractors will help you recover physically and document the extent of your medical injuries and the relationships we have built for nearly 40 years with quality Personal Injury Attorney's in Georgia will help you Get Money From Your Car Accident in Brunswick, Ga. Click the link below to schedule your Free Consultation.

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