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    How Much Should I Expect From My Car Accident Settlement in Atlanta?

    The aftermath of a car accident in Atlanta can be hectic.

    You're likely dealing with medical bills, insurance payments, as well as handling emotional distress.

    There's never a good time to be in a car wreck, and no matter when they happen, they leave you with issues you aren't prepared to deal with.

    An Atlanta car accident chiropractor can help you recover after an accident. 

    If you've suffered an injury, a car accident settlement will reimburse you for the money that you’ve already paid out and the money you will likely pay in the future.

    It will also help you make up for lost wages, mental trauma, and the cost of replacing your car.

    In the article below, we will discuss how much to expect from a car accident settlement in Atlanta, GA.

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    What Should You Expect from Your Car Accident Settlement?

    After being involved in an accident in Atlanta, GA, your insurance company and the negligent driver's insurance company could be responsible for compensating you for damages.

    If you caused the accident and have collision coverage on your insurance policy, your insurance should help you pay to fix your car.

    If your car isn't worth the cost of repairs, your insurance will give you a lump sum of money based on its value.

    If another driver causes the accident, you can seek money for your damages with a personal injury claim.

    The first settlement offer your insurance company gives you will likely be much lower than your claim is worth.

    That's why you need to work with a personal injury lawyer who can tell you your case's value.

    There's no equation that will tell you exactly how much you should receive in your settlement, but there are a few factors that can give you an idea.

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    Factors Influencing the Value Of Your Car Accident Settlement

    There are several factors that will influence the value of your settlement, including:

    • The extent of the damage to your vehicle and the severity of your injury
    • Any pain or suffering you experience after the accident

    Your settlement should cover the cost of the damage to your vehicle and it should cover your medical bills.

    Your personal injury attorney will get a settlement that will also cover things like long-lasting injuries and lost wages.

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    Do Car Accident Settlements Cover Chiropractic Treatment?

    If a negligent driver caused your accident, your settlement can cover the costs of chiropractic treatments.

    Georgia considers all reasonable and necessary medical expenses arising from a car accident to be a form of economic damage.

    That means that as long as chiropractic care was deemed necessary, and for many injuries it is, it should be covered by your personal injury settlement.

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    If you have been in a car accident in Atlanta, the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention.

    To maximize your injury settlement amount, you need to see a chiropractor right away.

    A car accident chiropractor can diagnose, treat, and document your injuries so that you can be reimbursed for all of your treatments.

    Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta has over 40 years of experience helping car accident victims just like you receive the settlements they deserve, and they are ready to help you today.

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