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Why Does my Chiropractor Need an X-Ray?

When you arrive at a Chiropractic Clinic, one of the most important elements to chiropractic care is diagnostic testing. Chiropractic Doctors utilize a variety of diagnostic techniques to help them fully understand what is happening in each patient's musculoskeletal system. 

X-Ray Testing is one of the most heavily used on diagnostic techniques. X-ray machines provide the doctor with a much deeper understanding of the body’s internal layout.

As most people know, x-rays use radiation to provide an image of the dense tissue inside a person's body such as bones and teeth.

X-Ray machines are extremely useful in chiropractic practices, and we are going to discuss why. 

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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Nerve Pain

By now we all know at least a little bit about what a chiropractor is.

They're the doctors that make your back pop.

That's true, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Chiropractors practice a hands-on, drug-free approach to health care that includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Chiropractors can recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, along with nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

The most common and well-known procedures performed by chiropractors is spinal manipulation.

That's the procedure that makes your back pop.

A spinal manipulation increases or restores joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into the affected joints.

Chiropractors are known to treat back pain, but they can also help with conditions like neck pain, headaches, and joint pain.

If you're suffering from nerve pain, the chiropractor will be able to help you as well.

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7 Treatments for Low Back Pain That Don't Involve Pain Killers


If you're like one of the many, many people on this planet, you've experienced low back pain at some point in your life.

Only 20% of the world's population will NOT experience low back pain during their lifetime.

If you're one of those lucky few, skip this article. It's not for you. You've been blessed.

However, if you have experienced low back pain, or expect to, then keep reading.

Luckily, low back pain is short-lived and goes away as quickly as it came in.

Unfortunately, once you have it, it tends to come back.

Typically when you start experiencing the pain, you head into your family doctor, and they will prescribe you some pain pills to ease the pain.

However, moving forward, that may no longer be the case.

In the future when you visit your doctor for your low back pain, you may be surprised about what he prescribes you.

There are new international guidelines for low back pain management, and it is going to have a worldwide impact on your medical care.

Read on to find out more.

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Manual Chiropractic Adjustments and Therapy for Neck Pain - Does it help?

Neck pain can be extremely debilitating.

It can keep you from completing even the most routine tasks around the house.

Washing the dishes, cooking dinner, and playing with your kids can be unbearable.

If you suffer from neck pain, or if you ever have, I'm sure you were desperate for relief.

Our first reaction is to grab the painkillers. This provides temporary relief, but only treats the symptoms.

Then you go to your primary care doctor. They'll give you tips and advice, and then send you home with more painkillers.

Again, painkillers only treat symptoms. They don't do anything to address the underlying issue.

So what are we to do? Short of surgery and physical therapy, are there any options?

Or do we wait patiently for the pain to go away?

Luckily, there is another option.

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How Core Strength Helps Prevent Back Pain and 4 Exercises Your Can Do Right Now

Why Having Good Core Strength Might Reduce Your Back Pain 

This might sound like a crazy question, but have you ever considered that the pain you feel in your back might be related to the lack of strength in your stomach? 

Crazy, right?

Well, maybe not.

The truth is, having a stronger core benefits your body so much more than just giving you six-pack abs.  It just might be the solution to your back pain!

But how ?
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The 4 Keys To Preventing Low Back Pain For Runners

Preventing Low Back Pain While Running

Have you ever experienced a runner's high?

It is a fantastic feeling of euphoria that you feel once your body releases endorphins while running.

On top of that, you get all the benefits of running which include:

  • Staying in shape
  • Burning fat
  • Increased endurance
  • Boost in confidence
  • Stress relief

So what are the downsides? 

Other than lack of motivation, what is stopping anyone from gaining these wonderful benefits of running?

The most common answer is that running is harmful to your knees. This isn't a completely incorrect statement. 

In fact, there are experts that state that running can have a seriously negative impact on your knees, especially if your form is subpar.

There is even a medical term called "runner's knee." Runner's knee is when an individual is experiencing significant pain on or around the kneecap. Although, it can come from repetitive or high impact motions, not necessarily just running. 

However, there is one ailment that seems to be underrated within the running community.

Running can lead to Low Back Pain.

Let's discuss this further.

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Combat Back Pain At Work - Here Are 5 Easy Steps

If you're reading this, I'm willing to bet you're sitting in an office chair. 

There's also a good chance you've been sitting there for a decent amount of time.

Maybe even hours.

Are you comfortable?

Maybe at first, but I bet you aren't as the day goes by.

You're at least feeling some discomfort in your back if you're not having outright aches and pains.

Unfortunately, this is just the way it is. We go to work, sit in a chair for about 8 hours, and then we go home. Rinse and repeat.

What are we to do ?

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How to Bend Over Properly To Pick Things Up Without Hurting Your Back

How to Pick Something off the Floor without Hurting your Back 

Have you ever tried not to bend over, for just one day? It's harder than it sounds! You may think you don't do it often, but if you start to pay attention you'll realize that you probably drop something on the floor at least once per day and if you're around children, you're probably bending over very often. 

The problem is, most people do not pay attention to the way they are bending over, and if they are doing so frequently, they may not realize the problems they could be causing to their back. 

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Is Yoga The Magic Bullet For Back Pain?

Can Yoga Really END Your Back Pain?

I bet you've had back pain at some point in your life.

You might even be experiencing some back pain right now. In fact, 80% of the entire population will suffer from some form of back pain through their life.

Can yoga finally put an end to all of that pain ?

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How Do I Know If I Have Whiplash?

Signs of a Whiplash Injury 

Whiplash is a Neck Injury that most often occurs when there is a forceful or rapid back and forth motion of the neck, almost like the cracking of a whip.

Whiplash is a common injury that occurs during a motor vehicle accident, the backward and forward motion take the ligaments and muscles in the neck beyond their normal range of motion.

Whiplash injuries can range from mild to severe, however, it's always best to receive Chiropractic Treatment after an injury like this occurs to ensure that it does not worsen or linger. 

Although many injuries are often noticeable right away, especially after a car accident, Whiplash is one of those injuries that may take hours or days to present symptoms, making it difficult for the victim to know that it is there. 

However, there are some telltale signs of Whiplash that all accident victims should look out for to know if a Whiplash Injury has occurred.

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