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List of Symptoms Caused by Subluxation of the Thoracic Spine

The second section of this three-piece series has to do with the Thoracic Spine. 

The thoracic spine is made up of twelve vertebrae, known as T1 through T12. It is located between the cervical and lumbar levels, right in the middle of the spine.

These twelve vertebrae and nerves connect directly to 

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The Main Symptoms Caused by Subluxation of the Cervical Spine

Did you know that many pain, injury, and illness symptoms are caused by spinal injuries and subluxations?

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Should I Continue to Drive My Car After a Car Accident?

Can I Drive my Car after a Motor Vehicle Accident? 

Getting into a Car Accident can be a very stressful time for everyone involved. 

Even if no one is injured, one of the main concerns that many people have after a car wreck, is whether or not their vehicle is derivable or if a towering service will be needed. 

Unfortunately, this is a complicated question that cannot be answered simply, because the answer will depend upon the extent of the damages that the vehicle sustained. 

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How Does Chiropractic Care Actually Work?

A lot of people think they know what chiropractic care is, but they don't actually understand the reasoning behind the methods.

Yes, chiropractors help with neck, back and many other types of pain by realigning the spine.

But why is correct alignment of the spine essential?

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9 Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

If you were involved in a Car Accident, even if it was minor, failure to see a Chiropractic specialist could result in chronic conditions that take months or years to heal, costing you thousands of dollars in medical treatment. 

Many people who are injured in a minor accident do not even think to see a chiropractor. However, chiropractic care after a car accident is the best solution for most people because it does not involve drugs or surgery. 

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Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe? Are There Risks?

How Safe is Chiropractic Care? 

Chiropractic Treatment is recognized as one of the safest non-invasive, drug-free types of health care in the world. 

There have been numerous studies that have proven chiropractic care to be a successful primary therapy for neuromusculoskeletal conditions, back pain, neck pain, headaches, and joint pain just to name a few. 

Chiropractic care is also widely used as a complementary form of health care for numerous conditions and diseases and also to promote overall health. 

Naturally, like anything else, there are some small risks associated with

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10 Signs That You Should Go See a Chiropractor

There are many people who will wait to see a chiropractor until something terrible has happened or they can hardly bare the pain symptoms they are feeling. 

Many people only think to see a chiropractor when something has gone wrong instead of seeing one as a way to prevent something from going wrong in the first place. 

There are many benefits to be gained by going to see a chiropractor that can dramatically improve ones physical and emotional well-being.

Most people know it is time to see a chiropractor if they are experiencing back pain. However, there are other signs that should not be ignored. 

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If You Don't See a Chiropractor Now You'll Hate Yourself Later

Seeing a Chiropractor is something that many people fail to consider when they are injured.

Seeing an experienced Chiropractor can, however, have many health benefits that range from pain relief to a strengthened immune system. 

Waiting to seek medical treatment after you have suffered an injury is something that you should avoid. If you wait too long, you risk creating more health issues for yourself.

If your injury was due to an accident, it could also mean risking your legal rights. Here is an in-depth explanation of some of the reasons that you should not wait to see a chiropractor if you are in pain.

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Imagine Life Without Back Pain and Enjoying Every Minute of It

Are you suffering from Chronic Back Pain?

If you are experiencing pain, you may need help from an experienced Chiropractor.

Chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care. It can affect anyone for many different reasons, and it can happen at any point in one's life.

Back pain can limit normal daily activities, making small tasks such as tying a shoe, seem unbearable.

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How to Avoid Long Term Costs Of Medical Care After a Car Wreck

Don't Wait to See a Medical Professional After a Car Accident  

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make after being involved in an Auto Accident is to refuse medical treatment and an examination by a Doctor. 

Seeking immediate medical care and the quality of care that you receive, will both play a significant role on the value of your personal injury accident case.  

Failing to seek treatment can not only reduce the settlement amount that you receive, but it can also have serious long-term effects on your health. 

If you decide later that you

need medical attention, the majority of insurance companies will 

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