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If you searched for a "Chiropractor Near Me," you've came to the right place. We specialize in Car Accident Injuries, but can treat most types of pain and injuries.

Best Chiropractic Injury Clinic Near Me, Atlanta, Georgia,

With a lot of Chiropractic Clinics, and growing, we have a clinic near you!

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Our doctors and attorneys both provide a Free Consultation to victims who suffered injuries in a personal injury accident on their initial visit.

We have access to the best, lowest-cost,  Personal Injury Attorneys around. We recommend you see our Chiropractic Doctors first, before hiring an Attorney, so we can get all the proper documentation required to pursue a new case.

The Attorneys we refer will always come to you.

Call Arrowhead Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule your Free Consultation with one of our Experienced Chiropractors.

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Personal Injury Chiropractor

It was 1977 when founder Dr. Harry W. Brown, D.C., a native of Atlanta, opened his first Personal Injury Accident Chiropractic Facility in Savannah, Georgia.

Dr. Brown is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. His commitment and caring dedication to his patients was instantly recognized in the community.

A couple of years later, in 1979, he moved back to his home in Atlanta and opened a second clinic.

Through innovative marketing efforts, this facility quickly became the largest Chiropractic facility in Georgia. 

Today Arrowhead Clinic has an abundance of medical clinics in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

It is with the same caring attitude and dedication for people that led to the success of Arrowhead Clinics that you will find in each and every one of Dr. Harry W. Brown, D.C. offices today. 

Leading Causes of Personal Injury Accidents

Car Accidents are one of the nation’s leading causes of Personal Injuries.

For decades, Arrowhead Clinic has treated patients who have suffered a wide range of injuries due to Car and Truck Accidents.

In many cases, these injuries deeply impacted their lives, causing significant pain and reduced mobility.Accident Injury Clinic Near Me, urgent care,

Arrowhead, through careful Chiropractic and Medical Care, tailors treatments to address each patient’s unique conditions, pain levels, and needs.

In addition, we take care to provide the proper documentation of your injuries, so the insurance companies and attorneys can achieve the proper resolution of your claim.

After an Auto Accident, victims will usually get a call from the at-fault-party’s insurance company. They will send one of their claim representatives to take pictures, and then they will offer a settlement.

The natural thing to do is take their offer, but know they won’t offer you everything you deserve. They are trained to protect their company’s interests, so they low-ball accident injury victims. 

Arrowhead strongly believes that you need an experienced attorney who will protect your interests. Therefore, Arrowhead has built a large referral network of highly qualified personal injury attorneys who specialize in these types of accidents.

Arrowhead will work closely with your attorney and provide them with the professional documentation that we’re known for. Only with that documentation can your attorney get you all the money you deserve.

What Kind of Injuries do People Experience After a Car Accident? 

Most accidents result in what is medically known as Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Syndrome, which is most commonly known as  Whiplash.

Whiplash is a serious condition that can lead to debilitating chronic pain if not treated.Experienced Chiropractors Near Me, preventive care,

It is caused by a rapid acceleration and deceleration of the neck and back that creates severe strain to the muscles and soft tissue surrounding the spine. The effect sometimes takes hours, days, or even weeks to manifest. 

To avoid your pain and injuries getting worse, it is very important to seek medical help as soon as possible. Urgent care is needed to help make sure that these injuries do not develop into something that can last a lifetime. 

That is where Arrowhead Clinic comes in, car accident injuries are what we have specialized in for nearly 40 years.

Some other conditions that may appear after a Car Accident could include Neck Pain, headaches, fatigue, shoulder pain, anxiety, insomnia, vision problems, irritability, ringing in the ears, dizziness and more. 

If you, or anyone you know, has been injured in an auto accident, be sure to call the leader in the effective treatment of accident injuries for nearly 40 years. 

From the professional chiropractic treatment, documentation of injuries,  to assistance in helping you find great legal representation, Arrowhead Clinics is always there for you! Call now or click on the button below for your Free Injury Consultation. 





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I absolutely love this place I got hit by an 18-wheeler and was in a lot of pain they really helped me a lot and help me get back to my everyday routine I would recommend this place to anyone.

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The staff is very friendly and communicative. They also make it extremely easy to set appointments. You can tell they care deeply about your well-being and they ensure that you have a smooth recovery.

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