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Which doctor should you visit after an Atlanta accident?
Dr. Summer TurnerOct 18, 2021 3:59:37 PM5 min read

Who is the Best Type of Doctor to See After a Car Accident In Atlanta

After being injured in an accident in Atlanta, many people wonder what type of doctor to see.

Unless you are taken away in an ambulance, you will have to decide which doctor will be best to treat your injuries.

That doctor that ultimately treats you will determine how well and how quickly you can recover from your accident injuries.

Car accident injuries can range from minor aches and pains to severe neck injuries or spinal injuries.

No matter what type of injury you've sustained in Atlanta, you need to see a doctor who can adequately evaluate and devise a treatment plan.

And if the other driver was at fault for the accident, many accident doctors can refer you to a personal injury attorney that can help you get compensation from their insurance company.

Seeking medical care after a car accident will also help strengthen your claim for damages.

The more documentation you have, and the sooner you get it after the accident, the better off you will be.

In the article below, we will discuss when you should see a chiropractor after a car accident in Atlanta.


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What Treatments Do You Need After a Car Accident?

The most important thing after a motor vehicle accident is your health.

You will need a medical professional to perform a physical exam so you can get the treatment you need.

The type of treatment you receive and the doctor you see depends on your injuries' type and severity.

A common car accident injury like whiplash will need a different doctor and treatments than a broken bone.

And you should visit a doctor even if you feel fine immediately afterward.

If you don't need to go to the emergency room, schedule an appointment with an urgent care doctor or a chiropractor.

There are common and severe accident injuries that don't show symptoms right away, like:

  • Whiplash
  • Sprains and strains
  • Fractures
  • Internal bleeding

When speaking with your doctor, you need to be completely honest.

Describe the pain and discomfort you are experiencing, how long you've had it, and how it impacts your daily life.

The better your doctor can understand your injury and symptoms, the more accurately they will diagnose and treat it.

After your accident, you may need to see a:

  • Emergency room doctor
  • Urgent care doctor
  • Medical specialists, like an orthopedic specialist, physical therapist, or chiropractor


What are the best accident doctors in Atlanta


The Best Accident Doctors in Atlanta

The type of doctor you need for your recovery depends on the type and severity of your injury.

Some of the most common doctors victims see after an accident are:


Emergency Room Doctors

The doctor many car crash victims after a severe accident is an emergency care doctor.

Emergency room doctors can treat severe, near-fatal wounds from vehicular collisions.

If you have a potentially life-threatening injury that needs to be treated right away, an emergency room doctor is your best bet.

ER practitioners provide emergency care and give essential medication.

If you have an accident in the middle of the night or any other unusual time, an ER doctor will be the best first course of treatment for you because hospitals always have an ER doctor on call.

ER doctors can also bill personal injury insurance coverages when treating accident victims.


Medical Care Specialists

If you don't have a  life-threatening injury, you may need to see a specialist doctor for further treatment.

If you have soft tissue injuries or your wounds are on specific body parts that require expert care, you will likely see a specialist.

One of the best specialists to see after an auto accident is a chiropractor.

Chiropractors help relieve pain and other issues in your bones, joints, spine, and soft tissues.

Back pain and neck pain are both very common after a car accident, and they are signs and symptoms of an injury that needs treatment.

A herniated disc, pinched nerve, or a misalignment in your vertebrae can all be treated by an Atlanta chiropractor.

Unlike other medical doctors, chiropractors use a holistic, natural treatment approach that doesn't involve pain medications or invasive surgery.

Chiropractic care will instead use gentle manipulations of the spine to reset the spine to its proper alignment.

When the vertebrae in your spine are adjusted, it can take pressure off of a nerve that is sending out pain signals, restore a herniated disc, and more.

Instead of just masking your pain with medications, your chiropractor will address the root cause of your pain and treat that.

Your primary care doctor isn;t ideal after an accident

Primary Care Doctors

Many people think of visiting their primary care physician after being injured in an accident.

However, your primary care doctor may not be the best doctor to see.

Many primary care physicians are reluctant to treat accident patients for two main reasons.

The main reason they won't treat accident patients is that they are unable to bill vehicle insurance companies.

That means that if they treat you, there's a chance they won't get paid, or they will have to bill you instead.

Secondly, many primary care physicians want to avoid the legal hassle that follows a car accident.

They don't want to testify on behalf of the victim because they see it as a distraction from their practice.

They'd rather refuse to treat you rather than deal with the headache of an injury claim.


Contact Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta Today

If you don't require emergency medical attention after your car accident in Atlanta, it's in your best interest to see an accident chiropractor.

A chiropractor with the Arrowhead Clinic Atlanta will address musculoskeletal injuries, subluxations of the spine, and trauma caused during car accidents.

If another negligent driver caused your accident, they could also refer you to an accident lawyer to help you receive a fair settlement.

The Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta will also work with your insurance company and complete any medical paperwork needed if you need to file a personal injury claim. 

To schedule your free consultation and begin the road to recovery, click the button below.

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Dr. Summer Turner

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