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Arrowhead Clinic Shares Six Reasons To Visit Bluffton, South Carolina

Article Table of Contents

Best of Bluffton

Aquatic Adventures

Dry Land Delights

Fun for Foodies

Super Shopping

Wonderful Weddings

Exquisite Events



Best of Bluffton

When many people think of South Carolina vacation destinations the first thing that comes to mind is Hilton Head Island.

Of course, Hilton Head is a premier vacation destination within the state, however, it is far from being the only game in town.

There are many other great get away locations that can ensure fun and stimulation for all.

One of these tremendous getaways options. According to the Huffington Post, Bluffton is actually the #1 most amazing non beach getaways.

Here at Arrowhead Clinic Bluffton, we’ve always known our hometown was something special, and we believe the rest of the world needs to know it too.

That is why we have compiled a list of 6 reasons why you should consider Bluffton, South Carolina.


1. Aquatic Adventures 

One of the best attributes of the city of Bluffton is that even though it is not technically a beach destination it still has its fair share of aquatic fun.

The city sits on the banks of May River and it naturally lends itself to a plethora of water activities.

Visitors and locals can enjoy chartering boats along the river for pleasure cruises and fishing. Kayaking is a very popular past time that allows you to get even closer to nature and directly experience the rush of navigating a rivers currents.

Another benefit of the cities location is that even though it is not a true beach destination, it is only a few minutes away from Hilton Head Island if the desire for seaside fun proves too great.


2. Dry Land Delights

However, not everyone loves the water. There are plenty of people out there who would much rather spend all of their time dry and on land. If you are one of these people, don’t worry!

Bluffton has plenty of outdoor fun for you as well. The city is home to over 20 different golf experiences that will surely delight any fan of the sport.

It’s hard if not impossible to compete with the natural splendor of Blufftons surroundings.

However, the city itself comes awfully close.

The antebellum architectural structures of the city are enough to devote an entire vacation too.

This is far from a quiet little riverside town. There is always something fun to do.


3. Fun for Foodies

Bluffton is a foodies paradise.

The city boasts an extensive list of restaurants that will provide even the pickiest of palettes with something that will delight their culinary sensibilites.

From Irish pubs to signature barbecue experiences, there is no shortage in variety for your meals.

A lot can be said about Bluffton, but one this is for certain. As long as you’re in the city, there will be no excuse for going hungry.


4. Super Shopping 

What good is a night on the town without a little shopping?

Bluffton offers an extensive list of boutiques and stores to find the perfect souvenir or memento of your trip.

Similarly to the wide variety of dining types, there is an equally large diversification of types of shopping.

It seems like anything and everything can be found within the town.

From art galleries to fashion boutiques, to signature butcher shops we can practically guarantee a unique and fulfilling shopping experience.


5. Wonderful Weddings

Another unique offering provided by the city of Bluffton is its unique wedding destinations.

As previously mentioned, the natural splendor of the surrounding countryside combined with the unique charm of the antebellum architecture give the town a truly unique look and charm that will guaranteed compliment your special day.

The city has several distinct wedding venues that will surely fit the needs you have for your perfect dream wedding.


6. Exquisite Events

No matter the time of year in the city, there is always something to do.

However, it is not uncommon to find that some special event is taking place for both locals and visitors to partake in.

Events range from the celebration of Bluffton culture to the appreciation of our natural surrounding beauty.

From farmers markets, to learning about hummingbirds to the celebration of bouillabaisse there is always some celebration occurring within the city. 

For a list of upcoming events in the city of Bluffton, click here!


There are too many  wonderful things that surround this city to articulate in a single blog post.

However, if only one things shines clear, it should be how much we love our home of Bluffton.

There is so much natural splendor and culture significance here, how could we not.

Arrowhead Clinic Bluffton is proud of our heritage and truly believes there is no place like our home.

We want whats best for our citizens and guests.

While in Bluffton, if you find that you are in need of medical care, come visit us at our office. We’ll be glad to see you!


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