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    Brunswick Chiropractor Shares 5 Practices for Good Spinal Health

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    Tap into Spinal Health






    Healthly Spine

    Tap into Spinal Health

    One of the most common procedures that chiropractic care professionals administer is spinal alignment.

    A basic belief of chiropractic care is that the body is much more capable of healing itself than many people often believe.

    However, it is only able to do that when the body is workin together as it should.

    Like any group working together for a common goal, clear communication among all parties is vital for achieving a successful outcome.

    The nervous system is how the body communicates with itself.

    This is why the spine is so important.

    The spine is a series of vertebrae bones that protects the spinal cord.

    The spinal cord is what communicates impulses from the brain to the rest of the body.

    When the spine is healthy, it does this task flawlessly.

    However, if the spine is unhealthy it naturally will not communicate as well.

    This is why it is so important to maintain proper back health.

    Here at Arrowhead Clinic Brunswick we care about your spinal health.

    That is why we have compiled a brief list of five good practices for excellent spinal health.


    1. Diet

    Like any other aspect of health a balanced and nutritious diet can go far in regards to maintaining optimum spinal health.

    We’ve heard since childhood that milk makes strong bones.

    The spinal cord is protected by a series of bones called the vertebrae.

    Calcium will help keep these special bones healthy and strong for optimum protection.

    Dairy products are not the only foods that can provide additional calcium to your body.

    Other options such as legumes, leafy vegetables and certain kinds of fish will provide even more necessary calcium to keep your spine safe and communicating properly.

    Protein is also great for promoting good spinal health. 

    However, there are other dietary considerations that one must consider for maintaining proper spinal health.

    The consumption of too many foods that are high in fats may lead to one becoming overweight.

    As the body ages, its bones become weaker. It is best to avoid any unnecessary strain on the spinal cord, such as too much weight.

    A healthy diet will lead to an all healthy you, not just the spinal cord.


    2. Sleep

    Another way to improve ones spinal health is by instituting intentional sleeping habits.

    Of course, sleep is very important for all aspects of ones health.

    It gives the brain a chance to process excess information that it is unable to during the day. 

    It also gives the body a chance to rest and make necessary repairs.

    However, depending on how you sleep, you may be putting excess pressure onto your spinal cord.

    It is believed that the best position for one to sleep in is to lay on ones back.

    This allows the bones to settle in a natural position that is best for their overall health.

    It is also recommended that one fill in the natural gaps between the body and the bed with extra padding such as pillows.

     A small pillow underneath ones knees is helpful in maintaining positive spinal position.


    3. Exercise

    Exercise is an absolute necessity for maintaining optimum body efficiency.

    This has less to do with the physical spinal cord itself but for other pertaining areas of the body.

    The more muscle one builds up, the more natural protection is being made for the body.

    Muscle mass will provide additional padding to keep your body safe.

    Exercising is necessary for a healthy body.

    It helps the body develop in a way that it will operate with maximum efficiency.

    When the body is operating at maximum efficiency, that means it is communicating with optimum efficiency.

    The spinal cord is one of the most important aspects of the nervous system, but it is not the only player.

    For optimum communication, the whole body should be operating as efficiently as possible. This can be produced by effective exercise.

    However, as beneficial as exercise is there are potential dangers as well.

    Exercising improperly can result in aggravating and existing injury, or perhaps a new one.

    It is necessary for optimum body health, but if done improperly, it will do more harm than good.

    Please exercise caution, while exercising.


    4. Flexibility

    Many may consider flexibility to be in the same camp as exercising.

    This is true to a degree.

    Both are physical measures one can make in order to keep the body functioning in an ideal capacity.

    However, flexibility has less to do with strengthening the body, but in ensuring its ability to move as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Flexibility is pivotal for overall health and communication. 

    The spinal cord naturally curves and bends relatively with those found in the body.

    In order for a spinal cord to be healthy, it needs to bend and curve as the rest of us does.

    If the spinal cord is unable to do this, we are unable to do this.

    The spinal cord is only able to communicate with the rest of the body if it is healthy.

    A healthy spinal cord is a flexible spinal cord.

    Activities such as yoga, stretching, and some back exercises will ensure that the spine is performing at peak efficiency and is ready to communicate as necessary.



    This may seem like a cliche, but that’s because many cliches are proven to work.

    It is highly improbable that one is able to utilize something without at least understanding it to a degree.

    Furthering your education on the spine, spinal cord, and nervous system could improve the way that you utilize all its functions astronomically.

    One way to do that is to utilize online resources or perhaps paying a visit to one of Brunswick's local libraries.

    However, another way is to see a professional.

    Any of our many professionals at Arrowhead Clinic Brunswick would be more than happy to meet with you and to help you understand the functions, limitations, and potential of your spine and nervous system.


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