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Common Causes of Back Pain
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The 5 Most Common Causes of Back Pain

It has been suggested that up to 80% of the US population suffers from Back Pain, whether it is excruciating put you on the ground pain or just a slight tweak we felt when getting out of bed this morning, all of us have at least experienced some discomfort coming from our backs.

Today we are looking at 5 Common Causes of Back Pain and how you can begin to remedy the problem.

1. Grandma always told me to sit up straight: Most people whether children or adults sit just too darn much and when we do, we are typically slouched over in a caveman posture. When we sit in this posture for an extended amount of time our hip flexors begin getting shorter and tighter, pulling us even further forward. This creates a lengthening effect in your lower back muscles and it begins to reshape your natural pelvic tilt making you a less effective mover.

The easiest ways to begin correcting this position is to ask your boss for a stand-up desk that places your screen at eye level and allows you to stand up for most of the day. This will begin to decrease the amount of pressure placed on your lumbar discs and will help maintain proper blood circulation.

Also, go over to a door frame at your work, hook your fingers around the top of the frame and slowly allow your body to drop down as though you are trying to hang from the frame.This will help decompress your spine as well. Note: Try to use a metal frame, don't break off your bosses wooden doorframe if it is not going to support you. 

2. Another Reason to Quit Smoking: Cigarettes don't just damage your heart and lungs.  According to Dr. Jeffery Katz "Smokers have a higher incidence of recurring back problems," Nicotine restricts blood flow to vertebrae and disks, so they may age and break down more quickly. It may also interfere with the body's ability to absorb and use calcium properly, leading to osteoporosis-related bone and structure problems. 

3. Don't Stop Moving: Unfortunately, the all too common advice people with back pain symptoms get from their doctor is to ice, rest and take a pain reliever. While this can be alright in the acute inflammatory stage of care you need to go beyond this to help alleviate ongoing symptoms. 

Low-impact activities like walking, using the elliptical and swimming boost blood flow to back muscles while relieving pain and stiffness. Also, activities such as yoga and foundation training can be extremely beneficial for simultaneous stretching and strengthening your low back.

4. Bad Food Choices: The typical American diet lends itself to a host of problems including high levels of low-level inflammation throughout our bodies from digesting processed foods.

Try getting more anti-inflammatory foods. If you need some help here is a link to some high-quality anti-inflammatory foods that can help Relieve Back Pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Reduce Back and Neck Pain

5. Lose the Fat and Get A Stronger Back: Multiple studies indicate that if you are overweight, your risk for back pain is much higher than if you maintain an optimal body composition.  Other studies show that overweight people do not respond as well to treatment as healthy weight low back pain sufferers because of elevated inflammation levels inside of an overweight persons body.

If you currently carry too much extra body fat, eliminating it should be your primary goal to help reduce chronic back pain symptoms or improve the quality of your professional Chiropractic Care or Physical Therapy.

If you need of a professional opinion to help reduce your Back Pain today contact Georgia's most trusted Back Pain Chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic.

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