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What are the most dangerous types of car accidents?
Dr. Summer TurnerNov 16, 2020 3:49:33 PM3 min read

The Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents

In 2018, about 40,000 people lost their lives in car accidents. 


Those lucky enough not to die in these car accidents likely came away with severe injuries. 


Car accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States and have massive destructive potential for damage and injury to people and property. 


Luckily, most accidents aren't life-ending events.


Most accidents are fender benders and bumps that are more of an annoyance than anything else.


There are a few types of accidents known for the level of danger and destruction that they can wreak on the road. 


People involved in these accidents typically suffer severe injuries. They are left with massive medical expenses, lost wages, and a lot of pain and suffering.



It's important that you see a car accident doctor after a car accident.


In the article below, we will discuss a few of the most dangerous types of car accidents.



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What are the most dangerous types of car accidents?


Head-on Collision

Nationwide, head-on collisions account for well over half of all auto accident fatalities.


Head-on collisions are catastrophic due to the sheer force generated by the impact. 


Even at a measly 20 mph, with your seat belt on, it will feel like a mass of 1.5 tons hit you. 


Without your seat belt, the impact would be equivalent to being hit by a mass of 7.6 tons.


Head-on collisions commonly lead to life-threatening injuries and debilitating physical trauma.


These traumas include brain injury, spinal injuries, rib fractures, chest injuries, facial fractures, lacerations, whiplash, loss of limb, and internal organ damage.


A lot of factors can be implicated in such head-on collisions. 


Driver distraction, impaired driving, and speeding are among the most common causes of head-on collisions.




Pileup Car Accidents

Most accidents typically involve only one other vehicle. 


Even then, an accident between two vehicles can be devastating.


When a car accident involves more than two vehicles, the likelihood of someone suffering severe injury goes up. 


A two-car accident can create a chain reaction of vehicles crashing into each other, causing a pileup. 


The vehicles involved in the initial collision are often unable to do much to escape the onslaught of cars that create the pileup and are at a far higher risk for more damage. 


The pileup also increases the risk of fires, explosions, and flying debris.




T-bone or Side Impact Collision

Also known as broadside collisions, these accidents involve one vehicle crashing perpendicularly into another automobile. 


T-bone crashes are prevalent and very dangerous.


There is very little protection or cushioning on the sides of a vehicle, making t-bone collisions especially dangerous. 


The front and rear end of a car have crumple zones and bumper systems designed to absorb the impact's force.


The car doors are relatively flimsy, providing very little protection to the passengers. 


The car that strikes in a T-bone collision does so with its bumper, so the front-end protection features absorb a large part of the impact. 


In contrast, the occupants of the struck vehicle have to bear the full force of the impact. 


Even at speeds of just 25 mph, the occupants inside the impacted car can be subjected to forces as high as 210 kN, which would feel like being struck by a 20-ton object.


Severe neck and head injuries, pelvic and abdomen injuries, and significant facial trauma are common in T-bone collisions. 


Driving distracted, running a red light, rolling through stop signs, impaired driving, and reckless and aggressive driving are common causes of t-bone accidents. 



Are car accidents traumatic?


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