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Do Chiropractors Take Walk-Ins?

Lingering back issues, car accident injuries, and other musculoskeletal conditions can cause a lot of stress and despair.

That's why chiropractic care is necessary as a treatment and preventative care.

Chiropractic treatment helps manage pain and improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Chiropractic doctors understand that most injuries stem from joint and spinal misalignment and dysfunction.

That's why chiropractors focus on restoring proper alignment to your spine and joints to relieve acute pain and chronic pain conditions.

If you think you could benefit from chiropractic care, you should see a chiropractor right away.

If you're looking for a walk-in chiropractor near me, Arrowhead Clinic can help you out. 

We'll explore more in the article below.

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Do Chiropractors Take Walk-Ins?

Not all chiropractors take walk-in appointments, but some offices accept walk-in and same-day appointments.

Many chiropractic offices understand the urgency some patients have and that not everyone can wait days or weeks to see a chiropractor.

If you have car accident injuries, sports injuries, or you have neck pain that needs to be taken care of right away, you don't want to wait days for your initial appointment with your chiropractor.

That's why you will find many chiropractic clinics that offer same-day, walk-in appointments.

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The Chiropractic Consultation, Exam, and Adjustment

During your first chiropractic visit, you will undergo a physical exam, and your chiropractor will review your health history.

Your chiropractor will also ask you questions about your accident and your injuries.

All of the information gathered will be used to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Most patients will receive their first adjustment during the initial walk-in appointment, and many patients report feeling immediate relief from their medical conditions.


How Long Will The Appointment Take?

The duration of your appointment will depend on the severity of your condition or pain and how many issues you need to have addressed.

Initial chiropractic visits typically take between 30 minutes and one hour.

Your first appointment will be used to diagnose your condition, build a relationship between you and your chiropractor, and establish a treatment plan moving forward.

Subsequent visits will likely last between 15 and 30 minutes.

The initial visit will also allow you to ask your chiropractor any questions you have about chiropractic treatment in general, your symptoms, or your condition.

Your chiropractor will also give you medical advice on keeping injuries from reoccurring.


Does Chiropractic Care Hurt?

Chiropractic services are highly controlled procedures that rarely cause discomfort.

Chiropractors use minimal force and gentle pressure to treat health issues.

Instead of causing discomfort, this form of treatment sometimes provides instant relief.

Soreness after an initial adjustment is similar to the soreness you experience after starting a new exercise program.

To ensure you experience minimal soreness, drink plenty of water, use an ice pack, and do some light stretching after your first visit to promote healing.

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How Often Will I Need To Return?

Your chiropractor will determine the best course of treatment for your condition during your first visit.

How often you need to return is up to the professional judgment of the Doctor of Chiropractic.

Treatment time varies from individual to individual, depending on your condition and overall goals.

Regular visits to the dentist and eye doctor are necessary, and routine visits to a chiropractor for a chiropractic adjustment are also necessary to maintain proper spinal function.


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Arrowhead Clinic in South Carolina and Georgia accept walk-in patients.

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Since we specialize in personal injury treatment, our chiropractors have a considerable amount of experience treating accident-related injuries and getting patients fast, effective care so they can get back to their lives.

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