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How Long Do You Have to see a Doctor or Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident?

Waiting is never a good idea when it comes to a Car Accident Injury.

Most professionals advise going to an Accident Doctor or Chiropractor no longer than 72 hours after an accident has taken place because this is regarded as the "reasonable" amount of time by an insurance company.

Never Leave Gaps in Your Medical Treatment

Gaps in medical treatment after a Motor Vehicle Accident are not advised for your case. A delay in treatment may drastically reduce the amount of money the insurance company will pay on your claim. How long do I have to see a doctor or personal injury lawyer after an automobile accident in Georgia?

If you've been injured in an accident it is imperative that you seek medical treatment.  Even if you are feeling ok, many injuries could be latent and not show up for a few days or a few weeks.  A medical doctor, doctor of chiropractic or another health care provider is trained to take a history or your accident injuries, thoroughly examine you and treat you if necessary.  Not seeking medical treatment could affect your injury claim from a car accident negatively.

You are far better off seeing a qualified health care provider so they can advise you if you are injured or not and what you can do about your injuries going forward.  

When it comes to seeing a Personal Injury Attorney after you were injured in an accident, Georgia has enacted laws that limit the timeframe that you may file a lawsuit after you’ve suffered some harm as a result of a Car Accident Injury.

These legal restrictions are called, “statutes of limitations,” and different causes of action have different deadlines. The significant time limits to consider when filing a lawsuit over a car accident in Georgia are:

  • two years after a car accident for filing a personal injury lawsuit
  • four years after a car accident for filing a lawsuit for property damage

Even if you do not have the financial means to see an Accident  Doctor, or to seek car accident chiropractic care, don't let that stop you from seeking help, many Accident Doctors have great contacts with Personal Injury Lawyers who can help get you the care you need even if you don't currently have medical insurance or the money to self-pay for your injuries.

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Other Suggestions for Getting Full Reimbursement From Insurance Companies

Take detailed notes of your injuries and the medical treatment you receive to help you get full payment from the insurance company.

Write down the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any Accident Doctors you visit whether they be:

  • Doctors.
  • Chiropractors.
  • Physical therapists.
  • Other professionals, you were referred to after the accident.

Keep receipts for medications you were prescribed by your physician to help with your pain and suffering, or any assistive devices such as crutches, back braces, or electrical stimulation units that were needed for care.

Also, keep the following records:

  • A journal or diary about your injuries and medical care.
    • Be specific about everything, and include such details as the degree of pain on a scale from 1-10, the amount of sleep you are getting and any inconveniences you experience from your injuries.
  • File every form of communication you had with medical professionals during treatment for your injuries.
    • This includes e-mails and notes that you record during and after telephone calls and doctor's appointments.
  • Keep track of travel expenses for medical appointments.

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No Need to Admit to Fault or Apologize after the Car Accident

You may be tempted to apologize for the Car Accident or admit fault to your car insurance agent.

However, doing so can seriously jeopardize your claim.

Instead of taking blame for the Car Accident:

  • Give a detailed description of the accident about what happened and what you saw, along with relevant photos.
  • Get a completed police report.

Even if you believe you might have been entirely or partially at fault, don't say to the other party, your passengers, witnesses, or your car insurance company that you were to blame.

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How To Better Handle the Insurance Companies

Even if you are entitled to reimbursement after you were injured in an accident, a few mistakes can jeopardize your Car Accident Injury Claim. The following tips can help you get maximum compensation for your claim:

  • Don't settle until you have completed all of your medical treatment and your injuries are as healed as they are going to get. Otherwise, you don't know the total cost of your injuries.
  • Don't sign release forms or checks with releases on them before you're ready to settle completely.
    • Signing such forms can release your car insurance company from the responsibility of paying on additional claims.
  • Don't talk to people about the case unless you need to. If pressured by the insurance companies, direct them to speak with the law firm, or accident lawyer that is representing you.
  • Don't cave in to pressure not to file a police report.

Let the health care professionals do what they are supposed to do and check you out, preferably within 72 hours of the collision, to make sure you receive care if you need it.about-authoried-clinic.jpg

Get Auto Accident Injury Help at Arrowhead Clinic

Our Car Accident Doctors and Chiropractors can always be seen within 24 hours of the accident. It is just necessary that the physician sees you, take a history, perform an examination and record the findings.Georgia Car Accident Doctors and Chiropractors

As long as a written record of that exists you have satisfied the insurance companies and can get the treatment you need.

If you need to speak with one of our Accident Doctors or need a Referral to a trusted Car Accident Attorney, or law firm, please click the link below for a Free Consultation.

Free Chiropractic Consultation

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