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Dr. Roy VogelFeb 3, 2016 2:13:31 PM2 min read

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Chiropractic Care

Going to the Chiropractor a couple of times a week or once a week is probably necessary if you have been in an accident. However, once you have finished treatment, it may be difficult to find the time and money to continue the same regiment. 

But getting adjusted feels great and is great for your health and your muscle memory can end up pulling your joints back out of alignment leaving your spine to settle back into its old pattern.

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Since it is unrealistic to think you can go to the Chiropractor all the time, here are a few steps to take to help lengthen the time between your Chiropractic Adjustments: 

Stay Consistent

The damage to your spine and joints did not just happen overnight, it accumulated over a period and will take the time to return to its normal function. Healing is a process that will take time, and each chiropractic visit will build on the previous.

Do not expect to be healed after one visit. You will need to stay consistent with your care and follow the treatment plan the Doctor has for you. Once your plan is complete, you should consider routine monthly checkups to make sure you stay in alignment. 

Stay Active 

After you get an adjustment try to avoid sitting for long periods of time immediately following your appointment. Getting adjusted creates movement and restores motion in areas of the spine that were locked up. Exercise, in general, is a huge component in keeping up your flexibility, endurance, and strength. 

Stay Hydrated

Staying properly hydrated is imperative for chiropractic patients. You should drink half of your body weight in ounces. When your body is properly aligned, it will release the tension that was built up at the same time releasing toxins that may have built up as well. 

Sit Straight

It is important to pay attention to how you position your body, especially if you are in the same position for a long period. This will help to minimize muscle strain and help to maintain correct alignment.

If you carry a wallet in your back pocket, be sure to take it out when you are sitting. Leaving it in causes one hip to sit higher than the other which will put a strain on your back making it more likely for you spine to become misaligned. 

Keeping these tips in mind will help you become an active participant in maintaining a healthy spine which will train your muscles and joints to retain proper alignment. This will help protect you from sustaining an injury by aligning the joints in your spine in their strongest position.

Arrowhead Clinic has been delivering high-quality Chiropractic Care in Georgia for over 40 years. The chiropractic doctors have a caring attitude and dedication for everyone who is led to one of the many clinics no matter the circumstance.

Whether is is for a car accident injury, sports injury, slip and fall, or motorcycle accident the Chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic are there for you.

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Dr. Roy Vogel

Dr. Vogel has been a chiropractor with Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur, Georgia since 1992. He provides outstanding care, often working with patients who have work or auto accident-related injuries. Dr. Vogel offers a range of treatments, including chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. He brings over 26 years of experience caring for patients with debilitating head, neck, and back pain. Dr. Vogel obtained his doctoral degree in chiropractic medicine from Life University. As a professional, he keeps himself updated on the latest advancements made in the field of chiropractic services. Dr. Vogel is devoted to ensuring his patient's recovery and well-being. He takes his time to understand symptoms so he can accurately diagnose and treat injuries ensuring the continued health of all his patients. One of Dr. Vogel’s car accident patients recently stated, “The customer service here is top tier. I got into an accident and was sent to this office for treatment. The ladies are so nice and welcoming and the chiropractor's top priority is your recovery.” Dr. Vogel is available for free, same-day consultations Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 a.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.