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Dr. Harry Brown Sr.Jul 20, 2016 12:11:49 PM4 min read

Correcting Your Cervical Lordosis Can Prevent Whiplash and Neck Injuries

Unfortunately, many of us suffer injuries after being involved in a car accident or motor vehicle collision. Whether suffering minor or serious injuries both can be debilitating causing lasting health issues and future complications. 

The most common injury resulting from auto crashes are known as "Whiplash Injuries." The sudden force from an accident causes your head to jolt instantly in a  backward, forwards, or side to side motion.

Texting and driving remain on the rise causing more and more distracted drivers on the roadways. Despite our efforts to drive cautiously and defensively, there will always be motor vehicle collisions and dangerous drivers. In the event of a crash, being prepared and developing a plan is key to recovering healthy and quickly.

If you would like to learn more about whiplash, check out our blog post 4 Facts About Whiplash Injuries.      

Long- Term Whiplash Symptoms & Cervical Lordosis 

Suffering injuries after a car accident range from cuts and bruises to broken bones, brain damage, and even death. At first, minor accidents may seem like no big deal, with victims thinking they escaped a crash unscathed. While others only experience a slight headache and neck pain resorting to over-the-counter pain medications and ice packs to assist with their recovery. However, most people fail to realize the actual cause of the injury, only masking symptoms and never fully recovering. 

Several research studies have shown that the patients who experience long-term whiplash injuries and suffering also have an abnormal cervical lordosis. Unhealthy cervical spines lead to the following conditions:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Arm pain
  • Thoracic outlet symptoms
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Degenerative arthritis in the cervical spine
  • Disc herniations  
When people suffer neck injuries from auto accidents many times the cervical lordosis is overlooked. Research has found the curvature in your neck contributes to both:
  1.  The extent of the initial injury to the occupants
  2. The long-term pain and suffering from whiplash injury to the occupants

Functions of the Cervical Lordosis 

In a healthy cervical spine, there is a normal slight curve present in the cervical vertebrae that allow comfortable movement in the neck. However, when there is a deviation from the normal curve, it can lead to serious health problems. Cervical lordosis is a condition occurring due to an excess curvature of the cervical spine, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

Variations in a Cervical Spine Causing Pain 

There are different variations in the cervical spines that can cause a variety of complaints within the neck:

  • Normal curve straightens out making it difficult to move the neck
  • Reversed (kyphotic) curves in the neck 
  •  Severe curve exceeding normal neck structure 
  • More deviated to right or left along with being excessively curved 

Chiropractic Therapy and Treatment 

Seeking chiropractic help to either reverse the cervical lordosis, or improve the loss of the cervical lordosis, from a car accident can help prevent damage to the soft tissue in the neck and to the sensitive cervical spine ligaments. When extreme force is put on an unhealthy cervical curve during an auto accident individuals suffer severe cervical spine tissue injuries. Thus, it is in your best interest to rehabilitate the shape and amount of your cervical curve to prevent a higher risk of having serious injury should you be involved in a car accident or any other assertive incident.

If you have a misaligned cervical lordosis, you may endure nerve interference-restrictions on your nerves which can disrupt every function of the organs within the body, and every movement of our limbs. Disregarding a misalignment in the cervical spine can exhibit pain and discomfort, fatigue, sleep disorders, organ dysfunction, depression, and eventually disease.   

Post Car Accident and Injuries 

It is not uncommon for whiplash injuries to take surface after a long period, or may manifest immediately. Even a slight headache or neck pain can be a visible sign of a much more serious injury to your cervical curve and underlying neck issues. The sudden jolt of an auto collision can easily cause spinal misalignments resulting in a damaged spine.

The average person involved in a car accident will have a 10 degree loss of cervical lordosis, develop a mild cervical kyphosis, and have increased forward head posture.       

Seek Chiropractic Help After a Car Accident Injury 

If you have been involved in a minor or serious auto accident, pursue a corrective care chiropractor for a full assessment of the health or your spine, even if you don’t experience immediate pain or discomfort. Suffering from even a minor misalignment can only worsen over time, quickly reversing the cervical lordosis and restoring the lordotic curve can prevent future health problems and promote a faster recovery time.

Arrowhead Chiropractic Clinics specialize in treating patient’s injuries after a car accident. Our doctors provide non-invasive and natural treatment options that clinically improve the interior of the spine. We thoroughly examine our patients to diagnose your specific pain areas, including an evaluation of your spine. By realigning your spine and improving your spine health, your body's overall functionality will improve, quickly relieve your pain, and improve your optimal health. Please call us for same day appointments or walk-in to one of our local rehabilitation clinics.      

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