Common Causes of Neck Pain
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Neck Pain and Its Main Causes

It is reported that 80% of people in the US at some point in their lives will experience severe Neck Pain. What we are looking into today are common causes of Neck Pain and how some of our Chiropractic patients have been affected.

3 Common Causes of Neck Pain

  1. Car Accident Injury: Being involved in an Auto Accident, especially if you were rear ended is a common way to experience Acute Neck Pain. We have seat belts that protect our bodies, but the neck is exposed to massive positive and negative forces after the impact of a Car Accident. If you were in an Accident recently, it is important to get your Neck examined by a professional Neck Pain Doctor or Chiropractor, so it doesn't lead to chronic pain in the future. Many of our patients involved in Car Accidents will feel tingling down their arms, migraines, headaches and muscle spasms.
  2. Whiplash Traumas and Sports Injuries: While whiplash traumas are frequent during car accidents, they are also common during sports injuries as well. Football, wrestling, boxing, MMA and hockey are sports where a lot of traumas are taken to the body as well as the head. Anytime when your body takes an impact, the spine is directly affected and so is your muscle system. When the impact happens your muscles, tighten or splint around the given area that received the trauma to protect your structure. But if you continue to get these neck pain traumas over time, your body will begin to adapt to its tightened condition. This leads to muscle spasms, trigger points and eventually more severe disc degeneration of the cervical spine.
  3. Posture or Positional: This is becoming a more prevalent cause of Neck Pain than ever before. The more our society uses computers, looks down at our smart phones and sits down throughout the day, the more our necks get put in a flexion dominant position. The problem with this is your frontal neck muscles the "hyoids" become frail and the muscles at the base of your skull, the occipitals, become overly tight. This trend leads people to have Headaches, Severe Cervical Disc Degeneration and overall Neck Stiffness and Tightness.

What to Do About Neck Pain

If you need further information about Neck Pain, and its causes here is a link to an excellent flow chart describing Neck Pain and what steps you should take given what you feel. 

If you need a professional to help guide you through what is causing your Neck Pain or have recently been in a Car Accident or experienced a Whiplash Injury. Please fill click the link below for a Free Consultation one of our Georgia Neck Pain Doctors can help guide you in the right direction.

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