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Dr. Roy VogelJul 6, 2019 11:30:00 AM5 min read

5 Tips for a Healthy Spine

5 Tips for a Healthy Spine 

Many things you can do to improve the overall health of your spine involve practicing better body mechanics, posture, and the way you complete daily tasks and activities. 

  • Improve your Posture 
  • Sleep Tight, Sleep Right 
  • Strengthen your Core 
  • Lift Properly 
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight 


There are so many people affected by Back Pain every single day.

Living with chronic back pain or even with a back injury can diminish one's quality of life.

People miss work, skip activities, and become depressed because of the pain and discomfort of their chronic back or neck condition.

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Those who have never experienced a chronic pain condition may not realize the effect it can have on someone's everyday lifestyle and habits. 

Taking care of your spine, which includes the back and the neck, may help you avoid future pain and discomfort. 

Many things you can do to improve the overall health of your spine involve practicing better body mechanics, posture, and the way you complete daily tasks and activities. 

Here are some professional Tips for a Healthy Spine

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Improve your Posture  

Having poor posture is a very common problem in today's society.

Many people work at a desk for long hours every single day and they do not even realize how bad their posture is while they are slumped over at a desk. 

Slouching over at a table while eating is also a very common posture problem, and for many people this may have started as a child. 

Many people end up with nagging back pain because of their poor posture.

While it should be an easy fix, you do not to be conscious of the way you sit throughout the day and even the way you walk.

Standing up straight and not slouching over will help to improve your overall posture. 

Stand tall and in a balanced way making sure your ear, middle shoulder, hip, mid-knee and ankle are all aligned.

Avoid slouching over a computer or leaning excessively into the chair. Having correct posture is the first step to help prevent a back issue. 


Sleep Tight, Sleep Right 

Restful Sleep for a Healthy Spine

Good posture is not just necessary when you're awake, but also while you sleep. Sleeping in general is very important to your overall health.

The body needs a good nights rest to repair itself. 

Sleeping on the stomach will put an unnecessary strain on the spine, while sleeping on the side helps to reduce upper airway collapse which also helps to prevent sleep apnea. 

It's also important to have proper lumbar support while sleeping which probably means you'll need to invest in a supportive mattress and pillow to make sure your neck is also not being put under any kind of strain. 


Strengthen the Core 

Tps for a Healthy Spine

The core consists of the abdominal and lower back muscles.

Making sure your core is strong will provide your spine with the support it needs, and take unwanted pressure off the lower back. 

Developing strong core muscles is also going to be key for maintaining good posture and can help reduce back pain. 

Finding an exercise routine that focuses on stretching the spinal tissues and muscles will help build strength and keep the spine healthy. 


Lift Properly

When talking about lifting properly, this is not just for people lifting weights in a gym. You may not even be aware of how often you bend over to lift everyday items off the ground on a daily basis. 

Lifting properly is not only referring to heavy items.

As crazy as it may sound, people injure their backs all the time from bending over to pick up something light and not standing back up correctly. 

When you lift with poor form or incorrect posture it can cause the spinal joints to lock or even rupture. This can cause intense pain that can take months to heal. 

Next time you bend over to pick something off the ground pay attention to how you're doing it. Stand as close to the item as possible, and use your legs and knees (not your back or upper body) to pull the object off the ground.

Make sure to bend the knees so your arms are the same height as the object, keep your head down and back straight.

Do not try to lift something that is going to cause you to strain your back in the process. 


Maintain a Healthy Weight 

Being overweight adds a substantial amount of strain on the muscles, tendon, and ligaments in the back. 

Maintaining a healthy weight by adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine can do wonders for someone who suffers from constant back pain. 

A poor diet and inactivity can lead to obesity which causes the body so many issues.

By staying active and eating a healthy diet, you will set yourself up for living a much better all around lifestyle without unwanted back pain and spinal problems.  


Keeping Your Spine Healthy and Happy

While it's important to follow these tips for a healthy spine, we understand that many people are already in pain and are looking for a solution.

If you begin to see any warning signs of back or neck pain, do not put off seeking a Chiropractor for treatment and pain relief therapy. 

Chiropractic Spine Adjustment

Chiropractic Care for Spine Health 

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your neck or back, it's important to seek the help of an experienced Chiropractor as soon as possible. 

At Arrowhead Clinic we have a team of experienced chiropractors who specialize in providing back and neck pain relief treatment. 

When you come to Arrowhead, we provide a free consultation so we can speak with you and find out how we can best assist with your recovery.

Once we understand your medical history we will complete an in-depth examination to determine the source of your pain. 

Once your exam is complete, we will put together an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific pain condition and recovery needs. 

Our chiropractors will also provide you with any lifestyle advice that we think may help with an optimal and fast recovery, along with any tips we believe may help to reduce your chances of suffering from the same pain and discomfort in the future. 

If you are suffering from back pain and want a healthy spine, do not hesitate to contact us experienced Chiropractors for treatment and pain relief.

Click the link below to schedule your appointment now. 

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