Need Back Pain Relief Treatment in Decatur, GA
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    Take Care of Your Back Pain After An Accident in Decatur

    Many people experience back pain after a car accident.


    Luckily back pain is easily treated by trained chiropractors.


    Chiropractic care is natural, safe, and holistic, restoring the bodies of patients involved in car accidents.


    If you were recently involved in a car accident and are experiencing back pain, our team at Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur can help with your recovery.



    Read on to learn more.



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    Injured in a Car Accident in Decatur with Back Pain


    Symptoms of Back Pain After A Car Accident

    The most common Back Pain Symptoms that your chiropractor can help you with after a car accident are:

    • Limited range of motion
    • Shooting or stabbing pain in your back
    • Backaches
    • Back pain that radiates down to your limbs


    If you have any of these symptoms, there are also things you can try at home.


    You should first remember to use proper lifting techniques. Always lift with your legs and not your back.


    If you sit a lot during the day, be sure to use proper posture.


    You should also try to strengthen your core muscles, which in turn strengthens your back.


    And do your best to maintain a healthy weight, so you don't put added stress on your spine.


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    How our Decatur Chiropractors Diagnose Back Conditions

    To diagnose your back pain, your chiropractor will first perform a physical exam.


    During the physical exam, your chiropractor will check things like the way you walk, your spines alignment, your range of motion, and your reflexes.


    Your chiropractor might also order an x-ray to confirm your diagnosis.


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    What to Expect at Your Chiropractic Appointment for Back Pain

    After your physical exam and a review of your medical history, you will proceed with chiropractic treatment based on your diagnosis and the treatment plan designed by your chiropractor.


    Your first visit will likely include an adjustment and physical therapy techniques to get your body on the proper healing path.


    Your chiropractor will give you a spinal adjustment based on your injury, and they will recommend at-home stretches and exercises you can do on your own time.


    They can also recommend certain lifestyle changes you can make to help get rid of back pain and keep it from coming back.


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    Why Should You See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

    Many car accident injuries are not immediately visible, and some victims don't experience any pain until days or even weeks after the collision.


    This is mainly due to the release of adrenaline. 


    Adrenaline is your body's way of helping you deal with the pain and stress of an accident, but it can make you think you made it out injury-free when you didn't


    That's why you should always be evaluated by a medical professional like a chiropractor immediately following an accident.


    Many insurance companies will try to deny your claim if you wait more than a few days to see a doctor after a car accident.


    The insurance companies will argue that if you did not see a doctor in the first three days following your accident, your injuries must have been caused by something else.


    That's why it's crucial to seek medical attention as soon as possible and protect your legal rights.


    Many quality chiropractors have a list of personal injury attorneys they work with and can refer you to.


    If you believe this would be beneficial to you, the Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur can help you find the accident injury lawyer that will work with you to get you what you deserve.


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    Back Pain Treatment in Decatur, GA


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