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    Arrowhead Clinic Decatur Reveals 5 Common Ailments Chiropractors Treat

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    Plethora of Problems, Single Solution 



    Disk Herniation 

    Sports and Work Injuries

    Neck and Back Pain 

    Plethora of Problems, Single Solution

    There is often  confusion revolving around the field of chiropractic care.

    Typically, people know that chiropractors are health care providers, but are less informed about what sorts of ailments that chiropractic care professionals may alleviate.

    Chiropractors are medical professionals that deal with the more mechanical aspects of the body.

    They do not prescribe medication and they do not perform surgeries.

    Instead they deal with direct manipulation of the body in an attempt to resolve any conditions.

    They most commonly deal with a persons neck and back.

    However, in what capacity are these professionals dealing with the neck and back?

    It’s a valid question that not everyone necessarily knows the answer too.

    As a result, Arrowhead Clinic Decatur has provided this list of five common ailments that chiropractors deal with on a daily basis.



    Sciatica is a condition that affects the lower back.

    Sciatica occurs when there is compression placed upon the sciatic nerve.

    The sciatic nerve is located in the lower back and it communicates from the lower back, through the buttocks, and down through the lower portion of the body.

    To put it simply, Sciatica is a very specific lower back pain that results from a pinched nerve.

    The pain can occur anywhere along the sciatic nerve, and can vary from condition to condition.

    Sometimes the pain can manifest as a dull ache and other times it appears as sharp pangs.

    Thankfully Sciatica is very treatable and is one of the more common ailments that chiropractors deal with on a daily basis.

    Any number of things can cause sciatica.

    In some very extreme cases it can be the result of complications due to diabetes or pressure from a tumor.

    However, more often than not these are not the case.

    Many occurrences of sciatica can be relieved simple treatments and with visits to your local chiropractic care clinic.

    Whiplash Chiropractor Near Leesburg, GA


    Everyone has heard of whiplash. It is commonly associated with automobile injuries and has a terrible stigma of being used as an excuse to make a lawsuit.

    However, regardless of this unfortunate stigma, it is a legitimate condition that does require medical attention.

    Whiplash is basically the hyper extension of the neck.

    It is so common among car accidents because the sudden stopping of the car forces the head forward.

    Thankfully many cases of whiplash are treatable.

    However, after receiving an injury that could result in whiplash, one should visit a chiropractor for a thorough examination and advice on treatment.


    Disk Herniation

    The spine is composed of three different parts.

    At the core of the spine lies the spinal cord.

    This is the central line that transports messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

    The spinal cord is essential for optimum bodily functions.

    That is why it needs protection.

    The spinal cord is surrounded by vertebrae, small stackable bones that line the spinal cord.

    These bones are separated form each other by paddings called disks.

    These disks are composed of two parts, an outer annulus and an inner nucleus.

    A herniated disk occurs when there is a tear in the annulus and part of the jellylike nucleus pushes itself through.

    Often times this condition does not even have symptoms.

    If it occurs near a nerve or a sensitive area pain, weakness or numbness can take place.

    Thankfully, many occurrences of a slipped disk can be treated without surgery.

    Sports injury

    Sports and Work Injuries

    A lot of chiropractic care is sought after an unfortunate occurrence at work or from a sport injury.

    Logically this makes sense.

    Chiropractic care does not rely on surgery or on medications, both of which need a significant amount of time to allow the patient to return to normal.

    However, because chiropractic care does not implement such practices, it may potentially offer a quicker recovery alternative.

    Conditions that can occur from a highly physical occupation such as sports or other jobs can vary as widely as swollen muscles to sprains or fractures and everything in between.

    These types of activities can take quite a toll on the human body and need to be adequately taken care of to allow the body to continue to function in such a way.

    As a general rule, if you are concerned about your health in any capacity it is never a bad idea to seek out the opinion of a medical professional.

    This is especially the case if you are experiencing pain that will not go away.

    Chiropractic clinics are a great place to start your inquiries in regards to medical concern.

    They can give a thorough examination and advise you on the best way to proceed in order to make the most complete recovery possible.

    Need a Back Pain Doctor

    Neck and Back Pain

    Sometimes, you just wake up feeling aches and pains for seemingly no reason.

    That’s not surprising. The human body is incredibly dynamic and responds to countless stimulus that we are not even consciously aware of.

    This can be things as simple as sleeping in an uncomfortable position to the affects of a virus.

    The body is constantly working and responding.

    It would stand to reason that occasionally random aches and pains occur.

    If you are ever concerned about such occurrences, there is never any harm in seeking out professional help.

    Here at Arrowhead Clinic Decatur we will be more than happy to give you the personalized care that your body needs for optimum recovery.

    Pay us a visit anytime you feel aches and pains or any other physical condition that you think needs a little extra help.

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