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Whiplash chiropractor in Duluth
Dr. Darris GentryJun 24, 2020 9:37:37 AM3 min read

Can The Arrowhead Clinic of Duluth Help With Your Whiplash Injury?

Yes, a chiropractor can help with a whiplash injury.


Your primary care physician may not be able to treat soft tissue injuries with more than pain medicine.


However, your chiropractor can diagnose the problem and treat it at the source.


Your chiropractor can gradually diminish your neck pain until your accident injury symptoms are no longer present.



In the article below, we will learn about whiplash and why you should see your Duluth chiropractor if you are suffering from whiplash.



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Man Suffering from Whiplash in Duluth, Georgia


Understanding Your Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is a neck injury resulting from damage to the soft tissues.


If you're ever in a car accident or any personal injury accident, if enough force is applied, the muscles and ligaments in your neck can rapidly extend beyond their normal range.


When your neck is "whipped" forward and then back, the ligaments and muscles can in the neck can stretch and even tear.


Surprisingly, many people with whiplash don't begin to notice symptoms until 24 to 72 hours after their accident.


That's why you should see a chiropractor immediately following an accident no matter how you feel.


Your chiropractor can determine if you are injured even if you aren't experiencing any symptoms.


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How A Chiropractor Can Help With Your Whiplash Injury

Chiropractors specialize in neck and back injuries and can perform safe and natural realignments for their patients.


A chiropractor will be able to treat your whiplash injury effectively. 


Chiropractors understand the spine and the bones, discs, muscles, and ligaments that must function together for it to function optimally.


The cervical spine is the section of the spine that supports the head and neck.


When a whiplash injury occurs, this is the area that is most affected and will be treated by your chiropractor.


There is a sponge-like disc made of cartilage between each of your vertebrae that absorbs shock. 


Behind each vertebra is a facet joint meant to allow smooth and harmless forward and back motion, but limit excess motion that can harm.


When whiplash occurs, the forward and backward motion was too severe, destabilizing the spine and causing extreme pain to the neck, upper back, and shoulders.


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The Most Common Symptoms of A Whiplash Injury

Some of the most common symptoms to look out for if you think you have whiplash are:    


  • Upper Back Pain
  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Arm Pain
  • Shooting Pains
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Jaw Pain (TMJ)
  • Ringing Ears


If stiffness occurs, it is usually because the body uses a self-healing method called splinting when a surrounding group of muscles tries to secure the damaged area.


Headaches usually occur if there is damage to the upper cervical disc, facet joints, or occipital joints.


A compressed nerve or herniated disc can often result in arm pain or a shooting pain sensation. 


Some whiplash accident victims even suffer from TMJ, or jaw pain. 


The temporomandibular joint is the hinge at the back of your jaw. When you suffer any violent force in the neck or jaw area, like whiplash, you run the risk of damaging this vulnerable hinge.


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Neck Pain Chiropractor in Duluth, GA


Contact the Specialists at the Arrowhead Clinic of Duluth

If you have been involved in an accident that resulted in a whiplash injury, you should not hesitate to call the best and most experienced chiropractic doctors. 


The chiropractors at the Arrowhead Clinic in Duluth specialize in treating whiplash victims who are suffering.


Our chiropractors will diagnose your injuries and develop a personalized treatment plan to alleviate your pain symptoms.


The Duluth, GA Whiplash Injury Chiropractor at the Arrowhead Clinic in Duluth always conducts a thorough examination and discusses different treatment options before selecting one that will work best for you.


Click on the button below so the chiropractors with Arrowhead Clinic can help you recover as fast as possible.


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Dr. Darris Gentry

Dr. Darris Gentry is Arrowhead Clinic’s Duluth Chiropractor. He specializes in treating accident victims as well as people suffering from chronic pain conditions. With the use of manual and hands-on spinal adjustments, he is able to help restore proper function and mobility to patients’ bodies. Dr. Gentry has been a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga and Life University, one of the country's top chiropractic schools. He enjoys treating patients who have back pain, neck pain, sciatica pain, and spinal trauma from all sorts of accidents. His main goal is to help his patients physically improve and reduce and manage their pain. Dr. Gentry is a motivated individual who enjoys helping others reach their goals. Healthcare, in all aspects, remains his main interest. He loves being a chiropractor and having the ability to help others. One of Dr. Gentry’s recent patients stated, “The staff is so welcoming, and Dr. Darris Gentry is amazing. He helped me throughout my treatment.” Dr. Gentry provides free, same-day consultations to all potential patients. He is available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. During the consultation, Dr. Gentry will ask questions regarding medical history and a person’s current physical condition, and the type of symptoms they are experiencing. He takes the time to thoroughly examine and diagnose each patient’s condition before coming up with an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to their particular recovery needs.