Truck accident injuries in Duluth
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    Common Truck Accident Injuries in Duluth

    Semi-trucks are significantly larger than regular cars, so if you are involved in an accident caused by a large semi-truck, it will cause much more damage than being involved in an ordinary car accident. 


    A truck that is about 60 feet tall and around 30,000 pounds that smashes into your car will cause catastrophic damage and injuries. 


    The people in the passenger vehicle can suffer significant injuries or even death. 


    If you're involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, seeking medical attention has to be your number one priority. 


    If you don't get an in-depth evaluation of your physical condition, severe problems can occur. 


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    Truck Accidents cause all types of injuries.



    In the article below, we will touch on the most common truck accident injuries in Duluth and how your chiropractor can help. 



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    head injury Chiropractor in Duluth, GA


    Head Injuries 

    Head and brain injuries are among the most common and most life-threatening truck accident injuries. 


    A head injury can range from a mild concussion to a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). 


    A TBI can have several side effects, like personality changes or death. 


    Even if a TBI doesn't occur, permanent brain damage or broken facial bones can still occur. 


    Avoiding medical care is not an option if you think you have suffered a head or brain injury. 


    Even if you think it's minor, seeing a medical expert immediately is necessary. 


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    Spinal Cord Injuries 

    The force applied when a commercial truck hits a passenger vehicle can damage muscles, bones, or nerves in the spinal cord. 


    Spinal cord injuries can lead to temporary or complete paralysis in various parts of the body. 


    Even if they aren't permanent, spinal cord injuries can cause excruciating pain and require extensive rehabilitation to recover fully. 


    Being diagnosed and treated immediately is vital when it comes to spinal cord injuries. 


    Never wait for the pain to worsen before you seek medical care. 


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    Internal Injuries 

    The force as well as the body's interaction with safety equipment lin the car can cause various internal injuries during a truck accident. 


    Internal injuries usually involve the spleen, bladder, kidneys, liver, or pancreas. 


    Internal injuries often go untreated for a time, making them especially dangerous. 


    Many people think they don't need medical care after an accident, so they are unaware of their internal injuries for hours or days after the accident. 


    Putting off treatment could lead to life-long problems. 


    Damage to internal organs is nothing to brush off or wait until later to treat. 


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    Burns are a more common occurrence when a passenger vehicle is hit by a semi-truck. 


    The increased damage due to the size of the semi-truck sustained to your vehicle means there is a much higher risk of your fuel tank rupturing and causing a fire.


    If your vehicle does catch on fire, extreme skin damage and disfigurement can occur to anyone who has not made it out.


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    Truck Injury Chirorpactor in Duluth, GA


    The Arrowhead Clinic of Duluth

    If you were involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, putting off medical treatment is not an option. 


    Truck accidents can cause some of the most severe, life-altering injuries, and seeking immediate medical attention is your only chance of returning to full health. 


    Our Duluth, GA Car Accident Chiropractor has a team of highly trained Chiropractors and Medical Experts that specialize in the care of motor vehicle accident victims. 


    Our chiropractors perform an in-depth examination before coming up with a specialized treatment plan for each patient. 


    No two injuries are the same, so what works for one patient may not work for another.


    The Doctors at the Arrowhead Clinic in Duluth are highly committed to finding what works best for you as an individual and making sure you receive expert care.


    Recovering from a Truck Accident can be a long and tedious process, but the road to recovery can be much smoother with the right treatment and care. 


    To find out if the Arrowhead Clinic of Duluth is the right choice for you after a Commercial Truck Accident, we provide a free consultation to determine how we can best assist with your recovery. 


    Click below to schedule an appointment with our highly trained Accident Injury Chiropractors today. 


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