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    Arrowhead Clinic Lithia Springs Shares 5 Suggestions For Better Sleep

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    Restful Sleep for a Healthy Spine Lithia Springs, GA

    Learning to Count Sheep

    Sleeping Position



    Bedtime Routine



    Learning to Count Sheep 

    We have heard ever since childhood that sleep is necessary to grow and be healthy.

    It was advice that most of us would have rather foregone for an extra hour of playtime.

    However, as adults not only are we wishing that we could go to bed early, but that we could sleep as good as we did as children.

    A good night’s sleep is a rarity anymore.

    To make matters worse, when we do sleep its often hard to get quality rest.

    Sleep is just as important for us as adults as it was when we were children.

    It is a time for us to process excess information from the day, a time to rest from our work, and a time to repair what we must.

    Arrowhead Clinic Lithia Springs recognize the importance of sleep not only for chiropractic issues, but for your entire overall being.

    That is why we have composed this list of five tips for more effective sleep.

    Sleeping on ones back for healthy spine Lithia Springs GA

    Sleeping Position

    The position in which you sleep at night can make all the difference for your overall health.

    If you sleep on your side, you are placing a great strain on your spine.

    The best sleeping position for overall spinal health is laying flat on ones back.

    This will allow the spine to rest in a neutral position that is optimum for effective communication.

    The straighter the spine the greater its ability to communicate messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

    The better its able to communicate, the better your body will be able to function.

    That is why sleeping on ones back is the optimum sleeping position.

    Additional steps can be made for maintaining spinal health while sleeping.

    Supporting the space under ones legs with a small pillow or rolled up blanket will help further your efforts for the most effective sleeping position for spinal health.

    a good mattress will help improve sleep


    Ones personal preference when it comes to mattresses can affect ones sleeping habits considerably.

    Some people prefer a softer mattress that allows them to sink down slightly.

    Others prefer a very stiff and hard mattress.

    It’s all very personal.

    There are two things that matters when it comes to selecting one.

    What do you find comfortable and does it offer adequate support.

    It is important that your mattress provide the proper amount of support for you body.

    This will help alleviate pressure placed on ones spine and will keep everything properly aligned.

    Hopefully this will also keep you from experiencing aches and pains in the morning as well.

    a good set of pajamas will help improve sleeping habits


    The right type of sleeping attire can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of sleep you are getting.

    There is a psychological aspect of what you wear to bed besides the practicality behind it.

    When you change out of the clothes you were wearing during the day, it signals to your mind that you are physically getting ready to go to sleep.

    However, the type of pajamas you wear are just as important as getting changed at all.

    It is best to wear pajamas that are appropriate to maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature.

    If your area is colder, a nice set of flannel pajamas will go along way to keeping you comfortable.

    If your area is warmer, then a thinner set such as satin or silk will be beneficial.

    It’s all about how you feel most comfortable.

    Regardless of temperature, an effective set of pajamas should be unrestrictive and almost unnoticeable as you drift off to sleep.

    it is important to create a bedtime routine for oneself  to get in the mindset of sleep

    Bedtime Routine

    Similarly to the importance of changing into your pajama’s, it is beneficial to have a bedtime routine to signal to yourself that you are getting ready to go to sleep.

    It helps transition your mind and body from work to rest.

    Before bed intentionally go through appropriate motions.

    Perhaps by changing into pajamas, then brushing your teeth, washing your face, and ending with flossing.

    It doesn’t necessarily matter what it is you do or even in what order as long as you are consistent.

    Any routine will help you get ready for bed and thus provide more effective sleep.

    good room conditions will allow for potentially better sleep


    This on the surface must sound very odd.

    If you are sleeping with your eyes shut, why should it matter what your surroundings are?

    It actually makes a tremendous amount of difference for a variety of factors.

    One of which is psychological.

    An aspect of falling asleep involves the feeling of peace.

    If you know your room is cluttered or disorganized it may pry at the back of your mind, keeping you from falling asleep.

    It is believed that for the best possible sleep ones room should be as dark and quiet as possible to keep you from distractions.

    However, despite this many still insist on sleeping with a light on or with some sort of background noise.

    If you find yourself rooming with someone like this try investing in a sleep mask or a white noise machine.

    It’s all about listening to what your body needs and figuring out what is required for you to get the best sleep possible.


    Listening to your body is important for overall health.

    It is important to know what your body is capable of and what its limitations are.

    It is also necessary to know what it needs in order to function as optimally as possible.

    A very simple method of learning to decipher what your body needs is by consulting a medical professional.

    Visit us at Arrowhead Clinic Lithia Springs to learn more about what your body needs and what you can do to properly care for it, when asleep and when awake.

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