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What should you do after an accident in Marietta?
Dr. Erin RileyMar 19, 2021 8:52:10 AM7 min read

What To Do After A Car Accident In Marietta

Car accidents are often very stressful, confusing, and painful experiences.

But, Do Chiropractors actually help after a car accident in Marietta?

There are things you can do after a car accident in Marietta, GA, to protect your health and finances such as seeing a Marietta Car Accident Chiropractor.

The things you do immediately after an auto accident will determine whether or not you will be able to make a complete recovery or be fully compensated for your damages.

In the article below, we will discuss several steps you should take after your car accident in Marietta to protect your ability to be compensated and make a full recovery.

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Stop at the Scene

You should always stop at the scene of a car crash in Marietta.

Even if the accident wasn't your fault, you could face criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident.

In a civil case in Cobb County, jurors are more likely to distrust a hit and run driver and discount your story.

Many people leave accident scenes out of fear and confusion. 

Some don't have insurance or driver's licenses, or they were doing something illegally, like drinking and driving.

But the consequences of your actions will always be worse if you flee the scene of the accident.

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Find A Safe Spot

Once you've stopped, make sure you're in a safe place.

If it's safe for you to do so, and you aren't seriously injured, move your car out of the way of potential dangers.

Get as far off to the shoulder as possible.

If you're unable to move your vehicle, put your hazards on right away to warn oncoming drivers.

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Check on Others Involved

Once you're sure you aren't seriously injured and it's safe to get out of your car, you should check on everyone else involved in the accident.

If you have road flares or other road safety items, use those now.

Once you're safe, check on the other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians to see if anyone needs immediate medical treatment for serious injuries.

If anyone needs immediate attention, call 911 right away.

Even seemingly minor accidents can cause dizziness and confusion that should be tended to by a healthcare professional.

Concussions and whiplash are common even in car accidents that occur at speeds under 10mph.

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Seek Medical Treatment

The absolute most important thing to take care of as the victim of a car crash is your health.

No matter how you feel after the accident, it is crucial to seek medical attention.

Even if you are able to walk away and you feel fine, you could have injuries that have yet to present themselves.

Getting checked out by a medical professional right away ensures that your health is taken care of.

Doctors can also check for internal damage that won't be visible immediately after your accident but needs to be taken care of right away.

Seeing a doctor right away will also provide you with the documentation, you need to prove that your injuries are real and were caused by the accident.

That will help you a great deal later on when you file your claim.

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Marietta Car Accident Treatment

Call The Police

Georgia state law requires everyone involved in a car accident that causes injury or property damage to notify the police.

Georgia police will provide you with an accident report that can also be very useful when you file your claim.

They will also speak to witnesses, take photos of the accident scene, and gather information about the wreck.

Many insurance companies will also require a police report to file a claim for personal and property damage.

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Only Say What's Necessary

You will be required to exchange insurance information after motor vehicle accidents, and you will also have to show first responders your driver's license and proof of insurance if they request it.

But you do not need to give statements to first responders or your insurance company.

Saying too much about your accident can jeopardize your personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Your insurance company is in the business of making money, so that means they typically want to pay out as little as possible.

That means if you do give them a statement, they can use your words against you.

There's a chance you could unintentionally say something that could damage your case, so all you should say is "no comment."

Always speak to a personal injury attorney that has experience dealing with insurance companies so they can handle the communications.

Highly trained insurance adjusters can manipulate your words to damage your claim.

That's why you should always rely on a Marietta personal injury attorney to speak with the insurance adjusters.

Any statements that are made can be used to deny or reduce your claim or could be used against you in court.

You should also avoid saying you're sorry.

In Georgia, especially, saying sorry is a way of expressing sympathy.

Even if you weren't responsible for something, you still might tell the person you are sorry.

You'll likely want to do the same thing after a car accident, but that is one thing you should never do.

Standard social rules don't apply to car accidents. So when you say you're sorry after a car accident, you aren't offering sympathy; you are admitting guilt.

That's the reason that, along with never giving statements, you should never apologize.

A statement can damage your settlement, and an apology can be construed as an admission of liability.

Instead of saying sorry, ask if there's any way you can help them, or just don't say anything at all.

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Collect Evidence

We mentioned above that the police will collect evidence when they do their report, but you can collect evidence as well.

Be sure to exchange information with everyone involved in the accident as well as any eyewitnesses.

Take as many photos and videos of the scene as you can and request that anyone else who has taken pictures or videos send them to you.

Put up your flares and turn on your cautions to make sure no one damages the scene of the accident, destroying vital evidence.

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Hire an Attorney

We've mentioned this a few times already, but as soon as you've been checked out medically, you need to speak with car accident attorneys.

Accident attorneys will immediately launch their own investigation into the accident so they can start collecting data and evidence to back up your claims right away.

Your car accident attorney will speak to the insurance companies and handle all negotiations with your insurance claim so you can focus on making a complete physical recovery.

If the insurance companies aren't cooperating, your personal injury lawyer won't hesitate to take your claim to court and fight for compensation for your damages.

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Car Accident Doctor treating a patient

Choose Arrowhead Clinic for Your Marietta Car Accident Injury Care

Above anything else, taking care of your health is the most important thing you can do after a car accident.

Arrowhead Clinic in Marietta, Georgia, provides a one-stop medical care solution after you've been involved in a Marietta auto accident.

Seeing a chiropractor at Arrowhead Clinic immediately after your accident can save you time and money.

Arrowhead Clinic in Marietta also understands the need for in-depth medical documentation for your car insurance company and will handle it properly.

Your chiropractor can also refer you to an experienced car accident lawyer that can help you handle your personal injury claim.

If you have been injured in a Car Accident, make sure you call the leading Chiropractic Clinic in Marietta for effective, non-invasive treatments for Car Accident Injuries.

Arrowhead Clinic have been serving car accident victims for over 40 years.

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