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    Why You Should See a Doctor After Minor Car Accidents in McDonough

    If you're a victim of a car accident, you should always see a doctor, even if it was a minor accident.


    For your health, safety, and well-being, you should be checked by a professional physician after a car accident.


    Even if you aren't displaying any symptoms, it's in your best interest to see a doctor just in case an injury hasn't shown itself yet. 


    The release of adrenaline following the accident could be keeping you from feeling your injury symptoms.



    In the article below, we will discuss why everyone should see a doctor after a car accident in McDonough.



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    Understanding Your Body's Response to a Car Accident

    The sudden impact of car accidents can produce a significant amount of force that results in a serious shock to the body. 


    The human body is not meant to endure that kind of impact, so it usually leads to a severe injury.


    Even in low-speed car accidents that cause little to no damage to vehicles, you are still likely to suffer an injury. 


    This is because people rarely see an accident coming, so there is no time to prepare and brace for impact.


    This means whiplash or another kind of soft tissue injury is very likely because the sudden impact causes a violent jerking of the neck and body.


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    Proactively Treat Injuries 

    Many individuals and accident victims do not realize that chemicals like adrenaline can mask many pain and severe injury symptoms.


    It's very common that a few days or even weeks later, your pain symptoms will begin to appear.


    They will grow increasingly worse if left untreated.


    That's why it should be your top priority to see a doctor after a car accident, whether you are currently experiencing any symptoms or not.


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    The Importance of Medical Records in Your Accident Injury Lawsuit

    If a negligent driver caused your accident, you need to have valid records documenting your injuries and necessary treatments immediately following the accident. 


    Medical bills, accident reports, and police reports that were obtained immediately after the accident help your claims process.  


    These records are needed for filing a claim with the insurance company.


    If you wait longer than two weeks to seek treatment, it will become increasingly more challenging to prove you were injured in your accident.


    The insurance company can argue that your injuries were presented too far after the accident occurred.


    They will likely claim that because you waited to seek medical care, your injuries were caused by something else.


    This alleviates them from fault, so they don't have to pay for your medical treatments.


    If you want to receive compensation for your pain and suffering in addition to your medical bills, you must see a doctor or personal injury chiropractor right away.


    They will treat your injuries and create proper documentation of your injuries for the insurance company to reference.


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    A Lack of Medical Treatment After an Accident Can Be a Complicated Legal Issue

    If you were in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you may be wondering how getting your medical treatment paid for could turn into a complicated legal issue.


    Unfortunately, insurance companies make it their top priority to discredit your claim and diminish the severity of your injuries.


    We know that pain and injury symptoms do not always present themselves immediately.


    However, generally speaking, insurance companies will assume that if you did not see a doctor following the accident, you must not be that hurt.


    One of the most critical criteria insurance companies use to evaluate all types of injuries is how quickly you sought and received medical treatment after the accident.


    Insurers believe that if an extended period of time passes between the car crash and the initial medical treatment, the claimant could be faking or exaggerating the extent of their injuries. 


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