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Car accident back injury
Dr. Todd ReedJun 9, 2020 11:16:24 AM3 min read

What To Do If You've Injured Your Back in a Car Accident in Riverdale

If you have been in a car accident and think that you may have suffered a back injury, you need immediate medical attention. 


Severe back injuries can result in complications such as nerve damage and even paralysis.


Minor car accidents can cause back injuries that can lead to serious consequences if not diagnosed and treated properly.


One of the best forms of treatment that you can receive after a car accident is chiropractic care.


Chiropractors are specially trained in the musculoskeletal system and can diagnose back injuries and develop treatment programs.


Their treatment plans prevent further injuries, reduce pain, and promote the healing process.



In the article below, we will explore back injuries associated with car accidents and how chiropractors can relieve your back pain.



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Seek Medical Treatment

Many injuries that are sustained in car accidents do not show up right away.


When you do feel the pain from your accident, more severe damage could have occurred that would have otherwise been preventable.


You also might not think to equate the pain with the accident.


This is why you should always seek medical attention after car accidents, no matter how you feel.


If you avoid medical treatment after your accident, you might also have to pay for your costly medical treatments and other expenses that should have been paid by the negligent party.


You should also be as still as possible until help arrives if you think you've suffered a back injury.


Remaining still is vital because sudden movements could cause further damage to your back.


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Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain in Riverdale


Bulging or Herniated Discs

A bulging or herniated disc occurs when pressure is forced upon the spinal column.


The force leads to a disc being damaged, causing the soft, sponge-like center to push through the disk's exterior.


Symptoms of a herniated or slipped disk include:

  •     Tingling
  •     Numbness
  •     Weakness
  •     Arm Pain
  •     Leg Pain


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Whiplash is the result of the body being suddenly jerked forward or backward, similar to the cracking of a whip.


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with traffic accidents because of the force applied to the vehicles.


Some symptoms of whiplash are:

  •     Headaches
  •     Pain and Stiffness in the Neck and Back
  •     Blurred Vision
  •     Dizziness
  •     Fatigue


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Spinal Fractures

Spinal Fractures in car accidents are due to the force exerted on the spinal column during the collision.


The force causes compression and damage to the bones of the spine. 


Typical symptoms of spinal fractures are pain, swelling, and numbness or tingling in the area of the break.


Some of the most common types of spinal fractures that occur in car accidents are:

  • Compression Fractures
  • Flexion Distraction Fractures
  • Transverse Process Fractures
  • Dislocation Fractures


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Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue injuries are any tearing or stretching that happens to the Tendons, Muscles, or Ligaments in the back.


Soft tissue injuries can take several hours or days to reveal themselves.


Symptoms that you should watch out for that could indicate soft tissue damage are:

  • Mild to Excruciating pain
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness of the back 


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If you have suffered a back injury in a car accident, one of the best forms of treatment that you can receive is Chiropractic Care.


As well as helping you heal physically, Personal Injury Chiropractors can also assist you with the legal details of your case by referring you to a personal injury attorney.


Our Riverdale Car Accident Chiropractor specializes in traffic accidents and work with personal injury attorneys.


They will make sure that victims get the compensation they deserve after a car accident.


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