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    Savannah Chiropractor Tells You How To Get Rid of a Crick In Your Neck

    A crick in the neck is not an official medical diagnosis.


    It's a popular phrase used to describe temporary, often intense pain at the top of your shoulder, in your neck, or at the base of your skull.


    A crick in the neck can be awful to deal with, and you should try to fix them as soon as possible.



    In the article below, we will learn a little bit about that crick in your neck, and what you can do to get rid of it.



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    A crick in the neck is often due to minor muscle injuries, usually accompanied by pain.


    You could have a crick in the neck without knowing it because they don't always come with pain.


    Below are the most common symptoms associated with a crick in the neck:

    • Neck stiffness
    • A popping sensation when you move your neck 
    • Feeling like your neck needs to pop
    • Stiffness in the muscles near your neck
    • Difficulty moving your neck
    • A feeling that rotating your neck will be very painful


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    Neck Pain Chiropractor in Savannah, GACauses

    A crick in your neck is usually caused by your neck being in an awkward position for an extended period.


    If you sleep in an awkward position or sit in an uncomfortable position for an hour or two, your vertebra could get put out of alignment.


    Or you could stretch out the muscles and tendons of your neck, putting added pressure on the nerves in the back of your neck.


    This makes your neck feel stiff and makes it difficult to stretch or bend.


    Improper form during exercise can wake you up with a crick in your neck the next day.


    Some less frequent causes of a crick in the neck are arthritis, a pinched nerve, or an infection in your body.


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    The treatment options for that crick in your neck are relatively straightforward, so there's no reason you have to deal with it any longer.


    Below are some of the most popular and effective treatments for a crick in the neck.


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    Heat Therapy

    Applying heat to the muscles in your neck can help loosen them up.


    Once your muscles are moving freely, your spine's nerves can relax, and your range of motion should return shortly afterward.


    Applying your heat pad to the affected area for 8 to 10 minutes is all it takes in most cases.


    If you don't have a heat pad, you can fill a clean sock with uncooked rice and heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.


    The rice sock will have the same effect as the heat pad.


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    Gentle stretching can free the nerves in your neck from the stiff muscles that surround them.


    Carefully and slowly rock your head from side to side before rolling your head forward and feeling the tension of gravity on your neck as you circle your head around.


    You can also lay down flat on your back, raising your arms to shoulder level, and slowly moving your head from side to side.


    Taking slow deep breaths and moving carefully through these stretches will be vital in relieving your stiff muscles.


    If you feel any sharp pains while you're stretching, stop immediately to avoid pulling a muscle and making your discomfort even worse.


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    Chiropractor treating a patient in Savannah, GAThe Arrowhead Clinic of Savannah

    Chiropractic care is another excellent option to get rid of that crick in your neck and keep it away.


    Many of these home remedies will work, but if they don't, our Savannah Chiropractor can help.


    Our chiropractors in Savannah will conduct a thorough exam assessing the crick in your neck and develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


    They can also suggest ways you can improve your posture and lifestyle habits to prevent future neck stiffness.


    If you don't have a chiropractor in Savannah, reach out to the Arrowhead Clinic today. 


    To schedule your free consultation with the Arrowhead Clinic of Savannah, click the button below.


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