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    Mistakes You Should Avoid After A Car Accident in Savannah

    It's easy to make very common mistakes after being involved in a Car Accident. 


    Car accidents are never expected, and it can be hard to keep our heads as we try to deal with everything all at once.


    The errors we make can be very costly and can harm your chances of being compensated by the at-fault driver.


    If you know ahead of time what steps to take after a car accident and what mistakes to avoid, you could save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars.


    No matter the accident's circumstances, you should consult a Car Accident Attorney and seek immediate medical care. 



    To help you avoid making the most common mistakes after being in a car accident, we will discuss several mistakes people make after being in a car accident in Savannah below.



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    Not Calling The Police

    You should always call the police after an accident.


    The report they give you will serve as an objective record of what happened during the accident. 


    Your police report can attest to what happened, preventing the other driver or witnesses from making false claims. 


    If anyone involved in the accident suffers a potential injury, you need valid documentation, especially if a lawsuit is filed. 


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    Car Accident Chiropractor Savannah, GA


    Admitting Guilt

    When discussing the accident, it is essential not to admit fault or even say, "I'm sorry." 


    Admitting fault will likely be used against you when you attempt to collect damages to your car or be reimbursed for your medical bills. 


    Even if it seems like you were at fault, you could be wrong. 


    There is no way to know every detail surrounding your accident, especially under the stress and shock that arise immediately after the impact. 


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    Not Taking Pictures

    If you can, you should take photos of the scene of the accident.


    Your pictures should include the damage to the cars involved, the condition of the road, and the position of each vehicle.


    You will have your pictures to support your claim if there are any disagreements on how the accident happened.


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    Not Receiving Medical Treatment

    You want to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after your accident. 


    Even if you feel fine, you may have injuries that aren't showing symptoms yet.


    Here we expose some of those common car accident myths.


    When the adrenaline is pumping after an accident, you may not feel the pain until later. 


    It is essential to have your injuries diagnosed as soon as possible if you are pursuing an auto injury claim. 


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    Trusting The Insurance Company

    Your insurance company's interests are not always aligned with yours. 


    Insurance companies often try to find ways to avoid paying anything at all. 


    This is not always the case, but never assume that they will be acting on your behalf every step of the way. 


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    Not Contacting A Car Accident Attorney

    If you or someone else were injured, a car accident attorney would be able to help protect your rights. 


    The Arrowhead Clinic of Savannah always offers free consultations to find out whether or not they will be able to help you. 


    Your attorney will help you navigate the legal side of everything while you focus on getting better.


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