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    Valdosta Chiropractor Gives 5 Tips for Back Health During a Long Drive

     Celebrate your new freedom with a drive.

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    Driving Off into the Sunset

    Maintain Proper Posture

    Get Proper Support

    Take Breaks

    Ensure Proper Nutrition

    Drive Safely

    Final Thought 

    Driving Off into the Sunset

    We have all waited along time as the war against Covid-19 has continued to rage.

    For the first time since it began we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    We are still weeks or maybe months away from seeing the end of this crisis, however, it is coming closer.

    It is not surprising that many of us are beginning to dream about what we will do when this time of solitude and seclusion are ended.

    One popular plan is a family vacation somewhere fun.

    Even though flying is a popular alternative, it might be better to play it safe and get away from the forced exposure and the necessary sharing of recycled air.

    However, what better way to enjoy your new found freedom than with a fun road trip!

    This way you get to see the country that you have so long been shut off from.

    There are still inherent dangers when driving, especially to your spinal health. 

    All that prolonged sitting can potentially hurt your back.

    Here at Arrowhead Clinic Valdosta, we want you to get out and enjoy your time safely while maintaining proper spinal health.

    That is why we have compiled this list of five tips for maintaining proper spinal health on a long car ride.


    Good driving posture will help keep your back healthy.

    1. Maintain Proper Posture

    Sitting for an extended amount of time is never a good idea when it comes to maintaining proper spinal health.

    Sitting inherently places pressure on the spine and can potentially lead to the spine becoming misaligned or nerve damage.

    This can commonly be seen in conditions such as sciatica.

    However, there are steps that one can take in order to combat these unfortunate potential conditions.

    Sitting with your best posture possible will certainly help keep your spine healthy and you happy.


    Proper back support will help you be able to drive longer.

    2. Get Proper Support

    It may prove uncomfortable to sit for an extended period of time while maintaining proper back support.

    This is understandable, but maintaining proper posture is vital in keeping your spine as healthy as possible.

    Thankfully, there are options to help support your back as you sit with good posture for such an extended amount of time.

    Several cars have a built in lumbar support adjustment that can help fill in the nooks and crannies of your back.

    However, if this built in feature does not prove to do the trick there are other ways to give your spine the support it needs.

    There are specially designed pillows and paddings to add to your car in order to help keep your back healthy and comfortable.

    However, in a pinch, a well placed blanket may prove to be helpful.

    Do whatever it takes to keep you in the best overall condition.


    Taking a break will allow your back to rest from the pressure of sitting.

    3. Take Breaks

    The idea of taking a break in your journey may seem counterintuitive.

    The more breaks one takes the longer it will take to arrive at the final destination.

    However, they can be greatly beneficial in keeping you healthy for your eventual arrival.

    Giving your spine a chance to stretch and adjust away from the car seat will in the long run keep it healthier, and thus make you happier.

    These breaks do not need to be extensive.

    They can be as simple as a brief stop to use the restroom. 

    Even a brief walk around a truck stop or service center can help keep you in the best shape available.


    Healthy snacks will help your body run more efficiently.

    4. Ensure Proper Nutrition

    This piece of advice is appropriate for any activity, not just for extended car rides.

    However, it is still critical to maintain proper nutrition while embarking on such a long journey.

    Riding in the car that long often lends itself to a few other unhealthy habits besides those that directly affect ones back.

    One of which is the over consumption of junk food.

    It does make sense, sometimes there is little else to do in the car but eat. 

    It is easy to eat a little too much of things that aren’t good for you.

    It is best to avoid these kind of snacks, and pack healthier options instead of stopping at the drive thru.

    At the very least, drink an appropriate amount of water.

    This will keep you properly hydrated and thus properly functioning.

    Drinking plenty of water may also help ensure the adherence to the aforementioned tip #3.


    Follow the rules of the road to avoid accidents and serious injury.

    5. Drive Safely.

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    One of the most traumatic and sudden ways to injure your back in the car is to be a part of a traffic collision.

    In some very lucky cases, one may walk away from an accident without any harm.

    However, not everyone is lucky.

    Traffic accidents can be as devastating on your body as paralysis or even death.

    One of the best things you can do for your body while in an automobile is to drive it safely.

    This will keep you from having any devastating occurrences do to an accident.

    Your destination will still be there, please drive in a way that ensures you will be too.

    Final Thought

    We are all desperate to get out of this time of crisis due to Covid-19.

    We have been so concerned about staying healthy for so long, it will surely be amazing to get out of the house and enjoy our beautiful world.

    However, just because someday we won’t be as concerned about Covid-19 does not mean we can completely ignore our health.

    Arrowhead Clinic Valdosta wants you to enjoy your eventual freedom to its upmost potential.

    Pay us a visit and receive your free consultation.

    We will work alongside of you to help keep your body in the best condition possible, to keep you motoring along to your next adventure.

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