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Top-Rated Auto Accident Chiropractors Serving Georgia and South Carolina

At Arrowhead Clinic, we have specialized in treating car accident injury victims for over 40 years. We are leaders in the field and have grown to many locations in Georgia and South Carolina.

Since we specialize in personal injury treatment, our chiropractors have a considerable amount of experience treating accident-related injuries and getting patients fast, effective care so they can get back to their lives.


"Not only are our chiropractic and medical doctors experts in treating the injuries associated with car accidents, but they also provide adequate documentation of injuries, detailed narratives, and daily reports for the insurance companies and attorneys for the proper resolution of your claim."

Dr. Harry BrownChiropractor

Why Choose Chiropractic Care After An Auto Accident?

The most common reason to visit a chiropractor after an accident is to stop feeling pain in the body.

Being injured in a collision can cause untold damage to the neck, back, and spine. Chiropractic treatment not only gets to the root of the problem, it also helps to alleviate the pain and inflammation at the same time.

What Happens to Your Body During an Accident?
What Happens to Your Body During an Accident?

When you are in a collision, your body goes through a lot from the impact, typically causing your body to become misaligned. This is where a chiropractor steps in, to align your spine for optimal health.


After an accident, a chiropractor can check your body for any misalignment that is causing you pain.

Chiropractic exams include a physical exam where they feel your spine for misalignments. For a more in-depth look, an X-ray will be scheduled.

Making a Plan
Making a Plan

Treatment is different for each injury and each patient. Your health and age will be taken into consideration when it comes to creating your individualized treatment plan.

Your chiropractor will go over your entire treatment plan so you understand the healing process.


All treatments will include alignment, which causes a popping noise. These noises can sound scary, but they are simply built-up gases finally being released in the joints.

Through your chiropractic treatment, you will experience pain relief, restored mobility, and long-term healing.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care
Benefits of Chiropractic Care

After a car accident, people feel stiff and sore but with chiropractic treatment and exercises, your body will be restored back to its normal mobility.

When a licensed chiropractor treats your car accident injuries, your body heals properly preventing pain from creeping up at a later date.

It's Natural and Safe
It's Natural and Safe

Typically, people are given medication to deal with pain, but chiropractic care will relieve your pain symptoms without harmful drugs.

Chiropractic care has been recognized for having long-lasting results compared to other treatments. Plus, it's natural and safe!


Car Accident Chiropractic Care FAQ's

When Should You Seek Treatment After a Car Accident?

Immediately after an accident, you should seek medical treatment. If you do not have major injuries such as internal bleeding or broken bones but are in pain, contact a chiropractor.

Some injuries, such as whiplash, may take a few days to present symptoms. A car accident chiropractor could assess these injuries and form a treatment plan before they begin to cause pain.

For a full recovery and a maximum settlement, it is best to get treated as soon as possible.

What Should You Do After a Minor Car Accident?
  • Call the police and have them file an accident report.
  • Take photos of the accident, damages, and any visible injuries.
  • Get eye-witness information.
  • Exchange car insurance information.
  • Call Arrowhead to get your injuries treated and documented immediately.
  • Ask Arrowhead to refer you to the best personal injury attorneys in your area.
How Long Can You Wait To Go to the Hospital After a Car Accident?

You should go to the doctor or hospital within 72 hours of your accident. This is best for your health, and it will help you get the most money for your settlement. 

Once you have been assessed for significant injuries, you will want to consider chiropractic care at Arrowhead Clinic to treat your car accident injuries. We have a team of doctors and chiropractors to access your soft tissue injuries such as whiplash. Our medical professional team creates an individual treatment plan for your recovery process. 

Click here for more information regarding medical bills and why health insurance is not used for auto accident injuries. 

What Is the Average Payout for Whiplash?

The average payout is between $2,500- $10,000, according to AllLaw.

The settlement amount varies depending on the worth of your vehicle and the extent of your damages. If you receive treatment for your accident injuries, this amount can go up. 

Working with Arrowhead Clinic for your treatment will make this process easier because our team frequently operates with insurance companies and attorneys on similar cases. Plus, Arrowhead Clinic chiropractors are experts at treating whiplash. 

Do I Have To Report a Car Accident?

You definitely cannot drive off after hitting another car. Each state has different laws on when you have to report an accident, so be sure to look at your state's law.

If you are in Georgia, you are required to inform the nearest law enforcement agency of an auto accident if:

  • Anyone was injured or killed in the accident
  • If the property damages exceed $500

If you are in South Carolina, you are not required to call law enforcement unless someone has been injured or killed, but you have to fill out a Traffic Collision Report and submit it within 15 days of the accident.

Read more on South Carolina's auto accident laws.

A police report is very helpful when filing an accident claim with your lawyer and the insurance company.

What Are Typical Car Accident Injuries? Typical injuries that can result from an auto accident are:
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated Disc
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Soreness
  • Stiffness
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Arrowhead Clinic for a free consultation at a location nearest to you.

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Our chiropractors do a fantastic job documenting your injuries and treatments to help your attorney with your claim. And if you do not yet have an attorney, they can refer you to a personal injury lawyer.

We strive to provide our patients with the best customer service and treatment.

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